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Second Life Destinations: Crossroads 1880s Roleplaying Community

Linden Lab



This week’s “Second Life Destinations” video travels back in time to 1888 for a visit to Crossroads, a popular combat-based role-playing community in Second Life. Set in the fictional town of McCoy, Kansas during the civil war period, you’ll embark in a Western Victorian and Wild West Para RPG filled with suspense, natives, tribes, gangs, horse trails, and more!

Once you arrive, you’ll find several resources and shops that will help you get in character -- and don’t forget to pick up the WWM Wild West Meter from P3 Gaming (available near the landing point). You’ll also want to pick up the latest edition of the Shenadoah Times, a free local paper that is filled with the latest community gossip, job opportunities, recipes, and even a horoscope! 


As one of the longest-running RPG communities in SL, Crossroads is filled with an active community worth exploring. Once you are properly dressed and in character, you’ll want to visit the many era-appropriate attractions here, including the local town square, bar, mine, and railroad.

Video Production: Draxtor Despres



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