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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everybody. I play Linden Realms every week, a game with its own region that is accessed via Portal Park. Linden Realms has changed a lot within the past two years, and for a few weeks there have been problems accessing the region. When I attempt to enter the portal in Portal Park I often see an error message saying Dyna Mole's 'Linden Realms Portal.' No destinations available. Please try again later. It feels something like the traffic lights on a freeway on-ramp, the ones that allow a car on the motorway every twenty seconds or so. The portal sometimes requires a wait of several minutes though, as if LL is trying to limit the number of residents in the Linden Realms regions. Does anyone know the reason behind this? As with freeway traffic, this Portal Park error creates a bottleneck and residents get frustrated. My first thought was that LL is trying to reduce the number of game pay-outs, but the pay-out was already recently reduced from L50 to L25, such a small amount that the number of players seems to have been reduced greatly. I've also found in recent weeks that there are often "decoy crystals" - crystals that you can run over or click on, and nothing changes. The crystals do not enter your Linden Realms HUD inventory. It is as if these decoy crystals are there simply to frustrate players. To be fair, if I don't notice that my Linden Realms HUD has detached, any crystals I run over persist as decoy crystals there until my HUD reattaches. If the HUD reattaches after I have crossed a region border, the crystals persist unless I return to that region. If I return, the decoy crystals vanish. There is only one decoy crystal that is clearly intentional as a part of the game (in The Valley, LR 184 for example); the rest of these seems like errors. Are the decoy crystals I'm seeing the result of players once again using bots to clear all the crystals in a region? I enjoy Linden Realms; it's an easy retro game pastime and provides me with a handful of Linden Dollars that help with rent. But I worry that LL may be intentionally frustrating both access and play as a precursor to eliminating Linden Realms entirely. The only upside of this is that if Linden Realms were taken down I would no longer have to enter Portal Park - a fellow resident has made Portal Park 1 his home, and his avatar stands there staring at everyone as they arrive. Legal? Yes. Creepy? Definitely.
  2. Traffic as a raw measure of actual popularity is junk and easily gamed. As we're unlikely to get anything meaningful from LL; What would a scripted popularity meter look like, what would it measure, how would it avoid being gamed (or at least make gaming it so annoying to actual visitors as to be counter productive). Should it be interactive in anyway or entirely passive. What behaviors should it encourage locations that place the meter to get their visitors to engage in. What meaningful (anonymous) information could it provide to places that place such a device. For the purposes of maintaining privacy, such a device would have to do all the processing in LSL with the goal of submitting minimal information (a couple of numbers) to an external website.
  3. Last time I was using SL viewer search to try to find some sims with vibrant communities and when I TP-ed to lands appeared as the top search results I found lands with no people on them or just bots. I always look to tp to lands that on search listing appear on top and with highest traffic number in hope to find people to meet and to talk to. I believe its same case for everyone else. We're in SL mostly to interact with other people while sharing same 3D space/environment. 3D worlds that are empty (SANSAR) fail. In my opinion SL search is highly dysfunctional and it is not really serving its purpose. I also think general SL community and everyone who cares for Second Life should keep putting this topic in focus. Let me give a simple example how its indirectly hurting Second Life's growth potential. A new SL Resident uses SL search to try to find a land with community of interest to him. He gets search results clicks and teleports to a few lands and finds all lands empty and no people to interact with. Closes the SL viewer and never uses it again. I think it is very bad for Second Life that its very hard to find lands through SL search who have genuine real human traffic and communities. It hurts SL. Bots traffic manipulation is the biggest reason why SL search doesn't really work and can not serve its main function of connecting individual with communities based on keywords of interest. I think if LL appointed at least 1 employee or just even 1 - 2 work hours a day for someone to be checking if there are bots (bot traffic gaming) going on in the TOP 10 listed lands on search it would considerably improve the SL search user experience (no matter what kind of algorithm is employed as long as its based on trying to showcase genuine foot traffic - where most people hang out). (If the problem is money - it can be solved by organizing willing and caring participants from SL community to do