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  1. SSOC Productions Presents "Under Caster" Full Movie(Second Life Machinima) Cast: Catty Hammerer Rierry Pancake v4lent1ne21 Resident Credit: Executive Producer: Catty Hammerer Lead Engineer: TFA Akina(Ueponnya) Associate Producer: v4lent1ne21 Resident “Skrunda-2” Sim Designer: Titus Palmira “Skrunda-2” World Cordinator: Megan Prumier, Sofie Janic Hedgehog “Dorian” Designer: Dazai Voom Costume Designer: Tonk Tomcat(TonkTastic), Waterfall Farshore(Wazzer Works) Vehicle Designer: April Heaney(The Omega Concern) Music: BladeRunner 2049 Original Motion Picture Sound Track (This is NOT Copyrights Strike, Monetization is Ineligible) Director: Eripom Moonwall. 2022 SSOC Productions All Rights Reserved.
  2. I was really happy to recreate one of my favorite anime's character in SL :3 I got a friend who also joined me and dress up as the male character. We made a machinima if you wanna watch it is here: Spy x Family Machinima second Life
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to Second Life so a little unsure of how best to reach out to people. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating (virtually, in SL ofc) in a machinima (virtual, in-world film) that aims to document a dérive (small groups wandering and reflecting through an urban landscape). This is for a visual anthropology final that is due fairly soon so any kind of participation (whether you are experienced or new) would be much appreciated. I’m hoping to do this sometime within the next week or two, depending on when people are free to participate. Please dm me or comment if you or anyone you know might be interested!
  4. I'd like to share my new film with you. It is a Blender animation featuring machinima from 3 regions in Second Life. These are Somewhere by Cica Ghost, which is unfortunately no longer there, Cica builds lots of lovely places but they generally only last a few weeks. There is Echo Ridge (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaria/114/49/21) which is a really beautiful winter sim. And finally InSilico (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSILICO/33/182/522) a wonderful cyberpunk world.
  5. Hello everyone, For those that don't know me I create storytelling and commercial machinima in Second Life. I recently finished my first cyberpunk machinima series. I would love to take this time to introduce the series to the Second Life community forums, and touch base with the machinima community here. The series for now is 3 episodes, and I plan on expanding into another story arc/season sometime in the near future. The series follows a bounty hunter who is being pursued by a shadow organization. I will introduce the series with episode 1: TARGET. Let me know what you guys think! Follow me on social media to keep up to date with the series, or any of my other machinima projects. Click here to watch episode 2: PURSUIT Click here to watch episode 3: EXECUTE
  6. My second tribute to a great legend in Musical Theatre, Stephen Sondheim, American composer and lyricist.
  7. Anyone who loves Fantasy Faire, or even is interested in visiting, here is my film of walking round the entire event
  8. This is a non profit fan anime, filmed on location in second life, for any and all anime / My Hero Academia fans within and outside of our virtual world. YouTube Link below: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NIU41im8z3Q
  9. The Tales of Twilight Destineville is the latest episode released of the series. I started production of this series in the fall of 2019 and released season one (a total of 4 episodes) in February of 2020 exclusively to Amazon Prime Video. I believe certain works of art should be shared and promoted beyond the boundaries of SL users. All my actors are friends that have volunteered their time, avatars, and voice acting skills. The rest is left up to me to do the music audio, visual F/X, composing SL build assets, and spending days & hours in the video editor. Not to mention the long rendering times. But the end result is a nice form of entertainment for audiences to enjoy. My latest episodes, "Dark Dreams" and "Destineville" are now available on my Youtube channel. Here is trailer #2 for "Dark Dreams". The trailer is a mix of the series opening with the official trailer.
