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  1. Having the same problem ugh! There's something about unscheduled inventory maintenance on the Grid Status.
  2. The switch to generic "Resident" last names is due to all the people who complained about the LL generated last names. It was a terrible solution but that's what you get for complaining. Now LL has a new solution due to people complaining about "Resident" last names which I believe means you'll need to be a Premium member and involves a price? Don't remember exactly and don't care to look into the details because I lost interest as it sounded to me like another screwed up solution. I was hoping for just having last LL generated last names back as they were but guess it can't be done because of how the platform is now set up. I don't blame LL though in this because they did make an attempt to be responsive to user needs and If everyone had just shut up about it in the first place we'd still have the LL generated user names. Now we have more complaints and second guesses about what LL can and cannot do about this. If I was LL I would disregard anything any user has to say about this at this point. You've all screwed it up enough.
  3. Lips are too small, lost in a sea of chin, and you don't have much upper lip to be stiff about lol. Check out some of the other guys on this post and you will see a difference. You want the illusion that when a guy speaks he has something important to say, when you're getting kissed you're getting KISSED. doesn't work with small lips. Check out some of the guys on flickr like Skip Staheli, Misery Savira, Roy Mildor, Hikaru Enimo...
  4. I use a face applier that was included with the Genus beta version (haven't found anything I like better!) that matches The Skinnery body appliers. So far I feel like their body appliers are the most realistic and I wouldn't consider any face applier that doesn't match it. Not Found's for Genus use Skinnery body appliers so that's an option too. I love Glam Affair (QUALITY!) although their body isn't quite as good as The Skinnery. Amara Beauty face appliers are pretty but the body appliers are not good, low detail. Started off with LAQ head Gaia which I loved but their body appliers are a deal-breaker, NOT GOOD. I was actually using my Red Mint body applier with my LAQ head and then wearing a choker that MOSTLY covered the difference in the neck. Pink Fuel, another one, good face, great make-up, body appliers nope. When I had a system skin my all-time favorite was Red Mint, best detail face and body. WISH WISH WISH that Red Mint had advanced to creating face and body appliers, then I'd probably still wear them. To get a good look together, I check out blogs, vlogs, flickr, and I also have a handy little hud that I use all the time from marketplace called, "What is She Wearing." It tells you everything an avatar is wearing. I highly recommend it and it is freeeeeeeeee yay!
  5. The change-over to "Resident" was LL's solution to people complaining and whining about wanting to choose their own last name. It was in my opinion, a terrible solution but that's what you get for complaining. You can't make everyone happy. Now I see that people in this thread are already complaining because they won't be able to pick their last name anymore, so already complaining again lol. I think choosing a last name from a list was and is a good feature. It allows for some interesting and creative ways for matching first and last names together. It also allows you to have more choices for a first name as it's pretty difficult at this point to find a good first name when the only last name choice is Resident so you end up with a goofy first name and then needing to apply the Display Name feature to have a more preferable first name. A messy solution if you ask me, I'd rather have a first name to my liking from the get go. Also, if they are going to allow the choice of selecting a last name for a fee so what? If people want that choice let them have it.
  6. Well I have a friend that is completely non-mesh and she's such a wonderful person that her beauty comes thru no matter how up-to-date her avi is. So there is the quality of the person behind the avi that is of great consideration. That being said, I prefer the look of mesh ordinarily. It looks better. I've been in SL a long time and seen just about every type of system skin avi so I don't think there's any surprises there. Ordinarily you're just not looking good with system and you probably won't be able to prove it to me. But then again, you have full mesh avi's with the big behinds and the dancing boobies, wearing hardly any clothes which means we get to see all their nastiness, with the crouching AO's that looks like they need to go to the ladies room. I'd definitely prefer a system avi over seeing that. Mesh doesn't mean you have good taste lol. But no matter what, this is SL and you have to do what you want. I block anyone that really has a offensive avi and then at the end of the year I unblock everyone and begin again at the beginning of the new year lol. That way they can go their way, being who they are, and I don't have to be bothered about it.
  7. Thanks Pixie. Yes SL can work for some fine and then others just having issues. I finally was able to rezz my avi so that's progress.
  8. Yes my friends are having problems and there's posts in my groups about it.
  9. -Can't teleport -Avi's not rezzing -Items not rezzing -Chat posts not posting
  10. The grid status maintenance notice don't tell you much, that's for sure.
  11. Can't get into Netflix either. I guess the whole internet IS messed up, altho FB is still working. Yes when I try to tp I crash as well and I can only get on with Firestorm, SL Viewer not working at all for me.
  12. OH yeah I read about that too. Ugh I hope its fixed soon, not THAT long lol. But thanks, DaddyMatt. But this sucks though sighs.
  13. Yes I did check that but didn't see where anyone on the forum was posting about having issues. This hasn't happened to me in a LONG time. What are the lindens doing now lol.
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