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  1. Slip Cortes


    Hi Rand , I may have downloaded the viewer it seems , and was taking your advice following the get started guide and have run in to the problem, that as I’m already a registered player from 8/9 years back . So my account and page is available to access , and I log in as before. And run into problems . Could it be my iPad 2 , seems to meet all the needed grunt . Advice please
  2. Slip Cortes


    I need help getting started , I’ve down loaded and , and get the Q “ open in “ ; have tried all options , keep ending up with having to forward the down load to a contact !!!! ; is this correct ?. need guidence Nik
  3. Where to send it .. so ive follows the instruction till we get open in , have tried chrome ( which I was advised to take ) plus drive ,and I get to big to send . Then I tried messenger, and it asked me to comment and choose a cantact to send it to , odd and why ?? Then WhatsApp blah blah the same choose where to send it ; ,,,,, . And here I stand beaten . SOS
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