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  1. Rowan, I see you are trolling me in the forums including here. As I said in another thread, please feel free to contact me directly instead.
  2. Welcome to second life. I suggest you learn your way around a bit before trying to make money here. If you joined only to make money, you will be disappointed.
  3. Also the Op does not have this business in her profile, so it is hard to take it seriously.
  4. Rowan, I get that you are bored, but get ahold of yourself.
  5. First, you said you would explain yourself, and you didn't. Second, I still contend that not having your business in your profile is a red flag. This is my opinion only. Anyone else can come to their own conclusion.
  6. Please all be careful when responding to model posts. They can turn into something different. I'm not saying anything specific about this one, but in general.
  7. Rowan, my point was that pointing out how posters should have paid attention the op is futile. I'm sure you enjoyed posting that meme, but it added no more value than your first post.
  8. The op is one month old, and does not have this business in her picks. Just saying.
  9. I hear you, but you could spend your whole life telling people they are wrong, and what purpose what it serve?
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