  10. This week we are shining a spotlight on Vrutega, a new Resident who is already creating visually striking and memorable machinima. How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it? I have been on Second Life for a little over a year. I first found out about Second Life in 2020 through friends who are Second Life Residents. One day my friends were video streaming a Second Life party that they were hosting. I was drawn to the realism that their party showcased, from the party decor down to the house they were all gathered in. At that moment I realized Second Life is a great social platform, and has the ability to bring people from all around the world together in digital spaces. During the beginning phases of COVID-19, a lot of people lost that basic human component of socialization and connecting with people. Second Life provided me with an opportunity to reclaim some of that human connection on a digital platform. With the help of my friends, my transition into Second Life was easy. Within a week I created my first avatar, and was up and running in no time. From the very beginning I was enamored with the Second Life world, and got involved with everything the platform had to offer from live music events, visiting art exhibits, and shopping. It wasn’t until February 2021 that I realized that I could create storytelling video content on Second Life. I studied all types of machinima video genres and artists, and became inspired by all of the talented Residents and creators around the grid. Every aspect of the machinima you create in Second Life is very professional, from the editing to the voiceovers. Do you have a background in video production and editing? Yes, I have a professional background in video production and editing. My experience in video production stems from my professional work in commercials, advertisements, and short films. Realism and continuity are important to me. I treat every aspect of my machinima projects like I would treat a film industry installment/project. From sourcing actors, music, props and backdrops, hashing out project logistics is very similar to the industry work I do on a weekly basis. The benefit of working on Second Life is that I have everything a producer could need at my fingertips. With everything being digitally available on the Marketplace to inworld stores, the sourcing process is expedited considerably. And with the availability of Second Life social media, finding actors, set designers and collaborating creators has never been easier. What kind of software do you use to capture and edit your videos? I use a wide variety of post production software for my machinima projects. However I primarily edit my videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. I use OBS Studio to record my machinima, and capture my footage using various Second Life Viewers. Tell us about some of the other creators in SL that inspire you, or whose work you admire. I am inspired by a wide variety of Second Life Residents, artists and other content creators from all around the world. The person who inspires me the most in the machinima world is my dear friend and Second Life Resident Sere Vene. Sere is the artistic catalyst who pushed me to take Second Life machinima seriously. Sere’s phenomenal Second Life machinima projects made me rethink how important storytelling is, and how I should implement storytelling in each machinima I produce. Sere is a true artist, and her creativity and attention to detail knows no boundaries. I am truly honored to now work alongside her in my studio and call her my friend. Without my small team of friends and family, there is no Vrutega. I attribute a lot of my growth and success as an artist to them. Lilith Lamia is like a mother figure to me. Lilith has industry roots in photography and cinema, and has consistently reminded me to pay attention to detail when it comes to framing and posing subjects in a scene. Spartin Parx is a creator who pushes me to think outside the box when it comes to filming a project. Just when I think I’ve perfected something in a project, Spartin often gives me that “Aha” moment that enables me to make amendments to a scene. Professional {region} builders and set designers like Agnes Whittle and Lemony Nova have inspired me to make every inch of space in a scene count. These two have helped me build the beautiful landscapes and worlds that you see in my machinimas. What can we expect from you in the future? Are there any interesting projects you are currently working on? I am always looking for inspiration in music, movies, television, and other pop culture references from all around the world. One of my future machinima projects will be a Pokemon-inspired video, which should excite a lot of fans of the beloved Nintendo franchise. And like all of my machinimas, this project will be done in collaboration with other Second Life Residents and content creators. I’m a firm believer in supporting Second Life artists and the content they create. I often find myself face to face with content creators from all types of background experiences. From seasoned video veterans to new content creators, I make it my mission to support, build and uplift those that I surround myself with. Second Life is proof that drive, determination, and raw talent can thrive in any environment when it’s nurtured. The future of Second Life machinima is bright. Every day I see more emerging machinima creators and Second Life Residents utilizing video in their everyday lives. Machinima makers like Lipe Hax, Any Bergan, and Kelie Ladys are all promising beacons of hope and inspiration within the machinima world. Their creative machinimas have been enjoyed by thousands of Residents all over the world, and have paved the way for the next generation of machinima creators. With the introduction of independent film companies like Film Threat, Second Life is now on the threshold of bringing in film industry influences that can reshape the way we think about machinima. Where can people see examples of your work? People can find my work on Flickr. I can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check out one of Vrutega’s latest videos, a carnival themed thriller that takes place in a mysterious small town. The location is Cirque du Mystere, an interactive MadPea event. We hope you enjoyed learning about Vrutega’s experiences creating machinima in Second Life. Any budding machinima artists out there? You never know until you try! Each of these weekly posts will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: https://second.life/spotlight-signup
  11. Hi all, I want to create a short film using RL and SL footage. I'm struggling to figure out how to match my SL camera angle to the camera angle of my RL video footage. I want to seamlessly cross fade from RL to SL footage as if the room i am standing in suddenly changes from real to animated. Also, what if camera tracking is involved as opposed to having a locked off shot on a tripod. Can anyone offer any insight on this subject?
