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  1. Looking for a reputiable photographer in second life to take personal photo for me and my love please im me inworld too Babylove Hammill thank you in advance
  2. so their is no need to buy body skin anymore
  3. I would like one made also
  4. can someone tell me I got a genius head that isnt a issue I have skin for that but where is a good place to get skin for the slink hourglass? and bom its so confusing
  5. it is getting so frustration to go to a dance club and find a dance in their huds. so I decided to make my own. My problem is I have never had one before any suggestion or help would be appreciated. do they sell huds with dances already in it, do I buy a hud and add dances to it, where can i purchase these? Ive been to akeyo I like their dances but the price are rediculous especially if I am not 100% on what to expect, does it come in a hud or do I buy it sepertaly. any help I really need it. thank you
  6. Laurel I will get that shot for you , just what exactly would you like to see
  7. purchase : for head Genus for Body Slink shape my maine issue is this, I bought clothing for slink houreglass, when i put on a shirt i notice pivate parts are not covered, add undies but then it showes threw my body ...help? 2. i got a tattoo i add it and it doesnt show same goes for hair base I still dont understand Omega and Bake everything is a struggle, but when i think i acheved something right another issue arrize suggestions would be great thank you.
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