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  1. Season's Greetings! I am loving all the strawberries in the picture, especially the one on Patch's antlers! <3
  2. Love this project! Here's my video: And my post about it: http://strawberrysingh.com/2015/06/16/what-second-life-means-to-me
  3. Thank you so much for choosing one of my images today!
  4. Hi acharles, Thank you! I took this picture in Second Life using the official Second Life viewer and one of my own windlights that I created. Then I just cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop. You can see a raw image, straight from SL from that day on this page: https://my.secondlife.com/strawberry.singh/snapshots/5410c052a73e217540000001
  5. Thank you for an awesome birthday present! <3
  6. Yay thank you! <3 I'm really glad I cleaned my nose before taking this pic.
  7. Thank you so much for choosing my pic and sharing the link to my Monday Meme post on your social networks! Totally made my day. :heart:
  8. awww thank you everyone and thanks for choosing this as an SL pic of the day! <3
  9. Since you guys were wondering, I thought I'd share a raw shot of the picture, with no photoshop: http://grabilla.com/03314-8eeb085f-a48e-4ba3-aa94-ce9562793a12.png Also yes, those are the SLink mesh feet, all of my style credits to that image are available on my blog here: http://strawberrysingh.com/2013/02/20/secondlife-com-spring And I'm not always half naked, sometimes I wear more clothes. Thanks to everyone for appreciating the pic! <3
  10. I'm so happy you like it! Thank you so much! <3
  11. Thank you! This is the perfect birthday present for my birthday weekend!! <333
  12. Thank you so much! That's me and my friend Rylan Carling! <3
  13. Thank you!!! <333 Disclaimer: No berries were hurt during the making of this image.
  14. Thank you very much for starting this discussion here last year Torley. I thought I would come by and share my update post on this which I just did earlier today. I'm asking for Digits once again, since I've changed my shape quite a bit because of mesh. Would love for y'all to share your digits again, if you're interested: What's Your Digits? - Take 2: The Mesh Revolution http://strawberrysingh.com/2012/06/30/whats-your-digits-take-2-the-mesh-revolution
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