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  1. Hi all, Currently I am experimenting with texturing and have very strange problem. I have a mesh with multiple materials. First texture fills entire mesh, but I know I can correct this with texturing faces. So what I do - I use faces selection + edit linked and I correct all materials on the model. It looks good. Then I detach mesh, wear it again and damn first material still feels everything as I never corrected materials. I tried this while I was wearing mesh... rezzed it on the ground and retextured, but all the same: first material fills everything. Is it some kind bug or I am d
  2. UPDATE: I experimented and found out that seam is practically invisible on smaller monitors. Unfortunately it is clearly visible on 43 inch ones. SL meshes are too low poly.
  3. UPDATE: I rezzed old version of lelutka head (3.0) and maitreya 4.1. I must admit - there is clear seam: Can not understand why I did not notice it earlier. Topic is closed. I hate SL.
  4. I was using glam affair's skin that came with head and body and they were matching perfectly. Then lelutka released new version with more colors, which are not compatible with maitreya standard palette - and they released also a thing called "glam afair applier (older version)" - I am using this one. I never messed with BoM and not going to do it. Click the image and you will see full size and there is visible seam. Old version of head had no seam, new one - has it. That's the whole problem.
  5. I paid more than 30 k for this avatar and either it is IDEAL or it is a piece of... you know what I mean.
  6. Ok, I removed all pieces of outfit (even hairs) and set light to neutral. As you can see neck seam is clearly visible. The only thing that I changed - I am using glamaffair's old applier as new one (with more colors) do not match maitreya body.
  7. Hi all, I was using lelutka head (Chloe) for long time and never had any problem. To be honest I chose lelutka mainly for one reason - because it could work with maitreya body ideally and I would have av without damned neck seam. Now, I suddenly looked at my av and saw it HAS a seam. it is like neck "fix" maitreya uses, but smaller. I've tried to disable it, but without any success. Is it possible that new head have defect older ones had not?
  8. Thanks Rolig Loon, Sending a ticket now.
  9. Hi all, This is a request to SL administration. Please help to my friend. She forgot her password and can not recover it. She gets no message to reset password. She checked spam folder and messages are not there.
  10. Ok, thanks people. I am glad to be wrong. I hope my friends come online soon.
  11. Hi all, My pet is absent fourth day and of course I am worrying about her, but suddenly I've noticed some strange thing... all my friends from USA and Canada are constantly offline. When one person is offline, there may be million reasons, when two of them are - it may be coincidence, when three are... But what about ten people? And they all are offline at least two days. It still may be some coincidence I know- thats why I ask here. I would be very grateful if somebody clarifies this point.
  12. Thanks HarrisonMcKenzie really helpful information. I like Tweenster most of them too. Thanks Cassie Maia.
  13. Viviana Baguier Thanks for very useful information.
  14. Thanks for useful information everybody. It seems child avatars/bodies are not so much popular. I've searched marketplace and found only two bodies so far. One of them (with bento support ) - tweenster looks more promising. One can use fitmesh outfits with it (of course, after trying demo first). Found some skins too - not too much, but still some. Although not sure has this body omega support or not. For testing purposes I took a demo and tried it with my lelutka head and neck matches perfectly (meshes). Not sure about neck seem although. I understand there are different kind of c
  15. Hi all, A friend of mine asked me to find out more about child avs. I myself never use them, so honestly have no experience at all, unless I know child avs are prohibited many places around sl. and first question arises from this situation - does it worth it to play child av as you will be asked from so many locations? Of course I understand child avatars are not allowed at adult places, but if I am correct they are often banned from M places too, correct? So does it worth at all? And if it does... what body would you advise? Honestly I am clueless... is there child mesh body at all?
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