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  1. NO login for me this morning - tried several sims - just loads up, bar settles half way then boom nada
  2. Yup I felt the 8Gb was tight - I will ask for the cost for 16. Good to know youve been ok with Corsair cases , Ive not had one ever! Thank you so much .
  3. - AMD Ryzen 3 CPU (quad core at 3.4Ghz) - 8GB DDR4 RAM - 240GB SSD - NVidia 1050TI graphics card - Corsair case & power supply Im looking at the above to replace my desktop - would it run SL well? Thank you ❤️
  4. I think the last one is by Analog Dog "tantrum". The others look very very old style.
  5. Innula Zenovka wrote: Faithless Babii wrote: Why should your landlord not receive his cash when its due? LL gives no leeway on sim tier payments...he has bills to pay. If I correctly understand the chronology, the landlord accepted payment a matter of days before the sim was to close. I'm assuming that the landlord -- like LL -- wanted payment in advance for the tier. That being the case, it looks as if the landlord took the final payment for services -- use of the rental plot -- he knew he would not be able to provide. hmmm I didnt read the original post that way...the op said *I admit I was a day late"...it didnt say shed paid it...perhaps I misunderstood? Id still urge the op to read the latest group notices and see if any information was issued before the sim closed. I locked all my rent boxes so people couldnt pay, he might not have done this and its an error, but then I always tend to see the good in people not the glaringly obvious bad lol
  6. wait a second..you say you were *screwed over* by your landlord..but werent you late in paying your tier? I dont see that your landlord has done anything wrong...I assume you may still be in the rental group..if so you might like to check the recent notices. Your landlord might have send out a notice that you missed, stating that the sim would be closing. (when I closed a rental sim, I sent out FIVE notices with info about the closure a month beforehand and yet still people said they didnt know) If he didnt give you any info...then you really still have no reason still to say he screwed you over..pay your tier on time..or this may happen again elsewhere. Why should your landlord not receive his cash when its due? LL gives no leeway on sim tier payments...he has bills to pay.
  7. Darren Scorpio wrote: I arrive at my conclusion based on my own preference and that of 90% of my friends, certainly there are a few who prefer otherwise and that is why I said most, not all. Then I might suggest that *you & your friends* dont make up a vast majority of the Second Life user base? Based upon the figures that come through my business each year, and having had the opportunity to talk with and rent homes & land too, quite a broad selection of people in Second Life throughout the years...there is actually a large amount of people who actually DO seek a furnished home, thats managed and set up for them. New residents often dont want the hassle factor of buying furniture, buying a home initially...they want to enjoy their time. This may changes later, when they have "found their way around"...We also have quite a large section of people renting from us that are not new...they appreciate a home thats ready to go...not everyone wishes to play housey housey, they are here for other things.... The reason I keep the larger section of my rental homes pre-furnished, is because the demand is there. Day in, Day out.
  8. Darren Scorpio wrote: Not to discourage you but if you are doing this to make money then try something else. The truth of the matter is that you will only make a profit if you have no vacancy at all times. Realistically this will never happen, you will always have some percentage of your land unrented. Also, keep in mind that most people do not want to rent land from a third party when they can go and rent directly like yourself and be able to own the land, rez their own houses (not what you choose) set up their own radio streams (not yours) and have their own privacy and rules in their own land. However if you still want to rent homes, rather than land, then try starting some sort of an RP community. Would like to know how you've arrived at your conclusions about what people want. as a landlord of five years I can assure you there are many people who do prefer to rent land from a third paty, for various reasons. some also like the fact of having a home, furniture etc provided for them, especially with the flexibility to change or remove it during their tenancy. not everyone wants the bother and effort involved with finding , setting up and owning a parcel when they can have it all set up for them. Especially with onsite help and assistance rather than filing tickets to linden lab, then being referred to a wiki to find answers.
  9. You dont actually need a premium account to have a home..but LL dont really advertise that fact at all. You can rent a home furnished or unfurnished from some really great themed estates very cheaply...cuts out the mainland saga of where to buy etc...you can also rent land. Also cuts out finding yourself surrounded by fugly builds, clubs , malls etc. Private estates normally will have a management team to help you...you wont have to submit a supoprt ticket and wait for replies, its generally dealt with asap.
