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  1. Is it me, or does this sound a little too good to be true? I don't know what the scam is, but it is clearly a scam. If the dude asks for real life info, please don't give it.
  2. I just spent over an hour with Alexa. He wants the designer to do the work without any kind of deposit. It is quite possible he will deliver, but as a designer who has been burned before, I am unwilling to take this risk on this large of a job. If you choose to, just be aware.
  3. Hi Alexa. I can help you with your store setup. I have sent you a message inworld.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I truly try to go above and beyond to make my clients happy.
  5. Wulfie, whenever you need a product, send me the product, and I will make you that product.
  6. Y'all are crazy for not renting this awesome house with a beach! It's still here!
  7. Are you saying if someone hands you the full product you can make the product?
  8. I have a friend in sl who is a rl priest (Church of England). I will ask him if he is interested.
  9. Hi Rasse. You say you own the parts, but Maitreya is no transfer, so I'm not sure what you mean about sending texture files. I do custom tattoos, and maybe that could be a solution for you. I will IM you inworld. Annabell Wandsworth
  10. OP, you are limiting yourself as far as jobs with a child avatar.
  11. throws her whole dresser of socks at Alwin.
  12. Some posters add to the conversation, and well,......
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