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  1. IDK really. Many of us have asked. Almost nobody that has ever been a regular found Sansar through Steam. Really, I have zero confidence that anyone over there thinks about anything outside their little box they put themselves in. Since Wookey bought Sansar, we've heard nothing at all from anyone in management. Sheri, the president came to 1 product meeting, and said not much more than a sentence. Been almost 2 years. I don't think anyone over there in management has any virtual world experience, outside of Aleks, Ebbe's son, who's experience was when he was on the teen grid.
  2. @Chic Aeon I don't regret being there either. Met a ton of good people and great artists. Meeting them and getting to know them will likely lead to something, and has with my creative partner Bagnaria. I definitely wasted too much time there though. Mostly because Bagnaria was into it all. Plus, still not many good VR worlds. That is the part we loved, the VR part. She kind of forced me into VR, sending me her DK2 headset.
  3. @Chic Aeon The rate is actually around 62%, and in the PDF handed out to their big clients, it says 70%, plus likely cash out fees. Yes, they give the excuse that Steam costs them 30%, but that is kind of a load of BS too. The deal with Steam is that Steam makes 30% on the sale of Sansar dollars on Steam. That does not mean that Steam get 30% of all Sansar dollars sold. That would be completely ridiculous. So, if half the users buy their Sansar dollars on Steam, and half on the Sansar website, that effectively means Sansar is really paying Steam 15%. Ebbe confirmed this at the meeting where they announced the Steam deal, as I brought it up immediately, as I've dealt with Steam and these deals before. Ebbe said that Sansar would need time to see what the effective rate will actually be and likely change the rate we pay depending on that. Of course, no evaluation of this was ever made, and Sansar still used that Steam deal today as the reason for high rates. In reality, It's not Steam keeping the rate high, and them blaming Steam shows their own ignorance about it all, or incompetence, or lack of morality. Even if they were to get Sansar on the Oculus store, with that same 30% rate. Effectively, it would not really cost Sansar even a dime more money, outside of the development to get it on Oculus. Again, because Oculus would be taking 30% of the Sansar dollars sold on Oculus, not 30% of all Sansar dollars sold. It's been exclusively me, that has gotten Sansar to grandfather the creators to a more reasonable 32% rate that we pay Sansar. Every year, that grandfathered rate ends in December. And every year, I have made a huge stink about it and gotten them to extent the grandfathering. I just assumed that at some point, that they would stop pushing for this 62% rate, and keep the 32% rate, but that has not happened yet. For the past year, I have effectively stopped all development in Sansar. I just go in to say hi every now and then, and I keep up in their Discord. Right now I'm making my final push to get them to see how their plans and business models are irrational, and doomed to fail. It should be obvious. Instead of listening tho, they are doubling down and being increasingly hostile to me. Heck, they have always been, but now their newest community manager is on a power trip. It all just makes me laugh. Yeah, harrass and abuse me openly in your own discord, and then wonder why you only have 5 people online that day, rofl. I had made a ton of tutorials on how to create in Sansar, but I have unlisted all of them now. They do not appreciate all I've done, so why would I continue to help them. Right now, there is another music event going on, hosted by The Glastonbury festival people, and Lost Horizon. Some decent DJs, but despite that, there were 35 at the event, an hour into it. For whatever reason, the Sansar people don't see the patterm that has happened for every big client they sign. Usually the first event is huge, with thousands of people running around. The very next event, there will be less than 100. The next event, they can barely fill 1 instance, which has a limit of 50. Every single big client has seen this exact same pattern. Now is my last little push to get them to understand that users and creators are the people they should be catering too. Not huge corporations that will ALL eventually drop them when they don't see any value in it all. If Sansar continues down this road, then they will go bye bye for sure.
  4. You can flip animations by copying a frame, ctrl+c, and then pasting a flipped version using shift+ctrl+v.
  5. Nope! I do not accept this! Oz, you are forced to stay FOREVER!!!!! I reject your resignation!
  6. Can't even log in to support. I was able to log in as a guest in support, and tie that to my account, but have not gotten any fix from LL.
  7. Since the website went down last week or 2 weeks ago, I've not been able to log in the SL Website, nor able to get to the cash out page. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. No thank you! I avoid dealing with banks as much as possible.
  9. It is pretty disturbing that everything we've ever made can be traded so flippedly. So in a day, our items and our futures can be sold off. Difficult to have any confidence at all that this will be a good thing.
  10. Why does a company that makes a profit need an investment group?
  11. Like, WTF is the point of this? How does SL benefit?
  12. Hey everyone, It does astound me how the people at LL just don't consider their users. Why would you stop all transfers on a business regularly transferring money, just because you need info? Would it not be a TON smarter, to just inform your user, and tell them they have a month to get the info to them, before any action is taken? Seriously, it is like they think nobody needs the money.
  13. The other day, I was in another world, and someone asked how I got my name. After I told my name creation story, everyone else joined in with some even better name creation stories. So, I will start. In RL, I have a very common name. Extremely common. When I gave myself my virtual name, it was the very early days of email. I had to give myself an email, and I really hated the name with numbers format, like John256, because having a common name, It felt like I was now just a number. At the time, there were all these suggestions on how to pick your name, and 1 of them was to just look around the room, and something in it could essentially describe you, in a way. Right next to my desk was a basket full of tubes of paint. As I tried to find something in the room that might be a good name for me, nothing even seemed reasonable in the slightest way. Finally, I just thought, I'll just reach into that basket of tubed paint and see what I get. What I grabbed was cadmium orange medium hue. I thought, hmmm, medium hue, that is interesting and kind of suits me. Eventually, I shorten it to Medhue. Please share your name creation story!
  14. I'm guessing you have bone location data in your animation. You want to turn off bone location and only use bone rotation on the bones for the body, in the export options. Or you could go into the animation per bone and turn off all the location data for the bones in the body.
  15. What is likely happening is the walk in your AO is overriding your arm animation. Likely, the walk is a priority 4. So, there are 2 solutions. The first is to make the priority higher. You can't go higher than 4 with BVH files, if I remember correctly. If you can go priority 5 with bvh then that would fix your issue. In Blender, Anim files can be exported with as high as priority 6. The 2nd solution is to have a script repeating triggering your priority 4 arm animation. This is not full proof tho, as other animations could be higher.
  16. Any animations made before the Bento release will not have movement in the face and hands for those Bento bones. Your poseballs need to be updated with Bento Animations.
  17. Yes, any OBJ, DAE, or FBX should work in Blender.
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