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  1. Yesterday Apple released their newest operating system update, OS X Lion. At this time, we're still testing and working out some compatibility issues, so this is just a quick reminder that OS X Lion is not yet supported by the Second Life Viewer. 
  2. Thank you, Hay. I'll pass the info along to my team. Could you also try turning off anti-aliasing and see if that helps with the issue?
  3. Would anybody be willing to test the 2.7.5 beta and let me know if they are still seeing these texture problems in that Viewer? (Make sure you have basic shaders turned back on to test that) I'm not able to repro the issue here so any help you can lend would be a huge help! Thanks! Esbee
  4. We're looking into the texture render issue right now. As a work around, can you try going in to your graphics preferences and disabling basic shaders and see if that corrects the issue? Let me know what your results are and I'll share it with our team!
  5. As of today, SL Viewer 2.4 is the default Second Life Viewer download for new Residents! As was mentioned in the Viewer 2.4 Beta blog post, this is largely a maintenance release focused on improving user experience, stability, and performance. This release does, however, have a few important changes and additions, including the following: A Cleaner User Experience and More Customization Options in Preferences Throughout 2010, we’ve added many new Preferences to the Viewer and it was time to not only reorganize and clean up the layout, but also add popular customization options, such as: Colo
  6. @Winter.Ventura & @Baal.Infinity - I think there may be some confusion about the Advanced and Admin menus in Viewer 2. The change in SH-178 removed the Admin menu which contains "god" tools used by Lindens only. The Advanced and Develop menus are still accessible (and can now also be turned on via the Advanced tab in Preferences) in addition to their keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-ALT-D for Advanced and CTRL-ALT-Q for Develop).
  7. Viewer 2 (Version 2.2.0) has been released today as the main Second Life Viewer! This is an important release for us because it marks the first big release using the Snowstorm process. A few months ago, we formed the Snowstorm Team as a dedicated Viewer team who works with the open source community and entirely in the open to make user experience improvements to the Viewer. We've been holding almost all our meetings in public, working with open source developers to integrate their work, sharing our backlog with the community, and releasing daily development Viewers which are available for anyo
  8. Today, we’re releasing Viewer 2 (Version 2.2.0 Beta) on our Beta release channel. This is an exciting release for us for two reasons. First, this release marks the first Viewer download since we announced the Snowstorm Team at SLCC in August. The Snowstorm Team has been working in the open to share our design and development process and directly engage with open source developers. Second, this beta release also marks the beginning of a new approach to our release process. Since we kicked off Project Snowstorm, we’ve made the latest Development Viewer available to Residents nightly so they can
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