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  1. They should just hand that off to a 'sign up here to be DJ this location' thing. Don't know if it's still around, but there used to be a 'dance island' or something venue that had 24/7 DJs and all the welcome hubs would send me to it so I had always assumed it was linden or mole ran. There's also the "Shelter" club in Isabel (that I think is mostly dead now) - it was a venue that ran music and was themed as a 'place for newbies to meet helpful oldbies and vice versa.' The Motown region could just let any DJ show up, and be tuned to some basic online radio stations any time a DJ wasn't there - then have assorted dance balls and signs 'over here in this spot' to other G and M rated clubs.
  2. Also like most of us here I've been using marketplace since it came out and in all those years I've only had a very scant few scammers or worse. That said I'm very careful with fullperms stuff even though it's what I prefer to buy - I have a list of fullperm makers I mostly buy from and if a brand isn't on that list I demo or move on. I demo with that list too - but with those folks I am less demo'ing "does it work" and more "does it fit my style". I have SEEN a huge swath of fullperm scammers. There was a thing that lasted almost 2 years of one shop just reposting the stuff of all the other shops at 90% discount, often when the same advert with their logo just pasted over it. That's been gone for maybe 3 years now. There are also the frequent people who repost stuff from other games, art models, etc.. and the art models are rarely optimized for 'real time animation'... - But these are usually very obvious. As in: if they're posting Darth Vader or Sylvanus you know that's illegal.
  3. Not that either here. Most of them either send me on toe CSR, react positively, or ignore me. I have had them reach out to me after I've left a bad review. And then in a short conversation we either find out I was doing something wrong or there is a bug that they are now aware of and can fix. Either way - the conversation almost always results in me re-writing my review to a positive one. Even if it's a bug they're not able to fix - most smart brands know a little good customer service goes a LONG way.
  4. Rather than write a review talking about the seller's attitude issues. Just write one describing the flaws in the product.
  5. Alternatively; most people want a 1024 and don't realize an 1120 is the same tier as a 1024 if you have at least 1 alt. So land sellers will sell the 1024, and then offer up the 'remainder' to the buyer later on. 4000L is also extremely cheap for a 1024m plot.
  6. Somewhere in this 330+ page thread did anyone ever figure out what the letters 'SSP' stand for?
  7. You can just upload as png or tga to avoid compression distortion.
  8. Linden owned or private? I've always had trouble tracking down any sandbox other than the G rated ones and those 4 on the upper-left corner of Zindra.
  9. Oh good to know. Historically that spot was private run and had weird permissions. I've not looked at it in maybe more than 5 years as a result. Just checked and it is owned by a linden now, with full build perms. That said you can still see remnants of the old private owners in the weird stuff, walls, and signs in the middle of the region. Other than that and the Bellisseria Sandbox; my understanding is all of the other sandoxes in SL that are NOT G rated are either private owned or require premium to enter.
  10. Yep. I'm on that coastline. It's most likely NOT what people would think of when thinking about this question, but it's location forces people into it. Fortunately for those considering the trip it's a very nicely designed coastline and... there are some things hidden in there.
  11. Not a four region one, but among the linden run sandboxes there is also Sandbox Bellisseria which appears to be the only 'open to anyone' sandbox that is NOT G rated. It's mostly for messing with Linden Homes - but you can build anywhere and if you don't want to struggle with avoiding where the homes are, just go up into the sky and rez a platform. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandbox Bellisseria/128/128/2
  12. There's a narrow band west of the 'stilt on etc' homes - the east to south coast of the log homes. For many regions there's a thin path to sail down to go from "newer Belli" to "older Belli". If you have a house anywhere along this pathway you'll see a boat or flying resident go by every so often. Some weeks it's several a day, other's it's one every few days. But it consistently keeps going because it's the only way people can go.
  13. For the Skyrim fans... Give your army of bots a t-shirt saying: "I used to be a resident like you, then I took a prim in the knee."
  14. On Topic: I was a bit underwhelmed by the community exhibition and agree it should have brought a lot more communities on board before being opened. I'd think it needs at least a dozen from each "maturity rating" and/or "widely known common SL theme". - Like: a dozen music clubs, a dozen RP venues, a dozen vehicle places, a dozen furry hangouts, a dozen non-political "themed topical chat" communities (philosophy clubs, book clubs, and so on), a dozen faith communities, a dozen builder / sandbox communities, a dozen themed residential estates, and so on. More active people than me know what would fit in this list better than I do.
