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Movies Made in Second Life: Pryda Parx’s “Future Shock”

Linden Lab



Our “Made in Second Life” series continues with “Movies Made in Second Life” featuring a look at the sci-fi machinima series “Future Shock” by Pryda Parx.

Shot entirely in Second Life, “Future Shock” tells a story of a dark and terrifying dystopian future dominated by technology and where real life and virtual worlds intertwine.

“I’ve worked on ‘Future Shock’ for four-and-a-half years,” says Parx. “The story of the series is about state intervention, watching your every move. You are born with credits and if they are depleted you are in big trouble. My hero Tracy is trying to defeat the forces that keep people oppressed”

The full production spans a total of 24 episodes and Second Life enabled Parx to have full creative control over her production. 

 “In Second Life I have free rein,” she says. “Since I do everything myself - from character design, props, animation scripts, etc - I don’t have to wait for anyone else. I just get on with it! I start with putting whatever is in my head down on paper and go from there. Since my home in SL is also my studio, I can change and modify the sets easily."

The first series introduced the "Future Shock" world and Tracy as the central character. It left a lot of the ideas in the story, as well as how the world works, only hinted at. The events in the first series shape Tracy's destiny.

“Her credit that she was born with gets depleted, and it’s about her wanting to survive,” says Parx.

Season 2 covers the same timeline as series one but is seen from the point of view of a group of rebels led by an unnamed character, known as Big Boss to everyone.

Season 3 picks up the story immediately after the ending of series one and series two and takes it through to a dramatic conclusion.

You can watch all episodes of the “Future Shock” series on the Pryda Parx Studio YouTube channel.

Movies Made in SL-Logo.png

Video production: Draxtor Despres
Logo courtesy of Marianne McCann


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