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  1. Curious Hazelnut wrote: 2) The editor built into viewer 2 still doesn't line up the cursor with the text you are editing properly on large files. This is very common for scripts and when writing instructions for new products. It is a huge problem when trying to edit what has already been written. This sounds like a nasty bug in our editor - do you know of a JIRA issue for it? In the meantime, there are some useful workarounds. As Hitomi said, you can now use external text editors to edit LSL scripts. If you have the "Advanced" menu enabled, hit "Show Debug Settings" then set the external
  2. We decided to reconfigure the Viewer 2 forum setup, and in order to get it going quickly, didn't move and reorganise old posts from the old system. However, please feel free to criticise Viewer 2 as much as you like, as long as you stick to the forum guidelines while doing it. Also, speaking on behalf of the Viewer 2 team - which I'm not really a member of - making criticisms in a constructive manner will improve their chances of being addressed. Alternatively, go for comedy value. ("My Viewer 2 walks into a bar...")
  3. We previously had consistency and security issues with people referencing external image URLs in posts. As such, any images to be included have to be uploaded to the site. Fortunately, it's pretty easy - just hit the "Insert/Edit Image" button in the edit toolbar, which will pop up a form that allows you to either upload an image or reuse a previously-updaded one.
  4. Wait, so… why not add the ability to vote against something, instead of removing voting altogether? For several reasons: Firstly, this doesn't address Oz's original point about the relative insignificance of even high vote counts compared to the size of the user base overall. It's usually a small enough number that it's easy to game. In terms of data we use to make a decision, vote counts are among the least helpful stats. Secondly, and more importantly, it's because the decision-making around a huge number of JIRA issues is more complex than simply "yes" or "no". We often find that soluti
  5. Premium accounts do not lose their inventory if they are delinquent and non-paid for several months. Really? When did that change? Where is that documented, in writing? This was a problem that was fixed over a year ago, and documented here.
  6. Further to previous discussion and requests, the link colours have now been changed: Nav bar links are white, and main body links are a much darker green. Let us know how it looks! As with most of the JIRA work going on, thanks go to our fabulous JIRA Mistress, Sue.
  7. Edit #3: I am consistently getting Javascript errors when attempting to vote on issues, and thus cannot. (For the record, I'm using Opera 10.62 Build 3500.) I'm not sure why that is, but if I had to take a wild guess I'd suspect Opera rather than JIRA in this case. It's possible that a later Opera version may fix it. Meanwhile, note that there are (at least) two different ways of registering a vote: Either click the checkmark next to the vote count on the right hand side, or choose the "Add Vote" item under the "More Actions" menu button. It's very possible that neither works for you in Ope
  8. Erm, I didn't enter Jira, I entered Red Hat Linux Test page at https://jira.secondlife.com/.. hehe.. You need to bang some harder Yoz. Yoz banged on something. It's fixed now. Ty Yoz. Looks cool! Ty Torley for the amzing Jira tuts! It wasn't me who did the banging in this case, but I'll pass it on.
  9. Best of all, my bookmarks to specific issues now take me to ... the dashboard! Very helpful! Especially when the issue I bookmarked isn't on it! Awesome. Ah, this may be the problem you're experiencing - the first page view of a session will redirect you to the dashboard, but all later links in that session should work. Fix in progress.
  10. Thanks for pointing that issue out - I've marked it Released (which is the new "Resolved - Fixed"). (Edited to clarify: "Fixed" is still a resolution, and applies here. "Released" is the workflow action and status.) For the moment we're limiting the ability to resolve issues, but we may open it up wider in the future.
  11. How do I get back a list of issues I've voted on? Try this query.
  12. "Released" is now "resolved?" Really? What IS is with you people and changing things that don't need changing? How does "released" make sense with a bug in something that's already released? You don't release a bug, you resolve a bug. You release a bug fix, and just because a fix is in doesn't mean it's been released, does it? Why add confusion to an already fairly complex thing? WHY? I didn't explain this very well the first time, so let me clarify: There are multiple resolution types for issues, and always have been; examples are "Fixed", "Cannot Reproduce", "Duplicate" etc. So "Resolved" i
  13. Yoz, is there a way to set the subject of the email notifications back to instead of ? I adjusted my mail filters but now also offline notifications like group notices land in my JIRA folder... Whoops, sorry about that - fixed! All emails will have a subject prefix of from now.
  14. From sl.com, to help=>issue tracker, Wiki issue tracker=> link to the Jira (i.e. the normal path for us) Next a big and huuge ultra mega warning from Firefox that I'm enterering an insecure connection. That's new for me. Have to click on I understand risks, and add exception to continue. It doesnt trust the certificate, it belongs to another website? Erm, I didn't enter Jira, I entered Red Hat Linux Test page at https://jira.secondlife.com/.. hehe.. You need to bang some harder Yoz. Sorry about that - we had a problem where the HTTPS service was using a bad cert. It's fixed now, and
  15. First thing I noticed when clicking the link to the new Jira is a redirect page. Had to click another link either to go back or go on to the Jira. HUH? Whoops - sorry about that. My fault when copying links around to create this blog post. Fixed. What the heck does Agile mean anyway?? Are people who don't read the blogs expected to know where to go to find the information contained in there? That could probably be named better - I'll see what we can do.
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