  10. You can also rent land from a Private estate. Some are themed...some have a big social side to them...its really worth looking around. Just look in the classifieds and you will find an abundance of private rentals, not to get into the age old argument of mainland v private estates...BUT...mainland isnt everyones cup of tea, you will find more regulation about ugly builds, neon lit clubs etc on a private estate (if youre unsure if its a good estate, check the names over rent boxes and ask people living there, they usually dont mind) Also, you can rent yourself a home, furnished or unfurnished on a private estate. This might be very helpful to a new person. Generally youll get some great furnishings and lovely homes, without even having to think about shopping yourself...spend your time doing things you love - as opposed to decorating (later you may find you also LOVE to decorate !) You may also find that Private estates have a management team who are there to assist you...very handy :-) You DONT need a premium account to have a home ! One thing that totally irritates me is the fact that LL dont make that obvious to newcomers, thus ensuring people sign up for premium accounts on the belief they HAVE to so they can have a home...tsk
  11. Porky Gorky wrote: beethros Karas wrote: 3d world sales are dead This is nonsense. It is still perfectly possible to run a thriving business where the majority of sales are made inworld. Merchants who dismiss the potential of inworld sales are doing so to the detriment of their own profit margins. It is simply lack of adaptability and knowledge that has killed a lot of inworld stores. agreed, totally
  12. oh lord people... Ben makes ANIMATIONS..I know Im not alone in saying that I would never buy animations or items that have animations in them without trying them inworld first...(unless it was free and I could scrap it, if the animations were lousy) Market place might be fine for some things..animations and animated items it is not - unless you have an inworld presence so people can try them out. Also...if I had a commercial set up..Id bite his hands off to have him there...he makes fantastic stuff and will surely bring traffic in. Welcome back Ben..look forward to seeing your new gear (still love the older stuff I have from you too !)
  13. Couldbe Yue wrote: From my perspective, I don't even want weekly meetings. Whenever they are there'll be a proportion of people who can't make them. Which is why Pink tried to work around that by having so many and suggested using the forum since it allows for more people to comment. my wish list is for the sprint task list to be published on the forum (does LL still use scrum or was that another idea that fell by the wayside?) in the prioritised order and with delivery date. Even if the list is bigger than the capability it should mean that the top few items should get through. Consider reviewing your objectives for each sprint, as it's becoming pretty obvious that you cannot deliver a quality product in the timeframe you are allowing yourself. Even if you only have one item in an 8 week sprint, which is delivered and works it will be better than what we have now . Even publishing the product log would help so we can at least see what you think is important and we can put our priority on each item. there's really not that many user processes with the mp, so please get someone to document the process flows! I won't ask for an impact mapping for each deliverable because I suspect that's not possible with the team you have. If you still have merchants as uat testers (I think there were some for dd and I thought there might be some for the day to day releases) then get rid of them and get some people who actually know the marketplace, either that or start paying attention when they tell you what features are broken and missing - and put the defects/issues in the product list so we can discuss them and refine what needs to be done and if you don't have any business testers then get some! your people either don't know how to test properly, don't have the time or don't understand the site well enough to ensure that the product that is delivered is actually of a quality to be released. Send the merchants an email periodically. I don't need one each week but even fortnightly or monthly would be good. Tell me what's fixed, what's coming up and you can even remind me what features you have I could splash some lindens on to enhance my marketing experience - and make it an opt in after the first one. fixing DD and dumping the magic boxes would be good. but only once the main problems are ironed out and there's notifications in place. if you haven't yet, get yourself a vm in the cloud for this so you can test properly and a bit of automation to regression test certainly wouldn't go amiss. I'm not even going to list all the usability improvement I'd like to see as there's far too many broken core features that need attending to first. couldnt have put it better...exactly what she says ! I really dont see the need for meetings at all...communicate, fix it, let us know whats happening.
  14. Tracy Redangel wrote: I recommend trying Glam Affair skins. They have some newer, pretty skin tones (Casseopeia and Lilith skins) and the breast area is not heavily shadowed. Each skin also comes with a clean version with no eyeshadow or lipstick. Each skin also comes with a blonde, red, or brunette version. I second Glam Affair..I hadnt tried them until this round of collarbor88...they have one called "Ginny" on offer for just 188L...its simply gorgeous...quite plain so you can add makeup layers if you wish for a more made up look. btw. Breast size is made by your shape not the skin (unless of course youre talking nipple size?)
