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  1. Pink Velvet - Strip & Dance Club Female Dancers Wanted.

    No longer affiliated with this club have asked if i can remove or edit topic as i dont want to be associated to this place in searches.
  2. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Yep.. pretty much anywhere you go it can happen and to be honest in clubs mostly. Mostly last place i worked they used mass amount of alts. So easier to block. Plus keeps track of names rather then searching through inv of notecards.. probably in the 4 yrs i worked there i blocked atleast 300 and then after another 200. People get weirdly obsessed and infatuated with you they can't handle that someone is capable of having fun and enjoying their sl sticking to 1 avatar lol. But yep. If you spend a lot of time exploring easier to block an derender.
  3. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Nope. Just a lot of idiots about as said that need to find one way or another to be silenced. I enjoy sl. Just no time for idiots. Thats my preference and nah i won't log out. That be to easy
  4. Is there a limit on blocking?

    Not really if theres more then 1k in sl. Just makes sense... what 11 yr+ or more avas that stuck to their main and didn't give up on it to start over.. not hard to block a 100 idiots a year.. just saying.. you might want to think on that before the wise cracks Can only imagine how it is for other people still running older avs.
  5. Tranquillity Therapy Clinic ~ New Jobs Available!

    Already did and nope i dont work at the clinic just have witnessed first hand it all and that linden lab has had no issue with it. If they had they would have closed it before. They didn't.
  6. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    Keep writting garbage then. This is how you fill your days of intellectual trolling. Lol.
  7. Tranquillity Therapy Clinic ~ New Jobs Available!

    Just ignore them. Haters will hate. We know the truth and what matters. ♡
  8. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    Agreed. I mentioned game as it is a form of an online world be it virtual. Always believe the human beings behind avatar matter more. Great post.
  9. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    Agreed. I have a lisp i also am autistic and didn't talk till i was 4 because of speech difficulties. I do my best an try cause thats all you can. Choice is there its preference since most seem to be paranoid on genders on sl avas. Each to their own. I agree fully. Thank you ♡ Also no doubt i will be trolled for admitting my difficulties lol but here is the thing... it does not bother me. Be fearless.
  10. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    How about you stop writting garbage? I have a desk top and a laptop both have built in mic/cam functions.. but hey i am just another IT Tech i would know nothing i guess love. Most people on sl gamer chicks or gamer guys venture other gaming world too. Dear you can see how long i have been on sl. I know what i am talking about. the whole point of thread is how to tell the difference.. not to write garbage to cover up your gender or be defensive dear. Not saying they must so before you jump the gun, sweet stop putting words in my mouth i have not said. I said its a way to check. Not hard to see who is a girl and guy by how they act and ava style. But i guess being in sl 11+yrs gives me that experience to tell difference on it considering i have seen women on men ava and men on women ava. There choice. Just don't be shady and have something to hide. Be out an open. Quote me all you like on me being a Scouser you probably can't grasp what pride is for where you come from
  11. Lara Mesh Body with a Classic Head

    Buy the omega maitreya relay from store attach it as a hud. Add your skin applier for the skin you have if it has option click for full body. Maitreya hud has options for glisten/gloss/shineyness effect on skin you can play around with these options and try get it to blend. If that fails you also have an option to change the neck size on hud 7 to 11 does most female ava sizes i have found. There should be some skin layer options as add on or marketplace that help blend it better. I had maitreya lara for a long time with classic head and blended it perfectly same with slink it is do able. If you need any help drop me an IM in world.
  12. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    They can't really call themselves gamers. Doesn't take much to get a cheap mic or cam just saying
  13. How can you tell if someone is male or female?

    I would have to agree with this lol!
  14. How to enable objects with no modify to remain that way when you give them to someone else

    Good to know.
  15. ~RisQue AfterDark~ is back

    Oooh nice to hear! Yay!