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  1. This thread might illustrate the reason that some stay away, though this on isn't extreme by any stretch of the imagination. I am rather surprised to learn that we have no CSR's and no chat group. It's actually a rather busy group with an awesome and helpful staff. There is a group joiner in the store, it's in my profile, and its even in my IM autoresponse. But one thing is true - The kit is indeed impossible to get if you refuse to contact us or even apply.
  2. If I had a question about something that I was concerned could land me in court, the court of public opinion is certainly not where I'd ask it. I"m pretty sure the "Someone not connected with the brand in the forums said it was OK" defense is considered weak. Officially: Yes, you can use the name and even the logo if your item is intended to be used with the Lara body. That is where our involvement ends. All the advice you got about making sure customers know it's experimental and offering demos, while we cannot require that, it is excellent advice. As far as everyone know
  3. So what they are telling us is that a ho cut the fiber? It does appear to be regional, or maybe just random luck, but I got in finally
  4. Also, on some versions of the Omega Relay there were check boxes for different parts of the body and by default Hands/Gloves and Feet/Socks was left unchecked by default. Worth looking at if you have that issue
  5. v5 AutoHide allows the user to bring up the menu and either remove or alter the AutoHide configuration even in v5 clothing. Unfortunately there is no way to make that retroactive because v4 simply didn't have the code to enable it. But we can have it going forward as designers switch to the new script
  6. The HD nipples are an overlay, like a tattoo. As noted in the User Manual, they may interfere with tattoos that cover the nipple area - blended alpha clashing is not a new thing. Depending on the tattoo, you may be able to go into Show/Hide in the Layers tab and turn off the part of the tattoo that covers the upper chest.
  7. The intention was to express that we don't plan to leave anybody 'high and dry' and plan to support what I/we feel will be a gradual transition to BoM for most users. We realize that some will dive in head first and that's great. Others for a variety of reasons may be slower to change over, and yet others will find themselves somewhere in the middle. We hope the next version of the body will be something that everyone can use whatever way works best for their individual needs. I'm not speculating with this, Onyx and I co-wrote that blog post, and since the lines you quoted are mine, I don
  8. Doesn't sound like it from what source? No official announcements have been made regarding how it's being handled. Speculation, predictions, and rumors in a forum thread are not quite the same thing as, you know... A statement from someone who actually knows.
  9. True, and BoM is only 1 part of the upcoming update. "Activating" BoM is nothing more than applying an LL specified texture to the mesh. That's why the Relay/HUD was made and distributed while work continued on the full update. So there we have 2 responses in a row from people that actually know what's going on. Has that ever happened in the SL forums before?!?
  10. There is no public Beta version of the Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara. There has never been a Beta available to the public. You might see clothing items listed as Maitreya Beta - that would refer to the clothing itself, indicating that the rigging of it is experimental by the maker of the clothing.
  11. We also made the HUD Copy/Trans, so it can be shared This HUD is Maitreya specific, it doesn't require an Omega relay, so if you don't have that, no worries, you can still use it
  12. Well, since you have all the good kitchens and none of us can have one now... Is 6 o'clock OK for dinner?
  13. It was more than 24 hours. I had to wait till my sister got off work and we could juggle tier donations and I still had to abandon my 512 Linden Home. That put us well into the evening of release. She looked at 4 and kept the 4th. It was after midnight SLT when I abandoned my 5th one, so I had to wait till the same time the next night to try again. They were not yet sold out. My home was claimed on Wed Apr 17 at 03:20:18 2019. If you do't believe me, I'll TP you and you can look in the land tab yourself.
  14. There are just as many people in the US, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia.... Basically all over the world for whom the timing was bad. You are demanding that LL be more inclusive of members from the EU, yet you are excluding the rest of the world . Sounds a little hypocritical to me. Maybe that's just me though. So you had a parcel on mainland. You could have increased your tier temporarily and gotten in on the first release, but you chose not to. That was your choice. The rush was not that great in the first release. I abandoned 5 homes on opening evening (SL time), had to wait 24
  15. No pony? NO PONY????? What do you mean we don't get a pony too!?!?!?!
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