  15. Urzul wrote: Simple cant do anything else in sl, if you look like a dragon you will be bane every where you go,you must look sexy and looking for mate, you like to explore ,you cant privacy every where(they dont want to be seen **bleep**ing lol). You like to built inword,that is useless prim use to much prim cost ,need sculpt and mesh outworld. Want your dream house(place)lands cost crasy,want i start playing i buy lands 50L now nothing under 512L. SL is a place to meet ppl that it nothing more nothing less,look like barbie and ken. i like to build but i wont spend 300$ for a GAME sorry this is out of subject Ok, lets take this sentence by sentence...I see english isnt your first language so Im hoping Ive understood corectly, fogive me if Iam wrong: 1) Simple cant do anything else in sl, A. Yes you can, look around,use the destination guide...if youve only found the sexual side of SL, youre missing a lot. 2) if you look like a dragon you will be bane every where you go,you must look sexy and looking for mate A. This simply isnt true at all, in my 5.5 years in SL ive rented homes, danced with, role played with and chatted too dragons,robots,animals big & small, ALL sorts. None complained of being banned, although if you go to an area thats roleplaying cowboys & indians dressed as a dragon, you surely cant expect to be welcomed with open arms, but most role play places I know WILL help you dress corerctly to fit in also. 3) you like to explore ,you cant privacy every where(they dont want to be seen **bleep**ing lol). A. Not true, I explore most days in SL, and find plnety of places to walk around unhindered by people *bleeping* as you so quaintly put it. 4) You like to built inword,that is useless prim use to much prim cost ,need sculpt and mesh outworld A. One word answer here: SANDBOX 5) SL is a place to meet ppl that it nothing more nothing less,look like barbie and ken. A. not true - I know so many people who are busy with a million other things other than dating or relationships with the opposite sex - people who build, explore,script,animate,create,dance,play sports,roleplay. 6) Want your dream house(place)lands cost crasy,want i start playing i buy lands 50L now nothing under 512L. A. If you want your own land of course it will cost you cash, but you could also rent a home, a themed one or not...costs less than land usually and youn get a prim allowance to play with too, utilise a rented home and the free use of a sandbox....sounds like youve got all your needs sorted out no? 7) i like to build but i wont spend 300$ for a GAME A. Thats the cost of renting an entire sim...theres no need to do that to build? I cant imagine youve got something to build that requires 16000 prims? Use sandboxes, create, sell...save your pennies up for some land if you really need it.
  16. This weeks Monday Mania had some lovely non mesh items....SF design (nonmesh dress and non mesh shoes ) 25L and also Grecian themed outfit from KGD Designs...I dont find it hard to get a hold of on mesh...and I still wear non mesh items most days...or a bit of both :-)
  17. awww you got buthurt because I picked you up on your sweeping statement...but you just HAD to return to this post and reply...nitpickers united !
  18. mmhmm,,yes you did quantify with the "usually"...which where I come from and apparently as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary...would mean - more often than not...not just in your experience Usually : Regularly or customarily used In conformity with regular practice or procedure
  19. JohnMiddlefield wrote: Michael Krell wrote: Okay a friend of mine got ripped off on a land rental... 3 days left on tier clicked wont renew and got kicked off and had her stuff returned to her. My question is to the community of second life if there is an actual appropriate method to discredit someones sl business without crossing the line with SL and the whole 'griefing' aspect. No, but this does not preclude creativity on the part of the offended. What amazes me in the scenario you gave, though, is that the land owner even bothered to look to see if its renters were going to renew or not. Usually this kind of data is ignored by land owners. oh gosh...with one sweeping statement you tar ALL landowners with that? Most responsible landowners / landlords..regulary check their rental boxes to see whats happening...whos renewing..who is in arears (YES arrears...some of us dreadful landlords give a grace period)
  20. I wear A cup bewbs most of the time...sometimes a B...I find wasabi pills hair to work just fine...they do also include, another size version for those who are more ample
  21. For "major damage" to occur..Im assuming you left build on...and gave someone rights to edit terrain? Ive not heard of griefing such as this if youve taken the proper precautions...just the odd scripted box repeating itself ...Its really important to give the safe rights to those in your group (if its grouped land) and set your sim up so no one other than those that you want to change things..can. To answer your OP..no..I havent
  22. Neesa Audion wrote: So, I bought something from marketplace and I rez it in my house, no problem. It's just an outfit, nothing major. As soon as I go to delete the box after getting the outfit, I INSTANTLY crash. No warning, nothing at all. I'm using the Firestorm viewer, so I thought I would try deleting it on Viewer 3, and the same exact thing happens, except on V3 it says that "Second Life has stopped working". I just want the box out of my house, but I have no idea how to do it. I can't even touch it >.> Does anyone know a way around this? Or another viewer I can use to get rid of it? The very same thing was happening to me all day yesterday...I tried relogging...clearing cache..being patient etc etc..I tihnk SL was just being majorly glitchy for some reason...today its not happened yay!
  23. agreed, Ive never met anyone who looks that way either..which is kinda bizarro as this fishpouty wide legged..type of person is allllllll over the blogs and advertising of fashion !
  24. Im not a fan of the pout gone mad either...but..each to their own. However.. designers might like to take note (or not,whatever) If youre trying to sell something..especially skins or makeup...using a model with the fish pouty thing going on..isnt going to appeal to those who dont have the fish pouty thing really. How can we make an informed choice when its shown on the "different" style of face...perhaps you only want the fish-pouty types to buy it? Ive been to so many events , fairs etc..and see this type of model used (especially the ones with added "Im riding an invisible pony" sized legs/hips) and I walk away..the photo gives me absolutly no idea of what it would look like in a non fish pouty-im-riding-an-invisible pony sort of person.
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