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  1. Hi Miranda. I IM'd you inworld. Please let me know if you have any questions. Annabell Wandsworth
  2. I sent him several messages inworld. He didn't respond to the first two, then said please send me a nc, which I did, and he never responded to that. Just an FYI to others.
  3. I am trying this one more time! Offer starts at 5:15slt NO OTHER OFFERS STATED OR IMPLIED. NO GUARANTEE OF SERVICE. I hate I had to say that but omg the stuff that could happen.
  4. I just attach a big ugly box over the wearer's head. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.
  5. Hi Kend. I sent you a message inworld.
  6. As I mentioned, the OP did make an image for the flyer.
  7. Just clarify, this is tips only and no direct pay?
  8. Hi Nathan While I would encourage you to first look at mp, I'm guessing you have already done that, so I have sent you a message inworld. Annabell Wandsworth
  9. I was happy to help you make a HUD with notecard on touch (with your image) for your party. Please keep me in mind for any future design/landscaping projects. Annabell Wandsworth
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