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  1. Ok, thanks people. I am glad to be wrong. I hope my friends come online soon.
  2. Hi all, My pet is absent fourth day and of course I am worrying about her, but suddenly I've noticed some strange thing... all my friends from USA and Canada are constantly offline. When one person is offline, there may be million reasons, when two of them are - it may be coincidence, when three are... But what about ten people? And they all are offline at least two days. It still may be some coincidence I know- thats why I ask here. I would be very grateful if somebody clarifies this point.
  3. Thanks HarrisonMcKenzie really helpful information. I like Tweenster most of them too. Thanks Cassie Maia.
  4. Viviana Baguier Thanks for very useful information.
  5. Thanks for useful information everybody. It seems child avatars/bodies are not so much popular. I've searched marketplace and found only two bodies so far. One of them (with bento support ) - tweenster looks more promising. One can use fitmesh outfits with it (of course, after trying demo first). Found some skins too - not too much, but still some. Although not sure has this body omega support or not. For testing purposes I took a demo and tried it with my lelutka head and neck matches perfectly (meshes). Not sure about neck seem although. I understand there are different kind of children starting from toddlers and ending teenagers may be. As far as I know she wants to make 10-13 years old av. If somebody has such av, please share experience.
  6. Hi all, A friend of mine asked me to find out more about child avs. I myself never use them, so honestly have no experience at all, unless I know child avs are prohibited many places around sl. and first question arises from this situation - does it worth it to play child av as you will be asked from so many locations? Of course I understand child avatars are not allowed at adult places, but if I am correct they are often banned from M places too, correct? So does it worth at all? And if it does... what body would you advise? Honestly I am clueless... is there child mesh body at all? And which is not less important - clothes for them? I know some adult mesh bodies that I like and probably would buy, but not enough selection of clothes prevent me from buying. What about child bodies? Another important part is skin... are there good skins for above hypothetical mesh bodies? which body has more choices? Third question is about head... will this mesh body fit head? Standard one? what about mesh heads? and very important - is there any way to fix seam on neck? I remember titanic efforts for removing my seam, so please advise best way - in case you know. P.S. important note - trolls can not bother - I am not going to feed them. Try me.
  7. I am not feeding trolls anymore. As I said they can go and fu... enjoy themselves. And less I care about opinion of self proclaimed dominants - for them it is enough to call themselves "Mistress" and find some tag and that pathetic folk think they are real dominants and cream of cream of BDSM community. Let them enjoy themselves and call themselves even "Empresses of universe" or whatever I do not care. Their pathetic places with at most 3500 visitors are well respected in BDSM community, while a place with 38 000 visitors is "bad one". I understand their jealousy and despair - they built a place and may need close it in soon, while some other place exists and prospers more than 10 years. Pathetic.
  8. 2Tari Landar And you tell I am rude with every person. When I ask about alternative to OC and some persons answer how wonderful OC is and such bull***** - according to you I either have to thank them for advices I never asked, or I will be rude with them! Great! I asked about OC alternatives - that simple. Not their opinion about OC. As an end user I don't care how things works in sl - understood? And I do not care how long some people were in sl. If they can not answer simple question or shut up when they have nothing to say. When person asks about good alternatives of something, if there are no good alternatives or you never heard about them - you just shut up and never post anything. That simple! Read entire topic - not a single person ever posted a name of any alternative collar - most posts are about how wonderful OC is! And when I ask people to not spam topic with offtopic sh*** - It makes me rude. Elemental courtesy requires to not spam topics, especially when topic starter asks about it, but you and other trolls never stop bragging and telling bull*****s about things that have nothing in common with topic. I repeat, not a single alternative collar system was named! So are you seasoned or noobs - you are trolls! I never asked your opinion about OC and never asked your advices about adding animations and other sh*** to it. And one of such good example how other people "better understand" things in sl is another troll that was teaching me how to use rlv, not even understanding how system works and what does. I think you understand programming as "well" as that person "understands" rlv. So yes - your words are bragging for me. And concerning creators and that bull***** about their time - if you do not understand that they are doing it for money - sorry, but it is not my problem, seek good physician. And worths it their time or not - If it didn't worth they would not do it. As simple as that! Basic, terribly looking low poly mesh body is sold for more that 10 uds - more, than full DLCs for AAA games and it still does not worth their time? Then let them do something else - may be choose profession that suits them better. Prices in sl compared to any game I've ever seen are outrage! So please don't tell me tales about sl developers - how they care about who buys their things and such bull*****. I am "sure" they will never sell things to bad people, only to good ones. Do you know other fairy tales? And after this you claim you are a programmer, know sl better than anybody and such.... No comments. And finally - Yes, people can write whatever they want in open forums, but spamming topic with off-topic messages is not only impolite, but also punishable in many cases. If you want to give somebody some advices you may open own topic about OC and give those tips, but no - you come to topic opened by another person and give her advices she never asked. And when she asks to stop posting sh** - you call her rude. And I call people like you trolls.. And you are a troll. Bye Troll. P.S. And one more thing, concerning "my" sim - we do not tolerate trolls there as well as we do not tolerate jerks and ban them on sight.