that in similar fashion as SL moles are organized). I always liked to take perspective of Second Life as sort of 3D internet and SL lands/sims as websites. In Second Life you want to be able to find communities that you would like to take part in. It needs to be easy, fast and convenient. If new people coming to SL can fast find communities that they can get integrated in that also contributes helping to solve the player/user retention rate (a problem LL management should in my opinion always keep highest on list of priorities). Just imagine if Google search was listing websites who artificially inflate their visitors numbers with bots. How fast do you think Google would loose their search engine market share against others who focus on preventing that? In early days Google managed to become the most successful search engine company because Larry Page and Sergey Bring managed to come up with a website ranking algorithm (I think its also based on points / score) that helps highest value information providing websites be ranked higher per keyword. Google and other search engines improved what most people understand under "internet" and search engines became synonym with internet while internet as TCP/IP and many other protocols is much more than that. So to improve Second Life in the perspective that it can be seen as sort of 3D web where the main goal is to connect people with various interests with communities of their interest. There are so many communities in Second Life - it is amazing. The sad thing is that many of those communities are not represented. Many communities could be bigger and stronger if Linden Lab can improve tech for people find them more easily. Second Life is not all about the community. Second Life is all about communities. There are many! Top SL destinations and special editor picks in my opinion are also unfair and any system that depends on being featured land on landowners own submission (but that is a topic for a whole new topic and discussion). Hope my topic that I am opening can lead towards a positive, healthy and productive discussion. Linden Lab is an OK company and the people working in this company and even the owners are constantly changing. But there is 1 thing that is always staying and that is us the users. As users we shouldn't vilify the company just because it isn't doing something that we think or consider should be done or did mistakes in past. Lets try as a community to gently push them in the right direction. Be positive always. I always say positivity is a constructive force while negativity is destructive force. SL is full of dreamers and builders. If we want to build and grow we need to be positive. \O.. O/
  4. Hi has anybody noticed anything weird on their Traffic numbers (under land). My region (one parcel) normally sits around 4-5K but for the last 24 hours has been "582" - which is weird as the Sim is busy (Saturday Sale started yesterday too). I also (and perhaps never noticed this before) note in land it says the land was claimed in 2004...
  5. (i hope i picked the correct forum) On our zombie sim I'm mostly online when i'm afk, so is my alt/wife and our simbot via phone (normal ava, just online by lumiya/android). Usually we make around 3,000-4,000 traffic only with that, plus some random survivors. Today I looked at the sim traffic, and it shows 92!???? Anybody any ideas on that? Have they changed something?
  6. Alienum is more than a fishing game, it is a fantastic experience in fishing and farming. For players a fun way to earn some money, make new friends and discover new places while looking for alien fish and plants. For landowners, one of the most innovative traffic games with a wide range of options. Low lag and low land impact buoys and clusters that can be controlled via web-browser even if you aren't online in SL (funding them still require owner to be online). Also earn commissions from the sales of energy cells (baits) and seeds, to help fund your buoy/cluster. And many more options. Grow the seeds you found in seed plots to get ingredients, and use these ingredients to make useful potions to boost your gameplay. Turn the fish you caught into fertilizer to plant your seeds. You can even create water mixing oxygen and hydrogen. Start to play today! Get a free extractor, create your account, and grab the free starters at the HQ (seed plot, mixer, and water barrel). Cash out at least 25L$ to be able to touch the Mighty Alien Tree and receive gifts. Every Day. Don't have a place to rez your seed plots and mixers? The HQ has the Greenhouse, a space with cheap rental for players. Take a look at the game's official website: https://www.alienumgame.com/ And visit the HQ, part of a sim-wide space station: The Elven Starship - Alienum HQ
  7. Hello everyone, We all have seen sims getting traffic increased by random avatars parked in their sims, I was wondering how exactly is traffic calculated. I hope someone could help me in understanding the algorithm behind SL traffic calculator. Is it average number of different avatars over a period of time, or something else. Even if you don't know exact algorithm, some observations will be helpful too. Thank you, and stay home
