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  1. 1 day of peace and yay... the sim is unusable again.. Great... the nect 1 Day char has spammed abandoned parcels with items that send you 10 Websites / Second... Maybe LL should adop the policy thst abandoned parcels automatically go to a status that no one can rezz there...
  2. Yes.... Linden & "Eventually"... we have Easter come up and our 2 Romance Suites.. well.. no one rents when there are naked genitalia flying around, or you get spammed with popups at a dozen the second... Its a shame Linden dosnt care about this, or simply misses the manpower to enforce a spamfree SL, ON THEIR OWN (e.g. Home-) land... Moving the suites will cost money, eat more hours, and heh, if the new Sim has another spammer... well you catch the meaning.... this is an extremely dissatisfying customer service. 4th day and still...
  3. Phil Deakins wrote: If you aren't bothered about other people on your land seeing them, you can turn particles off by setting them to zero in your prefs. Then you won't see them. Thats the problem. Its on a parcel we rent out skyboxes in. Ah well lets see how many weeks Linden needs to go after the Abuse report...
  4. From the map, Aryal looks to be mainland, so the Abuse Report route is the choice for this case. Its kinda laughable thst you have to contact linden this way. BTW: Is there a way to stop particles emanating from outside your parcel?
  5. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ [updated 8:29am PDT, 18 September 2012] We are aware that some regions have been negatively affected by today’s rolling restarts, causing multiple issues including object rezzing, scripts working improperly and lag. We are currently investigating this issue. Please monitor this blog for additional updates. NICE UNDERSTATEMENT!
  6. In not sure you want the people who buy free games at Steam in SL... i daresay, a lot of them arnt 18 either.
  7. 1) The shops budget has to make allowance for your services.. or you work for free, wich i guess, you wont. With todays budgets you will find that most shops wont even sustain their creator, even less some others. Venues like clubs who need to pay their personnel, are usually money pits. 2) Surely, if you were able to detect copybotters the service would be gold, but unless you are telepathic, or use illegal or nonexisting tech, you wont. so... no use of your "service" either. 3) Banning based on names, Avatar sizes, Age or whatever... a script can do this... and banning always leaves a
  8. Considerung the fact that "moving a sim" is effectively changing a few coodinates.... im not sure they move the server from rack to rack, its really a lot of money for LL. But heh, we are on Steam now...
  9. So... we put up an article in Marketplace and used the phrase "for the comming halloween season"....Surely an arguable typo.. but it forces a change to moderate... so. who has the dirty mind here. *cough*
  10. We have the same Problem (on an Estate Sim), and i had myself, as user of the Phoenix-Viewer. Switching to the Firestorm-Viewer instantly solved 99% of the problem, so i guess all those Server updates LL made older, V1-Based viewers more obsolete? Well, seems it was a setting in v1-viewers mysteriously switched off. Edited in Reply to Dana
  11. Also check the objects folder, they might be given to you as a box.
  12. Well i have one for "private" and one for "building", both looking the same. I dont really see them as "Alts" but rather 2 facets of the same person.
  13. Persephone Emerald wrote: We all want more perks & cheaper tier, but here are some suggestions that won't cost Linden Lab much money. 1, Provide Moderate/Mature sandboxes for premium members. These sandboxes are being aimed at new Premium members, many of whom have Linden Homes with such a small prim limit that they can barely rez some low-prim furniture & a few packages they just bought. Since the Linden Homes are on Moderate/Mature land, their sandboxes should be too. 2. Develop some of the abandoned land to make it more usable to all residents. Widen the public road parcels
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