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  1. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: Now that I hear that Firestorm fore-ported the pie menu, I've lost all interest. ()y Kirstens s21(8) has the pie menu backported too.
  2. Brett do a clean reboot before installing the build, I had issues where the SLVoice process was still running even though I had no instances of SL running ... killing this process enabled the installer to complete with no .DLL clashes.. so either terminate all SL processes or simply reboot then try a reinstall.
  3. Aside from the social engineering changes Beta 2.5.1 is superb, partnered with the fantastic additions provided by Hitomi it's by far the best v2 experience so far. Social engineering is all well and good in it's own respect but it should never be forced upon others, all the options for facebook, Twitter etc should be optional, SL is a place for virtual existences, and no that doesn't suggest hiding it's just an addition to RL and should remain that way. If people want to associate there SL identities within social engineering sites then yes that's a valid option but should not be enforced on
  4. For the most part 2.2 is what 2.0 really should have been, a little more time and attention has been given to a promising idea for a new viewer layout. Still lacks a couple of simple tweaks that TPV's have had for a while such as Vertical tabs and the like, these are simple XML modifications that after all this time and user feedback should be added. Overall very impressive, snowstorm is delivering ... the question is what will happen with TPV's as LL finally develop something that is now pretty good for the general user, leaving alternative viewers to fill niche markets.
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