  8. Hello there, I have been in SL for few months now and I am interested in helping someone in building his/her sim or store or anything. I won't demand anything for my help (it's fine if you want to give something though ). I am doing this to have some experience in building, maintaining and increasing traffic in a sim. I am not a bothering person and will respect every rule and regulations of your sim :). feel free to IM inworld or reply here. Thank you ^^
  9. We are looking to sell our land which is a great location, off of the blake sea, and right on Route 8. Did not want to sell this land, but unfortunately we are looking to move near a friend. We paid much more than we are asking for this great land. -Already has BUILT UP TRAFFIC, perfect for commercial -Blake Sea Sky Access, -Blake Sea Water Access (very close to the water,through NHA) -Roadside Access to ROUTE 8 -Connected to SL's Famous Airport (New Horizons Airport) -GTFO Aircraft & Ground Vehicles Location 17792 SQM 6,108 Land Impact (prims) continent: Satori Priced to sell! Any questions, please IM Jimbo Seoung http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bietschhorn/137/61/56
  10. Hi Everyone: I was wondering, how exactly sim traffic is measured? I role play on a new sim, but the traffic is nearly nil on some days. How can I increase the traffic? I sit in character on the sim, sometimes, the entire time I'm logged in. Is there someway that I can increase my sim traffic? I've advertised as much as I can to attract more people. Thanks
  11. ==CLUB SOHO, Second Life's FINEST MUSIC CLUB=== Club SOHO Life of the Party SOHO is HIRING HOST/ESS! Looking for a FUN Job in SL?>>> Party Club!! Great Energy!! High Traffic!! Love Music? Dancing? Parties? Events? Schmoozing? Earn, Learn and Burn off Some Steam!! You deserve It!! With opportunities to move into other roles within the club. ==CLUB SOHO, Second Life's FINEST MUSIC CLUB=== Now Hiring; Apply Today: ==CLUB SOHO== Links to Online Applications CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: goo.gl/forms/QpV1yJTfMu3AgzBB3 Visit us Inworld: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Gold/151/137/22 NOW OPEN 6 DAYS/WEEK TUES-SUN!!
  12. ✯clυв ѕoнo - ѕecond lιғe'ѕ ғιneѕт мυѕιc clυв✯ Well established club. Open 24 hours from Tuesdays at noon until Sundays at midnight!! We are looking for fun loving Hosts to join our awesome team. If you enjoy music and meeting new people then we would love to hear from you. We pay 100% of your tips directly to you. We work as a team and training is provided. No experience necessary. Come and have a look for yourself http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/103/128/23 We are always having fun, throwing great parties and we want you! So come join us. Fill out that application today. CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/QpV1yJTfMu3AgzBB3
  13. I used to run Lusch Haven Freebies, but had to give it up because of lack of funds. I have some big ticket items that I would be happy to loan out to anyone, free of charge. I have tons of stuff. I really want others to enjoy using them. I am not selling these items, and I don't want any Lindens in return for the rental. I'd set everything up and will move it or remove it...whatever you like. . If you're interested, please contact me. Some of the items I have are: TOUCH PHOTO STUDIO: 19 prims. To see what it looks like go to Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Touch-multiple-avatar-photo-studio/4443807?page=4 BUBBLE BREAKER: 7 prims. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bubble-breaker/8814244 LUCKY CHAIRS: 1 prim for each chair. I am happy to provide the prizes and would be compliant with the rules of SL/Designers. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperVend-Complete-FAT-PACK-Massive-saving-Vendor-Boards-Vendors/1626868 TRIVIA HUNT BALL: I would provide the cash prizes if it is located in a public area. 3 prims. See it on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trivia-Hunt-Ball-Increase-Land-Traffic-30-tax/5638771 LUCKY FLOWER GAME: I can provide the cash prizes (very small amount) or it can be played with no prize, as long as it is in a public area. 9 to 50 prims, depending on what pieces are rezzed. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lucky-Flower-Contest-FREEPLAY-FREE-Land-Listing/9460213
  14. How much a half sim parcel, M rated, which having 38000 average daily traffic worth for sale? No bots or alter accounts, all are genuine visitors. Where to list such parcel for sale? (Can we list that in marketplace or if its in forum pls show me the forum section) Many thanks for all the helps.
  15. Has anyone compiled a list of the highest trafficked sims for potential store openings?
  16. City of Concord @Alan W. Real Estates Parcels: 10 Sqm: 2176 - 6940 Prims: 697 - 2225 Price: 697 L$ - 2225 L$/Week Landmark: City of Concord Our Office: Alan W. Real Estates
  17. FOR SALE: 7 Parcels in Full Sim (Diamonds are Forever & HullaBaloo) Sqm: 1440 ~ 8480 Prims: 680 ~ 4010 Price: 680 L$ ~ 3400 L$/Week Teleport TODAY: Diamonds Sim
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