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What is the best way to increase my FPS?

Yes, what are the best ways to increase my FPS. Currently I average 8-9 at mid setting using the newest Viewer 2.x.y.

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You most likely need a better graphics card. Here is a good starting point to do research:

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If you're looking for a video card upgrade this site is very helpful.

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the best free way is obviously to lower your settings.... even if on a custom babsis... water and sky elements tend to have the higest impact. particles along with draw distance, and moving around a lot to new areas will also negatively impact FPS, and so will other programs running in the background while SL is running (although this is usually minimal)

some older cards will perform better with the legacy render engine, used by snowglobe based TPV's, some will not.

otherwise as the first person said, it's probably time to upgrade, if you are able

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This page has some tips and tricks that can help you get better performance.  Take a look, hopefully something there will help.

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Draw distance is the largest factor, then ground, sky, and clouds use alot of fps. You can also take away foot shadows. Turning off all windlight settings will give you a big boost.

1 of the largest issue that most people do not think about, is what you are wearing. There are a number of ways to check what you wear, but the easiest is to make sure your stats window is open, ctrl+shift+1, and take off items 1 by 1 and watch your FPS. You'd be surprised at how much 1 item can lower your fps so much.

Last thing, make sure you cache is as large as possible. Although your cache does not have alot to do with fps, if you are constantly downloading data all the time, and constantly needing to load textures than there will be delays in what you see and when, which can be worst than low fps.

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If you cam up into the sky so that all you have on your screen is blue sky, your FPS should shoot up drastically.

When you move your camera, the more graphics that you start to get in your view, the more it drops, depending on how good your system is, there is a limit to how much info you can have in your view before your framerate gets so bad that you cant` move.

The best way to optimize it for your own personal computer is to set your graphics to low, especially your draw distance & gradually increase how much stuff you put in your view and how high you can tweak things in your graphics until you find the place where it works best for you.

If you have consistantly low FPS, keep your draw distance low as much as possible so that you are not adding stuff from the other side of the sim that you aren`t even looking at & if you go to place with lots of avatars, switch on "avatar imposters" and lower the graphics setting for avatar detail so that you are not trying to see every detail of 20+ avatars.

You can also play around with the bandwidth setting.