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Viewer 2.2 Beta has Arrived!

Esbee Linden


Today, we’re releasing Viewer 2 (Version 2.2.0 Beta) on our Beta release channel. This is an exciting release for us for two reasons. First, this release marks the first Viewer download since we announced the Snowstorm Team at SLCC in August. The Snowstorm Team has been working in the open to share our design and development process and directly engage with open source developers. Second, this beta release also marks the beginning of a new approach to our release process. Since we kicked off Project Snowstorm, we’ve made the latest Development Viewer available to Residents nightly so they can see our day to day progress and try out new things as soon as they’re in a build.

In our Beta and Release channels, we will make Viewers available to you more frequently. Our plan is to update Betas weekly with new official releases happening every 3-4 weeks. This lets us get new ideas and features into your hands faster and it gives us the ability to react to your feedback more quickly.

This latest beta release of Viewer 2 (Version 2.2.0 Beta), is mostly focused on bug fixes, but also includes some great user interface customization options. Here’s a quick run-down of what you’ll find in this release:

  • Sidebar Tabs can now be undocked and turned into regular floating windows.
  • The buttons on the Bottom Bar can be reordered.
  • Right-click on your avatar and select “Sit Down” to sit anywhere.
  • Parcel property icons (found in the Location Bar) are now on by default.
  • Selection beams are working again.
  • Language translations in local chat (via Google Translate API).
  • Group permissions now work via the Snapshot tool.
  • Turn off scripted particles and lights.
  • Builders can more easily align textures across linked prims using planar mapping.
  • View profile inspectors via the Mini-map.
  • Pan the mini-map with shift-drag.

Many of these features came to the official Viewer through resident contributions, both directly by way of the Snowstorm team, as well as indirectly through past contributions to the Snowglobe project. Thank you to all of you who have contributed code, testing, and commentary. Please keep it up!

To view a full list of changes, see the Release Notes.

Download the Beta Viewer : Windows | Mac | Linux

Please note that, as always on the beta channel, we only support one beta viewer at a time. If you’re using an older Beta Viewer, then you will be asked to upgrade on your next login.

Thank you!


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This has the fix for particle persistence when the UI is suppressed, is that right?

/me downloads and tries it.

This is a big improvement - thank you.

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Hot diggity dog! I have been waiting for this milestone. Congrats SnowStorm team, on your new baby!

Gonna go dl this right now.

P.S. what is the process from this point, to an "official" client release?

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Under this new regimen of releases and in light of the whole Snowstorm project, where does this leave the  Snowglobe viewers? I'm assuming they're going away since contributed changes no longer need to go through Snowglobe first, but I use Snowglobe 1.4 as my daily viewer and I'm not ready to give it up yet. (V2 still performs horribly on my MacBook Pro and I can't deal with the way text chat is handled either)

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STORM-86 As a User, I want the ability to double-click on the land I can see  inworld and teleport to that spot so I can move around more quickly and  easily.

I noticed this mentioned in the sprints and daily meeting minutes, but I can't find any clear instructions on how to use this function. Standing on land, and double-clicking on other land in the same sim, causes nothing to happen for me. According to the jiras, it seems that it should work on both land and prim pavement/sidewalks/floors, but it's not doing anything for me. Do I need to enable this feature someplace?

Kudos on "Sit Here", and sidebar tear-offs, and the minimap "get info on this person" fixes. Oh, and that local chat translator is AWESOME. Question: is there a way to get it to work for IMs too?

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Absolutely AMAZING! I love this viewer. Now all we need is custom display names and I'll be 100% satisfied (for now). Keep it up guys! Job well done from the Snowstorm team.

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I might actually try this one simply because the sidebar can be undocked.. it's one of the main reasons I hate 2.0 and don't use it... of course not the only reason.  Thanks!

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Now THAT is just too fun! Thanks leliel.

  • (Double-clicks) Standing next to a box
  • (Double-clicks) Standing behind the box
  • (Double-clicks) Standing on the box
  • (Double-clicks) Standing on another box
  • (Double-clicks) Standing on the table
  • (Double-clicks) Standing on the counter
  • (Double-clicks) Standing on the clock
  • (Cams outside and Double Clicks) Standing in the garden
  • (Double Clicks) Standing on the roof
  • (Double Clicks) Standing on the chimney
  • (Cams inside and Double Clicks) standing on the box again

This is such a cool idea! Not gonna do well for my attention span though. (Double clicks).

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This viewer is becoming more and more usable. However, regarding the detachable sidebars:

I myself don't care for minimizing windows once they are detached (I fail to see the difference between a minimized titlebar and a tab on the side). What I do hope though, is that it will be possible in future to completely CLOSE a window. Meaning it won't be either minimized or a tab.

Some tabs are useless and I would like to remove them from my view completely.  Another thing is the sub-tabs (for example friends and groups are part of the same tab) those can still not be split apart. And as such can neither be seperate windows nor seperate tabs (for those who want it).

