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  1. See this is what I was wanting to hear, I know its going to be very very hard to break into this market, I figured if I don't rent something at 6 to 8 months I am doing something wrong and I should just get out or change up my marketing strategy. To all invovled this is exactly the kind of feed back I have been looking for and the advice is invaulable. So thank you to all of you means a lot that you set me on the right path and showed me where not to step.
  2. I have been in second life for over a year and my passion is sport bikes and racing them, I have some prefab bikes among other and the very awesome JC Hill Super sport bike. What I am wanting to know is there a place to circuit race these bikes and is there a L$ prize for it? . Please anyone let me know if this type of racing is still in SL. Oh and I have raced at most of the popular tracks like Amber raceway and racers island among others.
  3. To all who replied thanks so much it helps me know that while this is passable and there is a demand for it, it will be very very hard to make it work. Again what I need now are tips from you folks if passable to help me launch this business to get it up and going . What do I need to offer the tenant that will appeal to them to get them into my homes . Also what should I expect from the land owner and next question is what about my rent boxes vs the land owners. I will have no issue paying my land rent, just want to make sure that my tenets will use the right box for rent. Which brings up another question should I use my own rent boxes or something like hippa to do it for me? Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Come on folks 29 of you have looked at this post some of you have to be able to lend some advise.
  5. No no by all means please let me know this stuff, so is there a way to make it where they can have their own radio streams and so on. I am welling to bend with some things . As far as houses go I am not trying to garner the demographic that owns their own homes. Those folks are always going to want land not rent a home . Here is my issue , I see plenty of appment buildings that rent out and it seems they make some sort of profit . And again I am talking about starting small maybe anywhere from 2 to 4 plots of 1024 . I have a wide range of houses . I guess my question is I know thier is a nich for rent out homes but how to make it work is the question... how to be fair to my tenits , land lord and myself. as far as setting up a RP community that is something that is out of reach for now.. I just don't have the funds for getting into a sim. then again I may not know how much one cost. I would be welling to buy a 1/4 sim or even an abondon property, but again small steps .
  6. Hello all I am new to the land business and had the idea of renting land out from a major realtors. The idea is I rent out land then places houses on them, 1024 sq to start was thinking of homes that are no larger then 35X35 and around 230 prims to 300 and rent them out for 550 to 600 . I have done this before and lost a lot of L$ because I did not do the research. This time is different I have looked into many property and what others are charging for prims and size of lots. My concern is how to get people into my homes once I set up shop and what I need to be area of as far as responsibility's as a land renter. I can not afford to buy large lots at this time, I am hoping to start small then expand it out. I am just looking for support or advice from you folks that know more. What to do and not to do, whats a fair price , what to look out for and not get riped off and so on.
  7. I am actualy new to SL and would love to break into the racing scean, I love bike racing or sportbikes. I am needing a job right now and this sounds like it would be a great start. IF not could you direct me to a few race teams or tracks where I could start racing?
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