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  1. I just noticed this as well and realized the vendor had banned me for leaving a negative review oO. Is this a new feature? God forbid shoppers let other shoppers know a product is bad or not as advertised.
  2. Sim will come with full month tier paid. (On the 23rd). $195 value. Asking for 1000+600. Please email srodg2@yahoo.com or send in game msg. Thanks.
  3. A lot of those sims have shut down due to mismanagement, real life, or just people naturally growing older and popular genres changing. Grunge post-appoc or urban has kind of run its course in SL it seems relative to the times OP mentioned. I don't think it has anything to do with teens as more of those sims were "adult". I think the term combat/rp is a bit counter intuitive as people looking for combat are generally turned off by RP and vice versa. Those were likely the conflicts you are referring to. I wouldn't necessarily assume those people were teens as a simple search in SL back then for
  4. I blame all the good weed on the west coast. Dam those techie stoners....
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