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Swim among Jurassic era dinosaurs and plant life dappled with hints of fantasy at Isla del Mar.

It’s time for your avatar to see what’s happening below the surface: the water is a surreal cyan body that feels very much alive, filled with glowing seaweed and moving with gusto.

Creator Saer Genosse is a 3D modeling aficionado, saying it all started when “I became obsessed with building and doing terrain work back in ActiveWorlds in 1995…” Saer tells us that eight years later, “a coworker showed me Second Life and it was like starting all over again! The SL terrain program is sooo much faster than it was in AW, and it is my favorite thing to do in 3D!”

Fly over an active volcano to see a thick river of magma, one of many terrifying yet beautiful natural phenomena that Residents get to experience in SL. For Saer, “a world build is like a painting. I pick the color scheme, decide on the theme, and it becomes a process of creation. The fun part about SL is you can tinker with it endlessly, and that is where I am today.” Isla del Mar blends the past and present to make a magical paradise featuring orcas, sharks, and many other majestic creatures that we know only from what they left behind. 

Building in Second Life is engaging, fulfilling, and sometimes delightfully unpredictable. Saer shares, “Creating an environment that avatars enjoy has just been icing on the cake. Sometimes the theme of a world doesn't hit me until I start throwing terrain around. Some builds have even come to me in dreams! In the case of our newest {region} Isla del Mer, my RL husband and SL partner asked me a few years ago to build a volcano, so I finally have!”

The majority of the region is aquatic, and underwater exploration has a special way of providing the illusion of infinity. While all avatars are welcome to explore Isla del Mar, there is something spectacular about being able to glide through water with a fin. According to Saer, “We discovered Mer bodies a few years ago, and can't seem to go back to being 'leggers.' The fluidity and relaxing nature of swimming underwater is the most satisfying way I have found to spend my time online. Everyone should at least try it!”

Sears admits “I'm officially retired in RL and SL, but world building is in my blood and I can't imagine not doing it. I guess when I finally fall off the computer chair I'll quit.” Well, they say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Sounds like Saer has really gotten that figured out.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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