I very much like all the other changes, but regarding the detachable sidebar I sincerely hope this is just a start and many, many more improvements on it will be made?

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Just tried it out.. yes it is an improvement but would like to be able to completely close the sidebar.  It is an annoying distraction to my peripheral view.

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This is wonderful! I am happy the decision to add the translater was added.

But I don't love the way search is developing. It is very slow in general and there should be an option for hits per page. The upside is that you can sort by relavance, name, traffic etc. You should add the feature of being able to sort groups my members, relavance and name aswell!

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Thank you, thank you! Detachable multiple profiles!!

I am what you might call a dogged believer in Viewer 2, despite all my friends who are agnostics. This release confirms my faith in it.

But now, I have some special pleading for scripters. Is anyone looking at all the problems with the Script Editor, collected under JIRA meta-issue, VWR-19479? In particular there is the excessive time to load scripts (VWR-20094, and the various problems with cursor positioning caused by the use of a proportional font.

My guess is that few serious scripters are using Viewer 2 because of these problems. They really need to be addressed.

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Viewer 2.2 Beta has Arrived!

To:Esbee Linden

Thats nice for you and the rest of the maybe 50 residents and a few LL employees that actually like the way it is viewer 2 is not userfriendly and i wonder when viewer 1.23.5 will be updated im still using it and have no issues at all its userfriendly and easy to use. I hope Esbee you and the viewer team will keep continue to support viewer 1.23.5 it is for the most residents the viewer it all started it with when we oldies came to SL in 2007 that was the only viewer you really have to think of us the residents you allready have im sure that if you dont a lot of people will leave will that not be a shame? think it over in the meantime thanks for keep the normal viewer (viewer 1.23.5) downloadable!


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I can foresee a problem here.

I've commented before on the problems I have with the colour scheme. For me, it's a huge barrier to using the V2 series. I've seen recommendations for third-party reworks of the skinning, using replacement version-specific XML files. Maybe I can find something which gets me past the colour barrier, but will I be able to use it in the next version?

And this incremental release pattern needs something more than version-specific change logs. If you've provided a stable solution to the colour barrier, wonderful. But if you introduced it already, where did it get mentioned?

I'm afraid there are times when I think LL's problems (retention of new users for one) have a common factor of lousy documentation. And for those of us willing to help in-world, you really need to think hard about how you communicate the current "stable" release features. These tweaks to the Beta don't matter to the new sign-up, but when you change the default download, make sure we can all find where to look for explanations.

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For the most part 2.2 is what 2.0 really should have been, a little more time and attention has been given to a promising idea for a new viewer layout. Still lacks a couple of simple tweaks that TPV's have had for a while such as Vertical tabs and the like, these are simple XML modifications that after all this time and user feedback should be added. Overall very impressive, snowstorm is delivering ... the question is what will happen with TPV's as LL finally develop something that is now pretty good for the general user, leaving alternative viewers to fill niche markets.

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They're making excellent progress in improving Viewer 2.x (as today's beta release shows, in spades), and they're not going to split their focus to try and continue to maintain the old version of the software just for a few holdouts. 2.x features will NOT be backported into that viewer. It's old, it's closed.. and it's over.

The simple fact is that Viewer 1.23.5's days are numbered. They continue to "support" it, and offer it for download for the timebeing, but realise that as LL releases more and more features that the older viewer doesn't support (alpha masks, tattoo layers, shared media, meshes, outfits, whatever), the inevitability of 1.23.5's demise becomes more certain with every new feature release.

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That is not on you to deside it is not old is it not closed and it is not over for a lot a lot and a lot of residents you are talking compleetly nonsens. There is a forum showing what is your favorit viewer viewer1 stands above viewer2 i dont "lick a lindens ass" like you do. Just tell the true and not what you think of our LL friends lets face it: XstreetSL or i still call that SLX is destroyd with the new marketplace harder to find items takes longer and is not easyer to use at all, Then LL homes a total wasted of time and money andd Estate owners like myself are not happy with it at all, Adult/PG/Mature rules destroyed a lot of peoples homelocations/shoplocations loosing customers in stores/sims, Then they changed the viewer and upgraided it to the trainwreck that is called viewer2. Now i do agree with you is it good they try to listen and maintain to change it they way we whant it to have but for the love of god why so slowly get rid of that freaking sidebar compleetly we dont whant it (im talking for about 85% of the sl-residents you must be on the other 15% , Thats ok for me i respect your opinion you respect mine i hope), And if we think that was it oh no.......Avatars United is closed, Emerald was banned but came back with the same download and instal as in the name of Phoenix? where will this maddnes end? I keep hoping they keep v1.23.5 running and last update was on October 2009 why not just add snowglobe 1.5 features and bugfixes into v1.23.5 and call it viewer 1.5 keeps a lot of people happy im sure of that and besides viewer 1 is stil the best one to run from all the avaidable downloads.

Remember this is my opinion Winter and also from a lot others that ar playing Sl for such a long time allready.



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