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  1. Homestead for Sale. Billing date 2020-02-23. Monthly Billing Amount $109 US. For sale for transfer fee of L$28000 You need to own a full region in order to purchase a homestead. Rename and moving is included with the transfer, the Sim will have to move from its current location. $109 USD Tier paid thru February 22nd, 2020
  2. I really like Jay Tedder's. You can download them on his website. http://fashionformenbattlescars.blogspot.es
  3. Do you have Estate Manager rights to the region Arielle? Check this link for info on the Estate menu, you'll see how and where to change textures. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Estate_Menu
  4. I support this idea, custom sliders would be tremendously helpful.
  5. In Second Life Fashion photography has become fine art, and in turn fine art has become fashion photography. Great photos are not only conveying the clothing, they are conveying a spirit by using different levels much as shadows and lighting reveal different levels of an image. The physical quality and formal appearance is the first level, however fron an artist's standpoint the photographer is simply not just illustrating the clothing and model, they are transforming them. This transformation is a new genre in Second Life. It has elevated fashion photography to an outstanding art form wi
  6. Fashion always will have the tradition of the glamorous women and men of the catwalk. A front row seat at any fashion show has and always will be (we fashionistas hope) a coveted thing and place to see and be seen. Larger than life, the lanky models pout and pose for the camera as they strut their stuff and premiere the next season's trends. However, this industry is not just about the runway... Those dedicated followers of fashion can recall some of the breath-taking and awe-inspiring works from such famous fashion photographers as Mario Testino, Steven Meisel and Annie Leibovitz. There a
  7. Anyone noticed if location for chat logs has changed with Lion? It used to be ~/Library/Application Support/Second Life/ today i don't see the Second Life folder there anymore. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hola, Hippobook es precisamente para lo que te comentan, pero hay mucho mejores sistemas para impresion y copiado de revistas digitales. Todas las revistas son gratuitas, no se venden.
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