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  1. *blonde moment* Editted post because I fixed the problem and don't want to be pointed at and laughed at! *Insert angelic smile here*
  2. Proof you have man parts. Mine would kill you then. I'm battling to get it back under 100,000!!!
  3. Or maybe we're there to buy poses or backdrops or furniture...well that's why you will find me there.
  4. I always have this issue as I am in NZ and almost everyone I have been involved with is in the US, so can be up to almost a day behind me. The main thing to make it work - communication. Email, skype, kik, whatever works for you. You can do this via phone when you are working and not able to be together inworld, and just enjoy the time when you are. If its worth it, you make the effort.
  5. I so relate to what Dementia posted as my first SL partner did this to me. He'd cheat, I'd catch him, we'd break up, he'd crawl back, I'd take him, he'd cheat, I'd catch him, we'd break up ad nauseum for three year!!! Finally he cheated with the one person I wouldn't pee on if they were on fire, which broke his hold over me and I found some self worth! All this being said, recently I was being intimate with my latest partner and a couple landed in our skybox and told us to vacate the bed so they could use it. I profile perved and noticed the male was partnered and his naked female companion wasn't her. After "politely" telling him that when he paid my rent he could fornicate in my bed, I sent his partner an IM informing her of what had happened and that she needs to let her man fornicate his skanks in his own bed and stay out of mine. They weren't partnered the next day. As someone in an open relationship, I usually do not pass judgment as many others in here are in them too, but they peeved me, hence the IM to his partner.
  6. Oh good point! I hear ambient sounds, object sounds, streaming music at events - all sounds in SL EXCEPT voice chat! It just suddenly stopped working for me last week out of the blue. I will try the SL viewer though, because I do need SL voice on occasion.
  7. I have googled and followed all the advice I have found on various sites/forums/Firestorm Wiki etc, uninstalled/reinstalled firestorm and am having no luck. People hear me in voice calls, but I cannot hear them. If I check the audio device settings I can hear myself through them fine, so any other ideas of what could be going on here?
  8. Emo-tions and Exile Although Tableau Vivant would have been my first stop. They have many styles like that, but they are gachas, so you are better off looking for them on Marketplace.
  9. Feel free to drop me his name. I wouldn't mind someone else paying for my SL for a bit!
  10. You have to fork out for the mesh body appliers, but its always worth following Fifty Linden Friday for the Belleza/Glam Affair skins. There's also gacha versions of Glam Affair skins to be found on MP, usually you can pick them up for around 100L or slightly over (sometimes people are dicks and ask for outrageous amounts though).
  11. Yes I have. I have turned it off, turned off ankle locks, disabled everything and no luck. I BROKE BENTO!!!!
  12. Thank you Clover!!! I just spent the last hour reinstalling Firestorm and redoing all my settings, and hunting down my bento hands in my inventory and getting new copies out! My sanity is restored! Almost. Is there any way to make it stick cos it seems to hold in the bento pose for 5 seconds and then fubars again. I have to keep resetting.
  13. For some reason, my hands have stopped animating when I use bento poses. I have tried with the Maitreya and my Vista hands but nothing is working. Have I fubared a setting? Help!
  14. Thank you! That made so much more sense than the instrustions I was given. And yes first hairbase, but not the last!
  15. Ok, so I bought a hairbase on MP that needs tinting, but the "instructions" were absolutely no help and I have no idea how to tint it. I tried the "add hairbase" thing on the Catwa HUD, but it asks for the UUID. How do I find this?
  16. Agree - Candydoll. They were a gacha item so best bet is to troll MP looking for them.
  17. I'm not 100% sure if they are around anymore, but try searching for KiK (as001 Littlething) and check out the Fine hair. It might be a good hair for this. It works for me in some situations... 
  18. A few years ago I was at a club and someone said something about condoms in SL and a guy asked why they would be needed, so I piped up that if you had sexytimes with a chick in SL who wore prim ladybits, then you would end up with a prim baby if you did not wear a condom. He totally believed me.
  19. Now why would you want to make people admit to being JAFA? No you're not alone. Remember, Kiwis are shy, noctural creatures who are rather an endangered species.
  20. Which is what I ended up doing. Never doing that again! lol
  21. Okay so I did the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 thingie and now dunno how to undo it. Help!!!
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