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  1. Is there any alternative server compatible with LL to pay secondlife. In case Linden Lab stop is there possible to have other servers?
  2. YES !! thank you Cindy it works I delete all what inside the directory .firestorm_x64/user_settings and I have my default configuration. And my problem is solved. My smile is coming back.
  3. I don't know why today I have enough of english. Nothing works. More I try to fix it worst it is. Shall I uninstall and reinstall SL?
  4. And what 2020 will brings us ? End of monetary system ? End of the world because of global warming ? End of secondlife ?
  5. when I see such message it gives me the idea to find the oldest post of this forum and to reply
  6. have you ever find help in reading a long page in a foreign language ? If not it is a good experience to start.
  7. when I stop (click up) moving the camera is continuing moving slowly very frustarting not to be master of this game. The game is doing what I don't want moving in a direction I don't want and during 30 secondes to 1 minute. How to STOP IT ????
  8. no I don't have flick I don't know what it is but I have Mastodon. Is Flickr comptatible with ActivityPub? my account is lureo@toot.love you can add me if you want.
  9. All what I see is kind of cloud moving. .... slowly shadows black grey... alll is destroyed. I only need to fix the default parameter in order to see my avatar and around like it was before.
  10. I try all Alt + Left mouse button: Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left mouse button: (I need 3 hands for that!!!) But that does not change anything. My camera is toooooooo Ssssss llllll oooooooo wwwwwww
  11. I started to read this article but after 5 minutes and 2 paragraphes I didn't find my answer. This is a biographie "Some time ago I found a camera control Debug Setting I now change in all my viewers. I’ve mentioned it in several of my viewer reviews." bla bla bla bla That does not help me. I need a short article with what I should do. English is HARD I need HUGE effort to understand. Please miniminize my brain energy. Go to the goal. most of the time I need to read maybe 2 pages or 3 pages and I need 30 to 45 minutes for that and only 3 sentences are important.
  12. I am using Firestorm 6.3.2 (58052) Sep 28 2019 09:32:20 (64bit)
  13. The link does not works. What is the name of this group so we can search?
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