  9. 2Cindy Evanier So if anybody dare to criticize any free stuff, it automatically makes them trolls. Great logic. Something that starts from sh... is "free" too, so what? And about my issues: I asked one simple question, no more. I never asked how to make OC great, add terrible animation to it and such and such... so please. When persons continuously speak about thing I've said several times - I don't need and not concerns this topic, I can call them one word - trolls. I don't care about OC lover trolls! I hate the thing and never asked advices about it! I repeated several times, asked to stop talking about OC - but trolls never stop!
  10. Person comes and asks simple question - please tell me about alternative to OC if such exists. Some people try to prove her OC is good. Person says - no I hate OC, I dont need it, please tell me only alternatives (if one exists) - some people continue talk with perseverance about OC and it's use. They even talk about rlv and things they do not have idea about. Question: who is troll?
  11. As I said, I am not going to answer trolls. They can go an fu... enjoy themselves.
  12. 2Klytyna As it seems some people can not take no for an answer. Let me tell you something. First, before teaching anybody, may be you have to learn and understand most basic things? Enabling rlv in viewer does not change anything and will not affect positioning and turning avatars in any way, unless you wear a relay! And if you wear a relay you are vulnerable to other people or traps that may use it. May be you learn basic things before you play a teacher? About C++ programming - yes I know a thing or two about that language, but I never said I am a programmer. If you ever opened your eyes and read my messages you would clearly saw me saying I am not a programmer and I am an end user. So take your fantasies into... another place. And concerning dropping animations and notecards and such sh*** - if I pay for an item I expect it to have all functionality I need. I pay my hard earned money for that! And I am not going to mess with it, whatever it is -- drop animations, notecards or a-bombs. As simple as that! Of course for you, it is impossible to understand. Concerning my pick - not like many other persons that claim to be dommes and just call themselves "Mistresses" - I've spend months to be promoted to my title and it is not just words but a result of hard work. And may be you shut up your dirty mouth before you speak about things you don't understand? We have more than 200 sub girls and 40+ dominants and I don't care about your opinion. Our Sim exists more than 10 years - longer than you can imagine. This is a good example of your behavior, you don't understand anything (like with rlv) but you are ready to tell ***** about things you never heard of. This shows your level of "competence" and your goals - you are ready to use any dirty trick to defame opponent. This is lats time I answered you - I am not going to feed fat troll anymore. Bye.
  13. OK, I am finished with this topic. It is obvious no good collar system exists - due to sl limitations or whatever. I am not going to continue this wain talk. Thanks everybody and bye. 2Klytyna So according you everybody must be programmers, must mess with some damn things, apply scripts etc. - and pay for collar additionally. Great logic. And why in the world I have to be in rlv mode? I am a domme not some sub! Being in rlv mode is great disadvantage and I will never allow it. Thanks. I better be a roleplayer, than use crappy and terrible animations. You probably feel so good when your sub hugs air instead of you. Pathetic. 2Tari Landar First of all I told you myself I am not a programmer. Yes may be I don't understand how things work and you may have degrees in those field etc. etc. - but what I look at are not your diplomas and your bragging, but at end results. And results show that not a developer managed to make work animations without poseballs. As simple as that. You want to tell they never tried, or they don't want do it and earn money, or they are lazy? Fact is - there no such things exist. And fact is more important than thousands of bragging words. Sorry. And about how games work and such - I don't need to know. I am an end user, I pay my hard earned money and I don't care how they work - I care when they DON'T work. and inability to align animations is one of such cases. And one more please - if creators do something they are paid for it and they get money from me or other customers - so I DON'T OWE THEM IN ANY WAY! I am not going to beg anybody or ask - if they make something good and I like it, I will pay, or not - if I don't like it. As simple as that. Again - those are not some free mod makers.
  14. 2Tari Landar oooh please not "you have to be a hen to tell egg stinks" logic again. I am not a programmer and in my profession I am one of the best and I dont have to be a game programmer to be able say game is a piece of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So please! And yes I know how insulting it is - I saw many very lame and terrible games, which were developed during hours, days, months, may be even years - so what? Eat sh*** because it took good amount of work? But what if they made something terrible, what if they were unprofessionals? Still say only good? I don't think so. And concerning how bad it is - I know thing or two about programming - not scripting, but real programming in c++. And I know: when there is no way to know which way looks av or most important no way to force it turn some direction - there is no way to align animations. That simple. If you don't believe me, ask any scripter o programmer. And concerning people that would like to create - they will never do it. Not because my "rant", but because it is impossible. Yes, I admitted and repeat I was wrong when I thought third party developers were lazy - I am sure they would be eager to properly align animations and get rid those terrible poseballs ( at least - some of them), but LL gave them no mean. And one last thing about my approach - about creators and they wishes and such - those are not some free mod makers, they earn money! Simple! Low polly terrible female mesh body worths like full DLC in AAA game (more than 10 usd), or full indie game! So if they want to make money they will try they best and then may be people will be ready to pay their hard earned money to them. This is a commerce, not some free mods. And when you buy thing you have full rigth to review it's quality. As simple as that.
  15. 2Cindy Evanier I am not frustrated any way. And concerning direction of av looks - it is most important, because without it you can not make anything that would work. Impossible. See the idea? As LL programmed sl such way no developer can do anything. If you want more details, read Callum Meriman's message.
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