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  1. There is no public Beta version of the Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara. There has never been a Beta available to the public. You might see clothing items listed as Maitreya Beta - that would refer to the clothing itself, indicating that the rigging of it is experimental by the maker of the clothing.
  2. We also made the HUD Copy/Trans, so it can be shared This HUD is Maitreya specific, it doesn't require an Omega relay, so if you don't have that, no worries, you can still use it
  3. Well, since you have all the good kitchens and none of us can have one now... Is 6 o'clock OK for dinner?
  4. It was more than 24 hours. I had to wait till my sister got off work and we could juggle tier donations and I still had to abandon my 512 Linden Home. That put us well into the evening of release. She looked at 4 and kept the 4th. It was after midnight SLT when I abandoned my 5th one, so I had to wait till the same time the next night to try again. They were not yet sold out. My home was claimed on Wed Apr 17 at 03:20:18 2019. If you do't believe me, I'll TP you and you can look in the land tab yourself.
  5. There are just as many people in the US, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia.... Basically all over the world for whom the timing was bad. You are demanding that LL be more inclusive of members from the EU, yet you are excluding the rest of the world . Sounds a little hypocritical to me. Maybe that's just me though. So you had a parcel on mainland. You could have increased your tier temporarily and gotten in on the first release, but you chose not to. That was your choice. The rush was not that great in the first release. I abandoned 5 homes on opening evening (SL time), had to wait 24 hours, came back and abandoned 3, I kept the 4th one. That was after waiting 24 hours because I had abandoned 5 the day before. One thing is for certain though, if you don't renew your Premium, you will never get one. And also they made it possible for everyone to extend their Premium at the old rate, though the new rates have nothing to do with the homes.
  6. No pony? NO PONY????? What do you mean we don't get a pony too!?!?!?!
  7. Don't forget Dequindre ! lol ( Mack-i-naw. And 'Gra' the A like in apple, and 'tiot; would get filtered LOL)
  8. Fortunately they are smart enough to not do that. The inflation that would follow would not be fun. Odds are that your buying power with the new "massive" stipend would be less than before it.
  9. So would this establishment maybe employ part-time help? You know, payday is a week away and Uber is about to open... Asking for a friend
  10. Add to that the misuse of light in general. Basic rule of thumb, a tea candle cannot turn a football stadium to full daylight at midnight on a moonless overcast night
  11. Well, I hate my fence. Others have commented on it and love it. And no, none are truly awful, just different tastes is all
  12. On the first release, I abandoned 5, waited my 24 hours and looked at more, keeping the 4th from that round. Not ideal, if not for the Rule of 5 I'd have abandoned this one too because I hate the fence. I bounced back and forth between Traditional and Houseboats. Now we have another theme coming. Will I re-roll? I doubt it. Maybe next year. I envy your luck!
  13. I have my bandwidth set at 1500 as well but I am using 100mbps cable. I don't know how slow your internet is, but I"d be lowering that bandwidth
  14. Yes I have returned things before where the root or center was off my parcel when a neighbor had a meagaprim filling my pool
  15. If it's encroaching on your parcel, return it
  16. If you put that chicken in the pot you can have soup. There's no shortage of salt in these forums to season it with 😛
  17. I've used 3 add-ons that I got from @Blush Bravin in my home, though I did remove a piece from one of them. With the front porch, pergola in back, and wall add-ons & doors inside I am using 12 prims. I feel like they give me a lot of visual impact per 'prim' spent, and I'd have probably been OK with them using 25-30 - but I"m glad they didn't. My backyard landscape ate up a ton of LI, near 130 if I recall correctly. I don't feel like the add-ons forced me to cut any corners.
  18. Speaking of things making financial sense... It just seems like a lot of fuss over $2.25 a month (for annual). It seems to me that it's pretty tough to justify being premium at all if that amount of money is a big deal.
  19. Well the notion that the price increase is tied to the new homes is a mistaken perception that no amount of dead horse beating is going to overcome, apparently. Personally, do I love the idea of a price increase? For its own sake, of course not. But LL has to evolve, or it goes away. A price reduction to $0 because they've shut it all down is not desirable. So I am happy for all the years we did get at the initial price with no increase ever, and will soldier on at the new rate.
  20. That to me seems the most likely thing. LL is shifting from a tier based income to a membership based income, and there is a ton of abandoned and unused land on Mainland. A move like what you suggest could work for both
  21. If only my cable company would only go up by $27 after 10+ years. Well if they had done that I guess I'd still be with them.
  22. Exactly this. Their costs to operate have steadily risen, yet they held the price they started with. So maybe they should have had an annual increase. People don't appreciate the past anyway.
  23. Premium has gained a lot of benefits since I first started it, which was, well, back when it first started. And this is the first time they have ever increased the price.
  24. IKR? Having to pay for what you get? What a concept.
  25. I love what you did with this. And I feel your pain, I have 5 left myself
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