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  1. Has something changed? One of the things we could not do was turn off our own name tags. We can turn them off when taking pictures (in some viewers, anyway) and we can choose whether or not to see OTHER people's name tags, but we never used to be able to mask our own. Has that changed?
  2. What?!?!? I suppose next you'll be telling me you're a Dodger fan! grumble grumble grumble
  3. I'm not even close to expert but if you are having an actual hardware issue (as opposed to some other fault that triggers that message) it's probably your graphics processor. The Radeon is extremely wimpy. There are ways to get around that: different viewers, minimizing graphics settings, etc., but for that you'll need the experts. There are lots of them who visit here; hopefully some of them will chime in. You might also just try Google. ETA: Having read Claireschen's post below I see my advice was misleading: you're not having problems once the viewer opens; you're not even able to get the application (the viewer) to launch in the first place. Anyway, I was right that advice was available. Good luck. The good news is that you actually led off with your system stats. It's amazing how many people ask for this kind of help without first describing the hardware.
  4. No way she was talking about you. "2. Women act like cold, very sexualized mean [ladies] you can't even afford to look at them because of so hot they are. " Well, except for the hot, maybe. You are smokin' hot ;-).
  5. As a veteran agent of MISL* I naturally lie frequently. It goes with the job, really. Fortunately Syo, aided by everyone else, has given you a very good explanation of RP and Second Life attitudes in general, so my completely unrelated post hasn't done any damage. *I could tell you what that stands for but then I'd have to orbit you.
  6. Argument? I am, of course. I should have thought that was obvious.
  7. I've seen it officially explained but it's been a while; no guarantee this is completely accurate. There's no login or age validation required to read the Adult section, any more than there is for the rest of the Forum. LL has to assume non-adults are reading this stuff and wishes to keep the content age-appropriate. Since Google is littered with forum posts, that's probably a good PR idea.
  8. Marty Balin, rest in peace. He was part of the soundtrack of a generation.
  9. Softie :-). I liked how when she finally got into the actual landing instead of just circling around, her voice got firmer. Remind me to tell you about the Marine pilot my dad saw do that on Saipan sometime.
  10. It was the 'gently' that got me; it seemed such a contrived thing to say. I know that (tragically) the indirect "/me" approach is used all too frequently for first contacts. I much prefer direct talking for that. You know, something like, "Hello. I hope you don't mind but I was reading your profile and couldn't help but be impressed with your wit and creativity. That's a great outfit, by the way." That sort of thing ;-).
  11. Please tell me that phrase just popped into your head and nobody actually ever said that. Barf.
  12. Substitute the school Christmas Pageant clip from "Love Actually" instead. Hopeless sap that I am, it's one of my seasonal favorites now. I'll garble up the link a bit so it doesn't actually load the YouTube page (you can edit to use on your own) because I'll be damned if I'll start thinking about the 25th of December on the 26th of September! You've got a lot to answer for, Garnet. https[insert colon and two foreslashes here]www[dot]youtube[dot]com[foreslash]watch?v=_ghkHlthIqM
  13. Who cares? If it nets you and Clover people'll be clamoring to join.
  14. They are. I believe the original purpose was to have a way for organizations—businesses, for example—to create a private data channel while making use of the (very public) internet. Prior to that, phone lines (and modems, etc.) were the go-to method.
