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  1. Hi I'm back in SL after being gone for nearly ten years, and whoa, mesh has changed things. I've dragged my boyfriend back in with me, of course.Since my boyfriend isn't as keen on SL as I am, he doesn't care what body he gets, but I do. I have specific preferences on how I like a guy to look. I shopped around a bit and the male mesh bodies are so far very offputting; in particular, they tend to have a triangle shape with the shoulders'chest too puffed-up and the waists too small for my preferences, and muscle shaping down the arms is overdone... I can put up with most of this, I guess,
  2. Today I got an email from SL's "Friend Finder" which stated that I might want to be friends with ... and they gave me 5 avatars' names. Question #1: The unsubscribe link seems to be the generic one to stop receiving all non-account emails from SL. I do want to keep receiving all the emails but I don't want to get any more Friend Finder junkmail. So what to do? Question #2 - MUCH MORE IMPORTANT - How do I tell Second Life NOT TO SUGGEST MY AVATARS to other people via this Friend Finder program? I did every keyword search I could think of, and found no instructions. Thank you
  3. I'm surprised at the variety of opinions on this question. I've always felt that if I'm not home, why shouldn't other people be exploring and enjoying my house? If I do show up and need my house for something, I can always ask an explorer (or an amorous couple) to move on at that time -- no harm done. However, apparently there are some folks who feel differently. So I suppose we should all take care to have our land description include "keep out" or "explorers welcome". Or even have a cute little sign in front of the house.
  4. Can I just get a clarification? The Emerald website says "don't download this from anywhere else" but the official Second Life page that okays Emerald, gives a link to download it via Google / Googlecode ..... why does the official SL link contradict the instructions on the Emerald site? Which place should we be downloading from?
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