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  1. What I think is the idea of being stressed-out, coupled with the idea of losing the joy, coupled again with the idea of “doing whatever it is you do” when in-world all combine to form a very confused and sad place to be in, emotionally. So, doing *something* differently is bound to change that. The question is, really, is it SL that’s the problem, and therefore you should walk away from it. Or is SL the thing that used to be keeping your life together but lately has lost some of that glue... in which case doing something differently is, again, bound to change that but maybe it isn’t an a
  2. When I started in 2007 and realized flying was a thing here, I decided to be a vampire. For a week. Until I realized it was more romantic to walk through castles and glide my hands over the stone walls. I spent my first month feeling-up castle walls. I’m no longer sure why I stayed lol but glad I did 🤣
  3. My reason for the absence of hype is that I prefer Slink ❤️ But I am quietly pleased for whatever treats Maitreya works in to make life beautiful for Residents.
  4. This place will take good care of you. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/76031
  5. In 10 years, I've seen the wisdom of covering up a lot more!
  6. Annan Adored Light Explosion II, because of the different blues in the sky.
  7. Oh look at this pretty one, closed panel only 1Li https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ordem-da-Rosa-Antique-Drapes/18023487?ple=c
  8. Soy makes pretty lace curtains if you can afford 2Li each. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Soy-Vintage-lace-curtain-white-set/5843321
  9. I just love your work, time and time again.
  10. A very thoughtful, engaging post! You do this so very well.
  11. Inclusivity, my darling. Not all of us are trying to impress a "him" out there, yah? Inclusivity in your writing will make you a superior blogger. Exclusivity will narrow your audience considerably. "... This selection will definitely make him drool, her drool, and most importantly you drool..." would be a nice touch.
  12. that is very strange ha ha. i believe in the "if it doesn't belong to you, it isn't yours" idea, which means i don't wander through people's houses in SL just as i don't wander through them in RL. i find it unbelievable that other people will. in any case, when someone wanders through my house, i do send them an IM saying "i did not invite you to my house, so please leave until i do invite you"; and their reaction / response tells me all i need to know about "is this person a potential friend?" or "is this person an alt of someone i do know?" or "is this person innocently lost despite havi
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