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  1. https://drsusanbernstein.com/dont-tell-an-upset-person-calm-down--do-this-instead/
  2. The poster was asking to contract for a service, which is well within the scope of this forum. The responder was inappropriate by coming down on you, and reporting the post. Shame on her.
  3. Second Life hard working entrepreneurs, your dream employee awaits!
  4. READ THE POSTS ON THIS FORUM. It's not rocket science.
  5. I find this extremely interesting. You were looking for paying jobs, and now you are advertising jobs for no pay?
  6. Thank you for that explanation. I was super confused before.
  7. It's so awesome to see a well thought out response to someone trying to help in this **ahem** op's post.
  8. I always find it interesting when I see posts like this. There are dozens of jobs posted each week here, so why exactly are you not applying for them? Possibility 1: I am too lazy to look at posts- you have to come to me! Response 1: Why would I want to hire someone who was too lazy to look at other posts? Possibility 2: see #1
  9. I understand completely. This position is for NO L PAY as I said initially. Your statement about this being for rich people is a bit offensive, imo.
  10. I'm just responding based on her post. If she told you something different, well, that's something, but her forum post basically says no pay.
  11. Just to be clear, you are looking for someone to work for no sl pay?
  12. Hi Chuikov I was about to look you up inworld when I noticed your pic here is a gun. If that is what you are about, that is not what I am looking for, and probably turns off a lot of other people, also. Just a heads up. (Waits for the vitriol) Annabell
  13. Hello I can help you with your project, from decorating a small house to designing a whole sim. You can see examples of my work on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/annabell.wandsworth.7/photos_albums I can provide references upon request. Never pay in full up front to any designer! (I have seen so many horror stories). Half due for deposit, the rest upon completion when you are happy with the work. I look forward to hearing from you! Annabell
  14. Hi Murat It would be best if you got used to using SL before you tried to start working. Every job requires being able to use SL skillfully. If you came here just to make money, you will be disappointed. Most people have jobs here just to make a little money to support their shopping, rent land, etc. If your skill is in design, you might want to consider starting your own business making a product. Best of luck, and welcome to second life. Annabell
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