  15. This is actually from yesterday but I planned to post it anyway, and now having arrived at the thread I see the timing is perfect. I'm continuing with the space theme! Happy Birthday, Cindy. Flight Testing
  16. Saw a thread in 'Make Friends' today that bothered me a little. Rather than derail the thread (it was a bit necro-ish anyway) I thought I'd post here. This is what the OP said: Hi everyone, I am a 45 year old male looking to navigate this new found world with some friends. I'm not looking for anyone exclusive. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I am open to anything that finds me. I guess I'm looking for a woman between the age of 35-50 that would like to go places together. Feedback on my avatar would be great too. It's my second day here so I thought this might be easier than forcing conversation in game. Thanks for reading I don't like it much when I see posts from young newbies saying they are looking to meet people their own age. I can understand it a little—I mean, old people are so....you know—but I still don't like it. I feel they're cheating themselves. One of the greatest blessings of Second Life (for me, at least) is that it allows me to be immersed in a wildly non-homogeneous population. It's true that my explorations and conversations are mostly among people who speak English so that limits the mix for me a bit, but there are a hell of a lot of people on this Earth who speak English as second (or eighth) language. I get to converse and do things with a huge variety of people. Young people who come here planning on associating only with people their age are going to miss all that. As I said, it bothers me. Now here's a man 45 years old, doing the same thing! He's lived long enough to know that a person's age has little to do with anything much more important than knowing how many candles to put on the cake. Yet he still wants someone his age. His post reads like something you'd see in a real life personals column. And that gives me pause. I know that a lot of SL advertising promotes the 'find someone' idea, and it's a valid thing to promote. There's a whole lot of romancing going on here. I just worry that it's being way, way, overstated.
  17. Cool, mine was the 13th! I forgot mine too (as usual); someone at a club the other day reminded me I needed to update my profile bio to mention my tenth year instead of ninth. Happy Belated Rez Day to us! (Of course, compared to me you're a noob ;-).
  18. You thought sim restarts were bad? Foolish child. Wait'll you experience a tornado!
  19. It was starred for me; I must have posted back there somewhere! Be damned if I'm gonna go look for it, though.
  20. Finding out I was too late for Talk Like a Pirate Day again! On the plus side, Fiona was there and showed me how to fire the cannon. If it hit anything she said we could blame it on Orwar.
  21. I read SLU often and I even post quite a bit (for me), although I haven't been there for a couple days and thus this is a surprise to me. I like it, and I hope the 'revised' version doesn't stir things up all that much. I doubt it will, as long as Cris is still in charge. I've gotten in a couple of spats over there and managed to survive them without too much burn damage. I like this forum very much also. Compared to SLU it might be a little bland, I suppose, but I have a lot of fun here. I post here more than there, by a considerable margin.
  22. That comment really resonates. I'm not sure it's making me a better person, but no question it's expanded my horizons in countless ways both personal and otherwise.
  23. Zounds! Not often I see an 'english' word used that I've never seen before (I'm old and I've seen a whole lot of words). Turns out it hasn't gotten a lot of use in my lifetime (maybe ever). Online Merriam-Webster says: First Known Use of Wittol 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 (Sense 1 being your definition) I wouldn't be surprised if that was the LAST known use, not counting yours, but it might be making a comeback; there's an Urban Dictionary entry for it also. Thanks for the education :-)!
  24. Am I the only one who thinks this has turned into maybe the silliest "Argue With Phil" thread ever? He made furniture and sold it cheap but no-copy. He had no intention (in my opinion) of being lauded as the brains behind a wonderful new business model. I don't think he was trying to make a statement nor start a trend. It was just his way of running his business (which seems to have worked pretty well for him). He's been saying for years that he no longer actively runs his store (although I believe he once mentioned that it still produces some income). The issue, in his case, is entirely moot. I personally vastly prefer copiable furniture because I quite often wind up liking something even better after having it, and want to put one in a different room, or make a matched set (I've never had more than one house at a time). I do own some no-copy furniture, though: a pair of chairs, both of which I had to buy separately. They were exactly what I had in mind when I shopped for them so to me it was (and still is two houses later) worth it. I just have to be very, very careful to put them in a 'recollectable' spot in my inventory when I pick 'em up. Getting back to greedy old Phil ;-), this really has been a silly argument. He had a business method. Customers who didn't like the method were perfectly capable of doing what unhappy customers tend to do: vote with their feet, as the expression goes. There's nothing at all here to argue about.
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