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  1. Look him up. What do you think the future of SL might be by reading his bio and the people he associates with? Look them both up.
  2. Have a feeling this is very bad news. I don't think an investment group is going to give a freak about the residents. Sole purpose is money, will probably become very commercialized. We already have that in RL lol. They have no relationship with the game or history. Let's see how much they will take into consideration that if it wasn't for the very CREATIVE residents of SL it wouldn't be what it is today. Investment groups tend to to lose their heart and soul along the way to making money.. I worked for one. I always supported LL but I think we're just about to be royally screwed and I've put
  3. Good on the lindens for charging $40. I wish they had done that when peeps wanted their own last name then we wouldn't have the whole Resident thing. People want to complain they can pay for it lol.
  4. Maybe many people like the log cabin homes but I don't at all. I'm definitely NOT a log cabin type of girl. If I decide to get one and get one of those I'll be searching for a different one asap lol. The Victorian homes seem to be extremely popular, would like to see more of those available.
  5. Cisgender LOL, I had to look that up. Anyway, regarding the subject, I agree with "ItHadToComeToThis" and believe that to be the truth.
  6. Make inventory a hud in place of a long suitcase of items with folders. That's what they should've done. Really my only complaint. Inventory is very time-consuming and difficult to keep organized. The absolute worst thing about SL.
  7. 4 of these issues would be a non-issue by derendering people. You can't get people to change but you can change what you look at hehe. I agree with you about those fancy unreadable fonts. Also the many sucky display names and especially the ones with the fancy unreadable fonts. I only really like the old SL last names but since so many people complained about wanting their OWN last name we have the Resident situation with the display names feature. Then people wanted regular last names so soon there will be the option to buy a last name which is only fair I think. If people want to complain t
  8. I was in a bookstore back in 2007 and saw a book about it. Since I had played the Sims and Sims Online I was interested and bought it. Once I started reading, I was like this sounds good to me and joined. Can't remember the name of the book, it's in the house somewhere lol. Even though our avi's didn't look like much back then, it was more fun, like a wild frontier.
  9. Think its great that they're doing this. Yeah let the users pay lol. They the ones that were complaining that they wanted their OWN last names in the first place so they can pay for the trouble of going back. I got my name hehe. People always complaining about the lindens and something they're doing but this IS a business that has to be run.
  10. Having the same problem ugh! There's something about unscheduled inventory maintenance on the Grid Status.
  11. The switch to generic "Resident" last names is due to all the people who complained about the LL generated last names. It was a terrible solution but that's what you get for complaining. Now LL has a new solution due to people complaining about "Resident" last names which I believe means you'll need to be a Premium member and involves a price? Don't remember exactly and don't care to look into the details because I lost interest as it sounded to me like another screwed up solution. I was hoping for just having last LL generated last names back as they were but guess it can't be done because of
  12. Lips are too small, lost in a sea of chin, and you don't have much upper lip to be stiff about lol. Check out some of the other guys on this post and you will see a difference. You want the illusion that when a guy speaks he has something important to say, when you're getting kissed you're getting KISSED. doesn't work with small lips. Check out some of the guys on flickr like Skip Staheli, Misery Savira, Roy Mildor, Hikaru Enimo...
  13. I use a face applier that was included with the Genus beta version (haven't found anything I like better!) that matches The Skinnery body appliers. So far I feel like their body appliers are the most realistic and I wouldn't consider any face applier that doesn't match it. Not Found's for Genus use Skinnery body appliers so that's an option too. I love Glam Affair (QUALITY!) although their body isn't quite as good as The Skinnery. Amara Beauty face appliers are pretty but the body appliers are not good, low detail. Started off with LAQ head Gaia which I loved but their body appliers are a de
  14. The change-over to "Resident" was LL's solution to people complaining and whining about wanting to choose their own last name. It was in my opinion, a terrible solution but that's what you get for complaining. You can't make everyone happy. Now I see that people in this thread are already complaining because they won't be able to pick their last name anymore, so already complaining again lol. I think choosing a last name from a list was and is a good feature. It allows for some interesting and creative ways for matching first and last names together. It also allows you to have more choices for
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