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  1. Vick, I think you made a mistake - it seems to me you're only taking into account the Search-related policy. I think you should also look at the Adult Content FAQs - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Adult_Content_FAQ - which state: Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted "behind closed doors," meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the parcel is private. This means: Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel. If it is group-access only, the group must not be freely open to join. Hide avatars (turn off avatar visibi
  2. also have a look at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6851 <- (sorry, i'm replying while in a hurry)
  3. domanda: ma se in seguito il suo account e' stato sospeso, riuscira' a fare login per venire qui a dircelo?
  4. altri consigli generici: verifica che il problema succeda anche con l'ultima versione del viewer ufficiale (se usi un altro programma potrebbe essere un bug risolto nelle versioni piu' recenti del programma ufficiale) usare connessioni wireless potrebbe contribuire al problema assicurati di aver provato a cancellare la cache
  5. crashing every few days is just normal with SL crash and login issues may be not related computer specs are probably useless for the login issue even if your password is complicated, that won't help if some already knows it your picture doesn't get enlarged so it's useless you should modify your post title into something more precise to get more help
  6. Ask in the Phoenix-Firestorm inworld group chat or http://www.phoenixviewer.com/support.php
  7. Surely this doesn't solve the problem, but if it's about using JIRA, feel free to contact me and I may help. https://my.secondlife.com/opensource.obscure <- leave a message there
  8. If you're using a wireless connection, that's probably the reason everything looks grey to you. Second Life is not officially supported on wireless connections as that often generates data transfer issues - textures don't load, and things look grey.
  9. I think more skins exist than you may think. I don't use skins but I saw plenty of color combinations around. I suggest you to avoid using 1.x viewers like Phoenix, they don't have a future and lack important features.
  10. Rendi pubblici i nomi delle land e dei gruppi che ti impediscono di accedere lecitamente e, se lo conosci, il nome del sistema "anti bot" che utilizzano. E' noto che i sistemi "anti bot" non sono efficaci come promettono: i malintenzionati sanno come aggirare questi sistemi. Peggio ancora, in questo caso evidentemente il sistema "anti bot" in questione sta funzionando male, generando falsi positivi, dato che impedisce a utenti legittimi come te di frequentare una land o partecipare alle attività di un gruppo. E' importante che chi gestisce una land o un gruppo sia a conoscenza del fatto, i
  11. Caius Septimus: Mesh is one of the biggest changes to Second Life. Minimizing its impact just showed willingness to be negative. Persephone Emerald: you didn't understand at all how Social Profiles work, thus your comment doesn't make any sense. Victor1st Mornington: ...you immediately signed to Premium just to use the sandboxes? That's hard to believe. Anyway you lost exactly nothing. la Marama: actually Premium sandboxes make a lot of sense for many Premium users. If you only have 512mq of land you're not going to do much with them as a sandbox, unless your only use of a sandbox is un
  12. Since a few weeks I have been collecting ideas and feedback about web profiles feeds / my.secondlife.com from Second Life residents who are using this new tool to communicate with other users. Below is the current list of suggestions. The up-to-date version lives at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/My.secondlife.com_User_Group and constitutes the discussion Agenda for the next user group meeting. We don't currently know when the meeting will have place. Nya, Viale and other Linden Lab employees are engaging in conversations with residents on the my.secondlife.com network itself. There's cu
  13. Good suggestions. I added it to http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/My.secondlife.com_User_Group together with many other suggestions for the web profiles. As Loki said, since a few hours the web profile have a new Follow feature. If you make public your profile feed, I can subscribe it even if we're not friends.
  14. Only people who have their Feed 'public' can be followed. Set your privacy settings at https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy
  15. AndreaSPQR wrote: Purtroppo già da molte versioni a questa parte SecondLife non si avvia più sul mio pc, fino alla versione nessun problema, infatti se la reinstallo questa si avvìa ma non parte più perchè vuole l'aggiornamento all'ultima, mentre invece dalla successiva e fino all'ultima, la nulla da fare, cliccando due volte sull'icona non succede proprio niente, neanche il processo in memoria, per cui sono stato costretto a installare Phoenix Firestorm Beta che funziona alla grande. Qual è il problema che affligge le ultime versioni di SecondLife ? Ah, dimenti
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