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  1. Joined in September 2006 so it will be 11 years for me next month. I read about SL in Macworld magazine and decided to check it out because there were Star Trek and Star Wars RP groups. Something about the freedom to be whatever type of resident I wanted and the free-form nature of the game hooked me and I've been here ever since.
  2. Good to see another company taking a stand for what's right. Good going LL.
  3. I just wanted a name that sounded vaguely exotic and ethnic so I picked Kasshiki from the list of last names. Deej (from D.J. my RL nickname and pronounced 'Deezh') seemed to go well with it although these days with all the people around calling themselves DJ this or that, if I had to do it over again I'd have likely gone with something different.
  4. Mesh just isn't the end-all, be-all that the OP thinks it is. Mesh has many significant limitations which others have noted. For me the showstopper is that using it requires expertise in multiple, complex out of game software packages. Using prims I can simply log into SL and slap down a handful of objects to make a useful piece of furniture, for example. No need for competence in Blender, Maya, Photoshop or 3DStudio Max, just playing around with simple geometric shapes. To me, this is the ethos of SL. Call me old school or a dinosaur if you like but I still use and wear non-mesh items everyd
  5. It wasn't a private convo, more of a general observation. And sarcasm. :smileywink:
  6. Love Supreme is my favorite as well but you really can't go wrong with any of the iconic albums from any of the artists in the Jazz Pantheon.
  7. Aww rats, I only got to see the first series. I didn't even know there were sequels! I feel so empty now...:smileysad:
  8. Serves Madelaine right for always torturing that poor little pin. I do have to admit that some of her diabolical plans and their pictures are amusing, though!
  9. Eight plus years in SL but I feel like such a forum noob... :smileyembarrassed:
  10. Talking in-between (not over) the music and interacting with the crowd is fine with me. If you have a live DJ why not have them speak? It just makes sense and increases engagement (in the form of traffic to the club and tips for the DJ). If not for the interaction between the DJ and the club goers you might as well just run an internet radio stream.
  11. I saw a Linden at a shop once quite a while ago. He vanished so quickly there was no time to fawn.
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