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  1. Our world, our imagination. SL is what its residents create. That men do not spend as much money on clothing factors into what people create to sell. That is not unfriendly to men, that is maximizing sales.
  2. As someone whose professional career was in social and economic justice organizing, I am always frustrated by the nonsense promulgated by folks who judge nonprofits by how they spend rather than what they accomplish. People say nonprofits need to be run like a business, but nonprofits could never be so profligate. For-profits are praised for spending on marketing while nonprofits are castigated, but without marketing, they cannot grow and they will fail. Dan Pallotta has a tremendous Ted Talk on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. Here's the thing. People are taught shame about
  3. Absolutely, and a few charities already do that and they could continue to do that. For example, Relay for Life and Doctors Without Borders have charity avatars and include information on the Second Life fundraiser on their organizational web site. However, some charities don't understand the potential of SL or how easy it would be for them to have a charity avatar. That's the more common occurence and one that I think would be addressed by having a LL Charity Avatar Program. As to the fees for LL, since they are the Lab, they don't need to pay themselves Lindex fees. However, they wlll have
  4. Charities in Second Life do so much good, raising thousands for cancer research, relief work, animal protection and dozens if not hundreds of worthy causes. In spite of all the good work that is done by many successful fundraising events, a few unworthy people have exploited the charitable impulse to raise money under false pretenses and pocket the funds, even going so far as to forge false receipts When this happens, even the legitimate efforts are damaged as people become suspicious and ware of participating. Linden Lab could easily address this ongoing problem with a Charity Avatar Progra
  5. Love the water effect on the top photo! Really fabulous!
  6. Thanks so much! That pesky 400 word limit made writing about composition overall impossible, but of all the elements of composition, I think cropping is the one each and every one of us uses - regardeless of skill level with editing software - and can make or break a photo so quickly.
  7. What a great meme! I hope everyone does one. As you can see, I lived in LAQ Amy skin for my first 12 to 18 months in SL before even thinking about changing.
  8. I used translate.google.com and think this will link directly to the translation. Of course, you must allow for some inaccuracies and for the fact that sometimes there may be two or three English words that the one Portuguese word could mean and the translator selects the wrong one, so read the translation with a little imagination and a lot of your own massaging of the text.
  9. Great look and wonderful choices. No one would go wrong following your advice. Good luck on your Expert Day. I am so glad you and Lotus and Iris are going first, so I get to watch and learn from you.
  10. Great suggestions. When I see something wonderful on someone when I am out an about, I also will sometimes inspect what they are wearing and check the creator's profile, though I admit it has it's hazards such as accidentally selecting Go To and becoming more intimately acquainted that one plans.
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