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  1. Thanks to all for your comments and feedback. Merchants can learn more about information about the Marketplace, including information on miagration concerns, by logging into the SLMarketplace and reviewing status messages on your merchant dashboard.
  2. "NOW it is released AND NO FAVORITES and all my favs are gone." Yes, I miss favorites too, but they are not gone! We will introduce favorites and migrate your favorites very soon.
  3. We are looking into better solution for versioning that takes in account the version in the name of the object. More on this when the team has had a night of sleep and can come up with a solution that meets everyone's needs.
  4. We are thrilled to announce that the SL Marketplace is the new destination for online shopping for all things Second Life. We invite Second Life Residents to visit the redesigned site, check out all the new features and start loading your shopping carts with the amazing things only our creative community can deliver. The purchasing functionality on XStreetSL is being disabled as of today. So, if you’re shopping for avatar skins and fashion, home and furnishing needs, scripts and objects for getting your groove on, or almost anything else you can think of....you’ll find it on the SL Marketplace. We’re just getting started When we set out to reinvent XStreetSL, we looked to emulate the experience of other online shopping sites that provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for the customer. Looking at XStreetSL, we realized we needed to revamp it completely and create a brand new site as well as develop a new process for building cool, new features in a more rapid way moving forward. We are committed to giving both merchants and shoppers the tools and functionality necessary to have a great experience on the new site and we’ll be adding new features weekly. Today’s launch is just the starting point; the new SL Marketplace is poised to become a more integral part of the overall Second Life experience for everyone. Notable features and what’s ahead New features we love include the modern, clean look and feel, which makes the flow of the shopping experience better than it’s ever been before. Also, customized online merchant stores allow shoppers to easily find all the creations of their favorite designers. And the new shopping cart! XStreetSL had limited capability when it came to loading up the shopping cart full of goodies, which is now totally streamlined. Over the next few weeks we will add the Favorites feature and we will migrate over the Favorites list from XStreetSL. We will also be adding an easy way for shoppers to find the purchases they have not reviewed. SL Merchants... the key to our success Our commerce team has worked very hard to make the SL Marketplace a professional and modern hub for Second Life sales, but the merchants who participated in the beta truly made this effort come together. While we were working hard evenings and weekends, the beta merchants were there to help test and provide feedback. We look forward to continuing this partnership as the SL Marketplace becomes more and more central to the Second Life experience. What will happen to XStreetSL? The XStreetSL Exchange will continue to operate independently of the new SL Marketplace through the end of November. This means merchants can continue to access history, sell L$ and cash out as they do now. The XStreetSL website will remain up for several months beyond the closure of the Exchange, and all non sales and exchange features (including history) will remain available during this time as well as the ability to redeliver items. When we close the XStreetSL Exchange, L$ and USD balances will be moved over to users’ Second Life accounts. We hope you enjoy using the new SL Marketplace and look forward to hearing what you think! Sincerely, Grant and the Commerce Team Quick Links: SL Marketplace Help Pages Deutsch Français 日本語 Português
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