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  1. To me, always best curly hair had Analog Dog, Doux also has few nice curly hairstyles.
  2. In HER profile I wrote, in Bubbles Clawtooth's profile.....
  3. Kathy, you have her name there on Flickr, it's Bubbles Clawtooth. And in her profile you have landmark to her inworld store. On Flickr it says it was at The Epiphany so it's a gatcha item. I was in the inworld store, and it's there, between gatcha machines.
  4. I would guess it's some [^.^Ayashi^.^] hair. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sl-ayashi/
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dura-Girl51-Dark-6-color-Fat/5543043
  6. Doux also had some curly hair
  7. It's very hard to find a mesh head which would satisfy you if you don't know which skin goes well with which head. So my advice would be to explore Flickr (SL community on Flickr) and blogs, find out who the best bloggers are and check what mesh heads and what skins they wear. Maybe between them you will find a look you like and then you could recreate it in-world and modify it according to your needs.
  8. 2- More stores (fashion Men) - but good quality original mesh only if you ask me
  9. Pavon2


    Dura always had nice hair for men.
  10. The image you posted is not loading, so I'm not sure what you mean, but maybe you just need to log in? If the items in the store have maturity level set to moderate or adult you will not see them unless you are logged in.
  11. I love Mon Cheri who has great bikinis, dresses, and lingerie. I love BigBeautifulDoll as Matty mentioned. Insanya has a lot of corsets, at BigBeautifulDoll you will also find some hard core tight ones, in latex and not only. I love Narcisse. They all have beautiful clothing, lingerie and stuff like that. All these brands are original mesh designers, means they make their own stuff, you won't find same copies with just different textures anywhere else. They are not the mainstream, but individuals who I think work alone and craft their products with care. The type of designers I always support. And they all make Slink Hourglass sizes.
  12. Pavon2

    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    Same here. I'm having problems logging in since a week or more than a week. Today I didnt manage to log in anymore at all.
  13. Same here, having problems logging in to Beta since at least a week. Sometimes it works, but on 20 attempts to log it, I will manage maybe once, all other times I get a message "Login failed (...)".
  14. Hello, recently I started to be seriously scared. So many issues are not being fixed since months. Like for example so very important issue with gifts transactions on marketplace. I've read that some of these transaction are not being recorded, so my current problem is probably related... ... people write me asking to redeliver a product, they swear they bought it but neither me nor them are able to find the transaction ID in the transaction history for it. It's obvious I cannot send another copy this way because I simply dont know if they make this up or is something really seriously broken in SL. I use Casper vendor systems and sometimes Casper fails to record some of the transactions that have been made. But each time it happened I was always able to locate them in my transactions history so it wasn't a problem. Not anymore. It happens more and more often that some of the transactions simply vanish. I'm running a store since 4 years and it never happened to me that people write, ask to redeliver something and there is no transaction recorded in transactions history. And these are NOT gift type of transactions that we all know are broken atm. Somehow it's hard for me to believe that suddenly so many people would like to get a product without paying for it, since I don't send it anyway, and since it never happened to me before. Does it happen to anyone else?
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