  15. This is a total side topic tangent but... Not as much the case in MMOs though. While the 'old guard' of SL might cringe at being called an MMO, it's the close equivalent and very likely what a lot of new users coming here have already experienced and use as their baseline for 'the bare minimum of what to expect'. I doubt they expect a game, but they likely expect no less initial avatar customization as they'd get in an MMO. Most likely expect more (especially as the most recent MMOs are often trending away from customization while older ones are adding to it or being revived because they had it). Part of that is likely expected to be able to easily "name your character". And those MMOs that have had restrictions as severe as SLs (like Amazon's New World does) have taken heat over this. I think SL should either bring back last names as part of your original account creation... or have 'set your display name' put right into account creation. Make it clear on that initial screen that one of the things being entered here is an 'account name' and the other is a 'character name'. - and then start hiding account names more. Visible only to identifying scripts (*), not something that can be simply printed out to the chat bar, and not displayed above a user's head AT ALL unless they lack a display name. I'd also disallow special characters in display names "going forward", allow other language characters IF an auto-translate reader is capable of reading them. <-- which is more permissive than most MMOs. TL:DR: - On gaming platforms people are used to having a clear character name. Platforms failing this get mocked online. - We already have that with Display Names. Have newbies set on on account creation. Make Display Name overtake username anywhere that won't break content. (*) You could in theory make it so the script functions that read username no longer work for newly saved scripts - but this would create issues if a new script needed to talk to an old script.
  16. It might. But then when you display then inworld on a pick - if you uploaded them as 16x8.62 they will not be stretched or squashed when viewed. If uploaded as 2:1 ratio they will be stretched in a Pick or About Land. I use 1600x862 just because it's easy math. No need to try an upload a fraction of a pixel. If they squash it on their end - the fact that when I view it it shows up as the proper ratio is what I care about.
  17. I've always been baffled by this. I log into any old MMO and make a new toon to go play some stuff and nobody freaks out or starts accusing me of being deceitful unless they've got issues. Log in here and spin up a new account to go try out something different - like a RP venue. Or just because you want to play around. And some people act like the sky reached down and smacked them on the head. That said - it's rare to see that drama here too. And just like in those MMOs, when somebody here freaks out about alts if you dig into it you'll invariably figure out they got issues...
  18. This is what has driven me off of countless mainland plots before. And probably will again next time I get mainland. It's why my main focus is NOW on Bellisseria. The linden homes might have started with the idea of being a beginner step before you move on to mainland. But it's more often a refuge away from having to deal with the lack of any zoning on mainland and the unpredictability of estate land where the rules can change on a land baron's whim or new desire for that region. Belli will give you a strong covenant, neighbors who like you sought out that covenant, and a huge variety of community events run by both residents and LL staff (lindens and moles both). In exchange you have to give up some build freedom - you're stuck to having the house they provided. But so too are your neighbors. Compromises that achieve peace and community.
  19. I'm surprised that Mediterranean is still around, let alone that high. I'd have thought those would be clearing out as fast as they could drop new regions down for at least another 20-40 regions.
  20. They kind of botched it with Horizons. It's both a success and a failure. And not mildly so in either way. It's somewhat the 'halfway model' that led to Bellisseria. You could rez prebuilts on a 1024 but were not required to. It's lack of a strong covenant led to even worse 'build blight' than Zindra (which is actually often less 'blighted' than M rated mainland as most of the people who like ugly full bright and bad textures moved to Horizons where their neighbors couldn't put distance between each other). Horizons land is always owned by somebody - even if it's a land baron wanting $1million USD for a 1024m plot... they're still willing to pay tier to sit on that lot. The failure is that it's not accessible to most people. Folks have been priced out. And the 'wild west' nature has made it extremely unappealing to many people. Bellisseria shows LL learned the right lessons from Horizons. Just not entirely the lessons I wish they'd have learned - but I suspect if I was running LL I would have learned the same lessons they did. You don't do what you want; you do what works. Belli is built to create a user community of actively engaged residents, lindens, and moles who very often gel together happily. The strong covenant so many on this forum dislike works to keep all that together. It also likely helps REDUCE the support overload. Because the rules are clear, "I suspect" disputes are easier to handle, and don't "fester" into massive blowups as often. And the rules are designed to be 'community focused' which helps to drive away people not wanting that kind of environment though even more: it helps attract people who DO want that. It's entirely M rated and I'm sure this is very much on purpose. That keeps out complex governance issues from either the G or A side of things. I don't think they'll do an A-rated Belli, as much as I want it, because governing it would be more complicated.
  21. There was a valentine's day train ride event of some kind. Not an adult-rated event, but it looked sponsored from the pics I saw of it in the 'funs things to do in Belli' thread. At least somebody with linden land rezzing perms put up a sign for it from the looks of the screenshots. But this might also be some of your answer. They're doing community events. Even around romantic holidays. But they aren't doing NSFW community events.
  22. Profile Images for the 2L and 1L boxes are 1:1 - This is true for the official viewer, and Firestorm will use 1:1 or 4:3 depending on what you upload. But someone on any other viewer will see your 4:3 image squished into 1:1... so it's best to upload as 1:1. Profile "Picks" are... 16x8.62. About Land is the same. - I think they were supposed to be 16:9... but if you measure the box, it's actually 16x8.62 I like to make the Profile image 1024x1024. I make the Picks 1600x862
  23. That sounds familiar. I've got 1024 of land left from premium plus after selling off my plot. Everytime I get mainland though - I eventually get a neighbor who just rezzes out some giant poorly built mess or puts up banlines. So I'm torn between trying yet again, or just downgrading.
  24. I'm assuming you know who contributed. If not - it's listed in the members tab: So... just ask them what's going on. Something like "Hey are you missing tier you thought you put in your land group? Because it looks like it's showing in mine."
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