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  1. Ooo! That's my girl, Roe Woodford! She's a beauty and what an amazing photo!
  2. I love how you have the same background. Remember those horrible chunky "shoes"? OMG.. hahahaha!
  3. I really love this post, Thereaver. You hit on several important points and I love how you offered this in Portugese and English. (I wish I were able to offer MINE in English and Portugese or, for that matter, any other language articulately). Bravo!
  4. I couldn't help myself.. this deserves to be seen by many people and explored more so I made a group.. "Your SL Evolution" in Flickr. Please add your photos! http://www.flickr.com/groups/slevolution/
  5. Leela! You look like me in 2010! Same hair.. ha! But that was just one look for me. I never look the same two days in a row though I tend to stick to one shape because it's just one less thing to hassle with. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous woman
  6. OMG, Naraelina, I love that headgear! That is so awesome!! I love seeing ALL these avatars--furries and child avatars included! Viva la difference in SL!
  7. I logged on today see all these awesome contributions! Antonia, Pookiepie, Harper, etc.. wowee! What I love is how everyone's aesthetic stays kind of the same even though their look changes. This is so fun!! Ha!
  8. Kaiden, nothing to be embarassed about. Scroll up and look at me You're fabulous now!
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments. I thought, what do we always take new users to get or work on ourselves first? That waddle is the first thing go go for me *every time* I help a new user. Ariel, I was unable to give attribution to the items I showed here because LL gave me a word limit and I wanted to pack as much in as I could. (As it was, I had 700 words edited down to 400 thanks to Erehwon Yoshikawa.) I thought the best thing was to put SLURLs on my own blog rather than skip it. I had so much more to say about everything! Pale skin? Would direct you to LAQ and also Tuli's goth Hope skin, w
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