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  1. There is at least one person in this thread who understands what I am saying. Listen up- " it is great to find people who have similar lives as you because there is just a connection there that others won't get." Why do any of you here fault her for that? Listen up- "but I don't live it so in that sense I'll never fully understand" I accept that I don't understand her world. I do not have the hubris to pretend I do. Let the woman want to go somewhere she can breathe.
  2. If you get your back up when someone quotes you, perhaps you should not be here. I stand by everything I said.
  3. I don't get why she is being called out for wanting to hang out with people she wants to. If she said she wanted to find places where people loved playing chess and eating chocolate, would anyone give it a second thought? People of color and LGBTQ people in rl are marginalized, and she wants a place where she feels comfortable. Give her a break and open your minds. And to the person who mentioned sex in relation to being gay, being gay is not about sex, so if your mind goes right there, that's about you and not her. I will now sit back and wait for the hate.
  4. Hi Ela. I do custom tattoos, and im'd you inworld.
  5. I saw your previous posts for this type of job. This is one: You were offering 500L for a full written article. Since this seems crazy low considering the work involved, I'm not surprised you have had to keep posting this.
  6. You might get a better response if you talked about what this is for and what the pay is.
  7. Hi Abigail. Thanks for the opportunity to fix up your home and yard!
  8. Hi Rania. I messaged you inworld.
  9. Cozy but roomy bedroom/living room skybox for rent for 100L per week with a 15 prim allowance. Fully furnished and includes radio and security orb. Click on any window to change the scene. Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salem/235/171/2855 Decor can be changed to suit the renter with two weeks paid rent. Any furnishings removed will go to the renter's prim allowance.
  10. Thanks, Rowan! I'm so glad you are pleased. I think we achieved a good balance between home and Star Trek theme.
  11. I'm glad I was able to help! Cheers 🙂
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