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  1. I was talking about In World stores so I can look good and actually have money to buy something good I'm happy you get freebies and gifts off the marketplace tho my dude
  2. I am female and Don't really know the best places to shop Looking for anything really. Put stores and what they sell. Even put down your land/sims Thanks(:
  3. I went through the same ***** up you did, It happens to some. I had membership for about 3 months and after the last one. It said I had overdrawn. by around 10 bucks. Now I knew I was in no position to pay the outstanding balance. I called LindenLabs and a Real Person answer and takes care of you. It should take no more than 10 minutes if you aren't on hold. Simply explain your situation clearly and They will cater to you. Don't let this ruin playing. I had to call them different times one for that reason and They kept positive, are friendly and they a professional and will treat you with
  4. Expect a request! I have a rough time meeting real people also. I can help ya with the ropes(:
  5. I have been in SL for a little under a year and I have very few places I actually thoroughly enjoy. Specific Places I Need Recommendations in All types of Stores - Animations - Furniture - Hair - Shoes - Accessories - Mesh Heads - Clothes - ETC ! I Use Maitreya Body ! Hangout spots of all kinds, places I can meet new people and friends in a welcoming community. Anywhere with beautiful Scenery, good for photography and/or exploring Gaming sims that is legal in all states (If it's possible) I've been dying to check one out; either General or moderate i'm
  6. I'm not sure if it's as stupid as it sounds, but I want to do something good for Second Life. I seem to write records down, and in sl I am a DFS player and I organize with notecards, and provide extra information regarding anything from building, scripting, and I make things neat and easy for me to read as a spacehead, I tend to not have the BEST memory. I am also a writer in real life, Music and Novel wise haha. Point is. Would you guys pay for informational or neat organized information made by Myself, not copyright of course. Would you be interested in reading notecard
  7. Beautiful! All I needed to know. Just needed that, I got everything myself. Beautiful and Helpful comment.
  8. So, I actually have a home studio downstairs, I know how to mix, I spin in real life for a Living. How do I go about doing something Totally unheard of, and actually Mix Beats with my own personal playlist In SL? I have speakers downstairs my mixer laptop with SL on it. Can I use it through a microphone? Or would I need to buy a Stream and just be boring and stream song after song? I can take requests ALWAYS. I want to do something other than dance for money... I hate it irl. If not, I will stream from playlist. I have a Pro mic as I said, So I'll be hyping up the party with my voice.
  9. Lol. I only text when I need herb lmfao. And I have to with my rl business. I honestly hate getting texts from anyone. Like call me dude haha
  10. Alright, so I got a job as a dancer actually extremely quick for being a total noobs haha. But I was racking in tips nicely, but I started escorting, and I hate doing it, I am working to be a dj in real life, I'm very charismatic and charming, I also became a member of my Mc 2 weeks into it, now 6 months in I am secretary. Honestly, I'm very good with people with mental illness and advice in life, I'm pretty young yet all my friends tell me when they need a therapy session haha. I'm a very good vocalist, I was humming as a toddler and belting get as a young teen. I have lots of work and life e
  11. I have no friends who are girls, and honestly I need a *****ing girl friend so I can be emotional, and talk about things a girl would understand. Honestly I'm an open minded girl, I have always ended up being one of the guys, but you can't talk or show emotion to them like your own gender.. anyone wanna hit me up in world? I'll be on shortly
  12. I am not going to name anything myself, I will message you in world if I feel we can connect somehow. I guess I will give one example. I, know how to unicycle very well. But I have many. Tell me about yourself in a different approach. Let's see where this goes! I love seeing everything unique in a person, I have weird ones too, I'd feel free to share. I'm excited 🙂
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