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  1. dd Temin wrote: Hi, Try opening your viewer as Administrator . (for windows users). I saw this suggestion posted someplace recently. It seemed to work for me...the one time i tried it. Also...My experience has been it only does this on the first download.... After relogging ...the next and all following downloads did not do this again. I have seen the same issue in OPEN SIM/ OS grid sometimes. BTW..i use older sl viewer with cool view added. I dont have or use MS skydrive. Just so I can go on the record as saying it, that's a terrible idea. Nothing should have administrative ex
  2. "Coming from an ethnic background myself" I don't mean to be pedantic, but doesn't everyone?
  3. That's your fault for not being able to read a spec sheet and know the significance of what is contained therein, and the greater significance of what isn't. A fool and his money are soon parted. I could go on, but that's sufficient.
  4. Nope, really isn't. Wasn't a viable tool the second they stopped supporting the source base. At the point that happens to any piece of software, it becomes hobbyist domain. Even though people don't care much for the UI, from a performance perspective it's significantly less greedy in terms of clock time and memory consumption than any version of 1.23. Emerald may have performed a little better, but all the features they tacked in were largely superfluous to at least *my* user experience.
  5. Nothing seemed wrong about the statement to begin with in my eyes, but we all know the people who tend to yell the loudest usually have the least justification/qualification for doing so. I would file everything you've written under , apparently that isn't the case for most people. This is one of the reasons I go out of my way to put project management directly between the developers and the users; developers have better uses for their (expensive) time than explaining the intricacies of development to people who can't figure out their remote control.
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