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Fashion Expert Strawbery Singh: Ethnicity in Second Life

Linden Lab


The first thing I did when I joined Second Life was search for ways to improve my avatar. I wanted to be able to customize it more to my liking. As I hopped from sim to sim, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a small number of stores that carried a variety of ethnic-styled clothing from around the world. Coming from an ethnic background myself, the colors and textures of this attire called out to me.

When I first started fashion blogging, most of my earlier posts were full of colorful silks that I loved to wear. Now my blog, StrawberrySingh.com, has become more mainstream, but I do try to bring in my cultural influences into my pictures as often as possible.


For today's post, I knew I wanted to highlight some of my favorite ethnic designers and sims. The Indian lehenga I am wearing was created by Zaara Kohime of {Zaara}. {Zaara} is full of colorful, ethnic-inspired clothing with rich textures for men and women.


The sim I'm on is Kingdom of Sand, which is a role-playing sim. So, if you hop over there for a visit, please make sure to wear a visitor tag, which is available at the entrance. I adore the architecture of this sim. It has a very realistic quality to it and really does make me feel like I'm out in the desert.


The Kimono I picked up from Sweetaholic. I was amazed at the beautiful textures and styles of the kimonos I saw there and some of them also come with many accessories, such as hair and shoes. You can find traditional and modern kimonos for both men and women here.


The sim I'm on is none other than Japan Tempura Island. There are so many different areas where you can explore, dance, take gorgeous pictures and spend time with your loved ones. The whole sim itself is a must see.

One thing I really love about SL is having the ability to transform myself into whatever I'd like to be. I hope you get a chance to explore the sims and stores I mentioned today.

Photo Credits:

Photo 1 and 2: Strawberry Singh
Skin: Glam Affair – Gio Skin by Aida Ewing
Hair: LeLutka – Brigitte AlmostGoth Hair by Thora Charron
Lehenga: {Zaara} – Frawla crimson by Zaara Kohime
Jewels: {Zaara} - Nizam Collection by Zaara Kohime
Poses: Long Awkward Pose – Bolly All The Time Pose Set by Dove Swanson
Location: Kingdom of Sand

Photos 3 and 4: Strawberry Singh
Skin: Glam Affair – Sakura Skin by Aida Ewing
Hair: Plume – Sakura Onyx Hair by Fauve Beaumont
Kimono: Sweetaholic – Reien 1.0 by Asalt Eames
Poses: Tuty's Creations – MrS Classy Geisha AO by MrSigmund Fride  
Location: Japan Tempura Island 


About the author: Strawberry Singh has been an SL resident since May 2007. She is an avid blogger, photographer and social-media enthusiast. Since December 2007, Berry has been sharing her zeal for fashion, lifestyle and culture via her blog, StrawberrySingh.com.


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i agree that there is not as many ethnic stores as there should be.unless  you want asian.i have  an avatar that is a reality based black girl and it is REALLY hard to find hair for her and even harder to find skins that are not just dark tinted white skins


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Although there may not be many ethnic stores around, they are in SL if you look. I have an avatar based on my RL persona because I too am ethnic in RL. My skin is a very good quality one and not just a "dark tinted" white skin. I have found clothing from this shop or that one and just mix and match. To say that SL does not have much availability in the line of ethnic things just means that either you have not been looking or should get in on the niche market. I say SL is what you make of it. Or in some cases, don't make.

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Great post Berry and yes for such a diverse grid, we are lacking in some of that cosmopolitan feel. Australia is so rich with hundreds of cultures so I really do miss that in here.


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I love Zaara's, her stores have nice architecture, too, the sims are nice to visit.

Do you know Shekhawati-The Land of Merchants? Great Indian mall with realistic architecture, shops, art, clothing.

There are hundreds of real-life country sims in SL, I have a list of many of them you can pick up at the International Bazaar in Ross.

I've come across this claim that there are no good black skins in SL or that they are merely white skins tinted black. It's not true. There are tons of them, and they are high quality and realistic. Use search/places which often yields better results that search/all.



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Tuesday, some of my most favorite dark skins are from Dutch Touch, PXL The Body Co., and Glam Affair. And if you are looking for braids, I always go to Discord Designs for those, I love love love her braids!


Colleen, I would imagine she looks a lot like you, beautiful and chocolatey. <3 :P 


Mahadia, I totally agree with you! I think more and more designers are creating better quality ethnic wear on a daily basis. 


Sasy, thank you! <3 


Prokofy, I actually have heard of Shekhawati and been there before. I need to go by there more often, it's a great indian community there.  Thank you for sharing the International Bazaar slurl, I'll drop by and take a look soon!






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well when i mean reality based i mean not just a dark skin on white person shape....and  ass and butt sliders set to 100 like some you see running around.

thanks strawberry ill go look:)

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Tuesday, I sent you a PM with some SLURLs. I totally agree with you, regarding the difficulty of finding good black skins, but they really are out there...you just have to dig around for them. Hair's actually a bit easier, and I hope the locations I gave you are useful. Please feel free to IM me in-world if you like, I probably have some other SLURLs in my inventory I'd just forgotten...


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Amazing post Berry !! 

Recently I´ve tried dark tones on male avatars, also with braids from Discord Designs (btw I met this store in your blog). I love Tellaq Skins. I tried the female ones from Laq and Dutch Touch. I am thinking to buy braids for myself hehe

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Excellent post!

I'm  always buying ethnic skins to create shapes, I like to make oriental and afro shapes. And I  really love the beautiful Indian textures. I have several Indian clothes in my inventory, and Zaara creates amazing indian clothes, I knew her work in 2008 and become her fan.

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There are actually a lot of designers who create ethnic designs. I create Indian as well as other countries and continents. I am just not as big but have an excellent clientele. I am actually in the process of creating the same designs in real life. Zaara is very good make no mistake but there are others just as good, but can't spend a lot on ads like she does. Also my shop is in my picks. Just have a look  - while there go and see the kimonos Amari Gable creates. They are every bit as lovely. 

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Just as the guys saying there isn't enough for them .. people make what they want to make. It's a variation on the saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world" .. in other words, learn to create, or alternately, support and encourage someone who wants to make what you want to see.

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I am glad to see this, I was browsing for my ethnic clothes and find few, those I do find are boarderline disrespectful to my people, Native Americans/Turtle Island dwellers. I hope this gets more views, this certainly is a topic that needs more attention. Thank you for posting ^-^

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