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  1. Yeah. I Know. For a short time its make me upset, because you know, i am just banned for imagined reasons by an idiot kid. But after a little time i just stop and start thinking. Hey. I am more than 30 years old, i am didn't even want to go that sim. Its really matters to me, to be upset because my friend involve me into this? No.... She banned, she's problem. I try to help. Nothing happened. Baam... big thing... now iam just laughing on it.
  2. I Don't know if somebody already ask about this. The Sim what i talking about is completely new to me, i am been there maybe twice, before this bull..it happened. My friend was banned because she acting like an idiot and an admin ban her out. She ask me to ask the admin to let her back. Then i go, talk with the admin. I try to ask nicely several times, then the admin still said, no excuses... etc etc. Logical and understandable. Then i stay on the Sim, talk with other peoples, while i talk with peoples, i go to marketplace, buy a media player for myself. When i bought the player, read the
  3. Why you thinking is about furry things? Its not about furry, its because an Admin ban me from a sim, without any reason. And i want to ask about what can i do against this? Its not drama. Its about tyrannic acting, what an Admin unable to do. Meaningless what happens, an Admin need to be calm, and rightful. No self driven needs or personal problems allowed. And every punishment needs to be reasoned and rightful. So. In a Sim, any Admin can do whatever they want and nobody can do anything against that? Not bad. Okey. Thanks.
  4. Hello guys! I want to ask around what is the perfect way to charge an admin about a lawless ban?
  5. The Death Camps just a tool of the Racism, Racism not means Death Camps.... I understand what you talking about, but i just ask why is that hatred about them? But i see... nobody can explain or can give an answer. Just say to Shut up, or Leave it alone. Iam surprised about the ones who want to attack me so badly. Sadly i didnt care about lunatics who want to backstab peoples because they dare to ask. They just attack, but they have no idea why. Just defend it....
  6. AylinVali Thank you, finally another real person and not a troll. Yes, i agree, you right. But hatred is still hatred, and not changing. I just want to know, why is this? That is what i ask, and 2-3 idiot trolls start to overdefensive griefing over the topic, because they try to fulfill they role... Racism is that kind of.... i dont know how i call that.... let call it Infestation. Because it can spread. So, that kind of infestation what didnt need the ability of reason. Its just build up some illusions, and let everybody to believe in that. Racism is about to pick one thing about t
  7. That is why so much Racism in the game. Because there is lots of peoples like you. Nice to know the dark ages come again.
  8. I dont know if there is any of that. I just decide to write that. "People who don't want to have those wearing furry avatars on their virtual pixel regions in Second Life. VS People who systematically slaughtered millions of other people in real life." Yes, you right. The perfect comparison. Racism and hatred same like two egg is. If you cant understand how that infestation spread, that is your problem. Grow up to know how racism spread, and you understand what i talking about. I just ask about. Why is that to much Racism and Hatred against furries
  9. Hello! Iam just a little bit upset about that, and start to think about why is that. I dont know, maybe somebody post that already or not, but i decide to post this. 1945 long ago, Nazis are commonly known as Bad Guys because they are! Why the hell are tons of peoples follow their lessons about racism? Tons of Sims are ban Furries and other kind of avis. Only Humans. Same like Only German regions marked in Berlin before and in the War. Come on peoples.... what a furry look, or a cat or a dog or even a child look can do, what freak you out? Why is that so much Hatred and R
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