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  1. Oh, for crying out loud. Does this also count for the Home & Garden thread? It's my front yard. Thanks to all the people driving by who shouted encouragement like, "Get over yourself!". Buncha creeps. I'll dance to anything but if you want my best there's only one way to go.
  2. There's at least am eighty percent chance that the last time I danced one of my animations (as opposed to someone's chim/HUD) it was Akeyo's NINA2_Dance. I bought it years ago and love it. A couple months ago I visited the main store to see what was new; I spent most of an afternoon trying every dance they had. NINA2 (which is still available there) still rules, for me.
  3. Gotta admit it's kind of a novel approach.
  4. It's priced at one rupee [continuity, note name of saloon]
  5. I considered warning you about possibly infringing upon my copyright, but since I infringed upon Ian Fleming's title (to say nothing of a whole lot of his plot elements) I have decided to to let it slide ;-).
  6. This one makes perfect sense, but I'm not sure anyone needs a poster to remind them.
  7. Funny, I would have answered #28 same as Rhonda. Matched in other places, too. This can't be good.
  8. Thanks, Hippie! Any day that starts with Dr. Seuss can't be all bad. Happy Monday :-).
  9. Where do you get the blue ones? I'd love some! As for the thread...wowee.
  10. I think what you're seeing at the top of the screen is probably an icon meaning "No Pushing"; the landowner has set Pushing disabled on the parcel. Almost everyone does this. It's what prevents you from scattering dancers like billiard balls when you lag-walk through a crowded club on arrival :-). 0
  11. They say that every relationship will encounter the occasional bump in the road, but yours may have just hit the Himalayas. Be strong.
  12. Oh, l'empereur! That reminds me of something. For some reason I was noodling around in my Library not long ago and found this in the Photo Album. Could it be.....? I guess we'd have to ask Torley.
  13. Hell, by the time you find it in there curvature of the earth will have saved me.
  14. I'm pretty sure the whole name thing was just somebody's idea of a clever play on words. The world-certified kilogram of platinum that was the standard apparently really is called 'Le Grand K'.
  15. Thank you all. I tried ChinRey's auditory thing and the 'h' did sound like 'Ha', as Callum said. I think the 'h' in that translator sounded breathier than we typically pronounce it here, but nonetheless it was 'Ha'. As for the gender, I'll leave that to others. Who am I to get fussy about gender, after all? The article I linked did say 'die', but of course that was the BBC. Oh. Just saw Maddy's post. I forgot the secret! Run. Really, really fast.
  16. nervous, wonderin' what to do (©Huey Lewis and the News)
  17. Just when I thought I knew the metric system, the kilogram has been redefined as an electric current (massive over-simplification, there). https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46143399 Actually I like this, as electricity is something I'm far more conversant with than say, acceleration, inertia, momentum, and gravity. But it has presented me with a small problem. I want to be able to say 'die kleine h' with a proper German accent, or as close as I can get to one. I know from middle school Conversational German that the two words are pronounced 'decline-uh'. I guess you'd have to be an English speaker to get my pronunciation words, but oh well. What I don't know is how to pronounce the 'h'. In English it's 'aitch' (which right off the top of my head doesn't seem to rhyme with anything). We learned to say the numbers in that class but we never learned to speak the alphabet. Can one of our several bilingual German/English speakers help? In return I shall tell you the secret way to defeat Maddy's fire attacks. The reason I want this information is so I can sound really hip around scientists and measurement nerds now that Le Grand K has been replaced by a whole 'nuther thing.
  18. Actually, it's 60's lingo. It was so firmly established that the Dead titled an anthem with it in 1970.
  19. massively narcissistic oafs petulantly questioning
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