  12. I'm almost done posting these, I promise. Only one more episode (finale) left. I know it looks like I'm spamming, but it's really just that this particular forum isn't very active, so my weekly posts are all very close together. Anyway, this is probably my favorite episode of the entire series, and I hope at least one person can find some entertainment in this show. Thank you
  13. A story of me and my friend spending time in Second Life in a K-Drama style lol...sort of ♥ I re-used some old clips I had from last year and made a new video :3 Just for fun. If you like K-dramas you'll understand some of the jokes around. Have a good Sunday <333
  14. Hello there! I released a new machinima, hope it will catch your attention! Beware, part of it contain nudity https://www.facebook.com/100065035359830/videos/153272190183959/
  15. I walked through all 21 regions in Fantasy Faire 2021 in Second Life. I saw a huge dragon skeleton with an egg, a dodo, a phoenix nest, big statues, tiny fairies, memorial candles, a giants tomb, knitted grass and buildings, a surreal game of chess. I watches shooting stars in the snow, petted a dinosaur, listened to monkeys and fell in the water several times. So much fun! The timeline: 0:00:00 - Valhalla 0:00:52 - Fairelands Junction 0:06:05 - The Seventh Valley 0:19:23 - Fairelands Junction 0:26:38 - The Cerulean Bombora 0:34:31 - Tempest Bay 0:47:17 - The Amethyst Rift 0:54:52 - Mithlumen 1:04:11 - Somniatoris Arx 1:14:00 - Isles of Tarrin 1:23:03 - Featherfall 1:27:54 - The Wandering Woods 1:32:11 - J’adoube 1:39:05 - The Dark Awakening 1:43:05 - A’Dracunas 1:47:15 - Peaville Goes Nuts 1:55:37 - Paer Thura 2:03:16 - Líng Xiāo Lóng 2:10:11 - Ostara 2:18:35 - Khol Dracys 2:26:52 - Scrimshaw Warrens 2:31:45 - Yin Yang 2:36:44 - Valhalla
  16. Hi, Using free OpenShot video editor: I made a TikTok SL video using the free opensource OpenShot video editor (https://www.openshot.org/) because it can output to the vertical format HD 1920 height x 1080 length which anyone that wants to do TikTok or Instagram may want. It's a little glitchy. The longer I worked in it (and this is for a one minute short), the more staticy the sound was and the more it seemed to be laggy or stuttery on viewing the video. However when I output it, the sound and video was fine. If you see my video, there are a couple places when the video jumps a little but that is my filming and editing and not the editor as I am still learning to do machinima and editing. OpenShot also seemed to save which was lucky because when it crashed I thought I lost everything but I didn't. It allows a lot of layers which is great if you are layering sounds. I had tried HitFilm Express free version but it won't output to a vertical format. HitFilm let me work in a vertical format because it lets me create a custom size but when it came to exporting that didn't work out as well. It kept defaulting to one of the parameters HitFilm had which are all horizontal. And when I uploaded to TikTok, it got shrunk into the vertical size so became tiny. I'm going to redo that first one in OneShot. I couldn't find anything else free that would export to a vertical format. Don't expect support on OpenShot but there is a forum I think. I really liked how much bigger my video seemed on TikTok when I can work in a vertical format and output to the HD 1920x1080 so while there are issues with OpenShot, I like it better than a couple of the other free ones I tried as they only output to horizontal. My video is one minute. If you have the time, go check it out and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it. Music is by Winter Phoenix, another SL resident. There are a few people doing sl tiktok videos but I think it would be great if there were more of us: https://www.tiktok.com/@kaylakatzz.woodrunner/video/6937317829838408966
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