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  1. There's a sound clip in SL that simply sarcastically says.. "Smartass"... I can't find it on the web, does anyone know where to get this for a tone for my phone???? :matte-motes-evil-invert: I'd really love to have this one!!
  2. I recently removed the castle and terraformed and now I cannot set my Home Position. The error states I have to be the owner of the property. I am.
  3. Thank you everyone for the very helpful information. Having been shown in-world what exactly I needed helped a lot. Now the search is on for the right area and costs. Thanks!!
  4. Thank you Josef, In purchasing the 2048 (simply doubling the current size) What does this entail? What area do I need to use this? How large is a 2048 area? The house I bought fits a 60x60m area.. I have no idea what this size is... where would it fit? Sorry for questions but even after talking to support, I'm still in the dark about the size or parcels or land and what one can do on them..
  5. I'm relatively new , I went premium, found a parcel on the mainland bought it just so I could have a home. So now I have a lot, and a few things so I feel comfortable. Now, since learning a few things about building and realizing this lot is not going to allow for much I know I need to either: 1. Purchase more land in the area... (I don't really care for the area, it was cheap and easy to get to for me) 2. Rent from or possibly purchase a larger parcel from a private area or island 3. Sell the place I have, and then purchase a parcel from a private island I do not understand the land terms nor the size when looking for land. Yes.. I have read through all the land management pages and know the difference between mainland and private sectors or islands but the dimensions.. right now I have 1024. I realize it isn't much, I am just starting. I found a wonderful home but it will fills a 60x60m area.. What kind of land do I need to purchase for this? Is it something I can afford? is it a mainland thing or needs to be on a private area? I wish someone would produce a paper or ad telling newbies about how land really works and what sizes are needed for different things. :womanfrustrated: I have a feeling, that having bought this house to live in was a big mistake as I'll never be able to afford a 60x60 size area...
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