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  1. hi i am a stylist i will send u things that i see in shop plan u outfits for shows, events, even day to day fix up ur avi i will keep u on point so u can be slaying theses girls yess babes come to me and ill have u looking classy and chic
  2. hiii im Heaven and i would love to be one of ur stylists and i have discord already for just hmu inworld @babystawbaries and this would be a dreammm
  3. are u looking for a dream wedding but just cant make it or do u not know where to start or dont even know where to find that dress well u have came to the rt place i will help u make ur dream wedding i will help u with a guest list/venue/wedding outfits/the after party/also with the hours . instead of paying 100 inrl i will help u with all of theses things for cheaper everything ur paying me will be put into ur dream sl wedding my highest price 20000 and thats just my highest i do wayy cheaper.
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