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  1. That has to be it Extemp !!!! With all the media that will be focused on SL and Sansar and the Big Linden Lab Conference this week it has to be an inside job!
  2. DejaHo wrote: Keli Kyrie wrote: DejaHo wrote: ZoeTick wrote: I wish all the other recalcitrant recidivists would return. . Me too. I hate when the voices go away. Why would you want all those crazy voices back in your head? Because they're crazy. This is turning out to be a great party. Who are you calling crazy... I only do totally rational things!
  3. This is a very big place so easy to.... who is that out there? It is like she is trying to tell me something...
  4. I don't know who just showed up but they don't know how to park. I hope they are okay! 
  5. That was some fall, where am I? mmm it seems to be some kind of graden in space... wait how did I get in this outfit? 
  6. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: Just out of curiosity, has anyone thought to invite the forum moderators? They dwell here, too. I think it would be wonderful to have them there. To get a pictures standing next to them would be priceless. I would like people to easy up, it is a party don't-ca-know. You smaile, say hi and have a few drinks, we all know how to do that don't we?
  7. Kelinda


    I think people have to be careful creating alts. I don't think it is right to use them to spy for example but if people are using them for fun I don't see the harm in that.
  8. So whadda you dhinking Stormie get'n yous'a'selves all mixed up with Da Broads. I crossed tem Broads once by trad'n sides and they'sa sendist me cement boots. Wat you'sa gotta do is says you'sa sorries and plant roses in tem boots.
  9. Are you pushing any other key besides the letter "E"? If you want to jump straight up into the air left click on your avatar let go of your mouse and hit the letter "E" on your key board.
  10. Sometimes writing a nasty email just does not get your point across and you have to resort to stronger measures.
  11. I think I have only wore sunglasses in SL this one time. Since then they have been lost in my inventory somewhere. 
  12. You could always buzz the tower!
  13. lmao. Okay maybe that is not funny for you guys... but still lmao. :smileyvery-happy:
  14. Storm Clarence wrote: And Trix are for kids. I can see that we see eye to eye on this. :smileytongue:
  15. I am talking about Avatars. ETA: I guess if I counted Bois the numbers would be higher.
  16. Thank you so much. I only ask because right now I am at a very popular club and there are 20 women here and like 2 guys. lol
  17. So it seems to me women out number men 8-10 to 1 in Second Life. Is this because most of SL is about shopping and homemaking? Are the boys off playing War Games?
  18. It is highly unlikely that a Linden Lab employee would behave in the manner in which you describe so I would not worry about it too much. You can go to his profile to see if it has the Linden Lab icon. If this person says he is an alt of Joshua Linden just tell him thank you very much but I will only do business with your main. :smileysurprised:
  19. Hi Myaa, If you go to World/Emviroment Settings/Sky Day Cycle you will find your old windlight settings.
  20. Mine is the best so far because I have a Wildcat on mine! To bad they don't match us up by timezone.
  21. Now get out! I have to change outfits to go see a film at the Month of Machinima and I don't want you looking at my pixels! So I...
  22. Suella Ember wrote: Like play dough? If so, can I mould you into amusingly shaped objects please? I might even find a use for you. (I'll let your mind mull that one over for a second! :smileytongue:) Maybe it is brie!
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