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  1. NO login for me this morning - tried several sims - just loads up, bar settles half way then boom nada
  2. Yup I felt the 8Gb was tight - I will ask for the cost for 16. Good to know youve been ok with Corsair cases , Ive not had one ever! Thank you so much .
  3. - AMD Ryzen 3 CPU (quad core at 3.4Ghz) - 8GB DDR4 RAM - 240GB SSD - NVidia 1050TI graphics card - Corsair case & power supply Im looking at the above to replace my desktop - would it run SL well? Thank you ❤️
  4. I think the last one is by Analog Dog "tantrum". The others look very very old style.
  5. Innula Zenovka wrote: Faithless Babii wrote: Why should your landlord not receive his cash when its due? LL gives no leeway on sim tier payments...he has bills to pay. If I correctly understand the chronology, the landlord accepted payment a matter of days before the sim was to close. I'm assuming that the landlord -- like LL -- wanted payment in advance for the tier. That being the case, it looks as if the landlord took the final payment for services -- use of the rental plot -- he knew he would not be able to provide. hmmm I didnt read the original post that way...the op s
  6. wait a second..you say you were *screwed over* by your landlord..but werent you late in paying your tier? I dont see that your landlord has done anything wrong...I assume you may still be in the rental group..if so you might like to check the recent notices. Your landlord might have send out a notice that you missed, stating that the sim would be closing. (when I closed a rental sim, I sent out FIVE notices with info about the closure a month beforehand and yet still people said they didnt know) If he didnt give you any info...then you really still have no reason still to say he screwed you
  7. Darren Scorpio wrote: I arrive at my conclusion based on my own preference and that of 90% of my friends, certainly there are a few who prefer otherwise and that is why I said most, not all. Then I might suggest that *you & your friends* dont make up a vast majority of the Second Life user base? Based upon the figures that come through my business each year, and having had the opportunity to talk with and rent homes & land too, quite a broad selection of people in Second Life throughout the years...there is actually a large amount of people who actually DO seek a furnished home,
  8. Darren Scorpio wrote: Not to discourage you but if you are doing this to make money then try something else. The truth of the matter is that you will only make a profit if you have no vacancy at all times. Realistically this will never happen, you will always have some percentage of your land unrented. Also, keep in mind that most people do not want to rent land from a third party when they can go and rent directly like yourself and be able to own the land, rez their own houses (not what you choose) set up their own radio streams (not yours) and have their own privacy and rules in their ow
  9. You dont actually need a premium account to have a home..but LL dont really advertise that fact at all. You can rent a home furnished or unfurnished from some really great themed estates very cheaply...cuts out the mainland saga of where to buy etc...you can also rent land. Also cuts out finding yourself surrounded by fugly builds, clubs , malls etc. Private estates normally will have a management team to help you...you wont have to submit a supoprt ticket and wait for replies, its generally dealt with asap.
  10. You can also rent land from a Private estate. Some are themed...some have a big social side to them...its really worth looking around. Just look in the classifieds and you will find an abundance of private rentals, not to get into the age old argument of mainland v private estates...BUT...mainland isnt everyones cup of tea, you will find more regulation about ugly builds, neon lit clubs etc on a private estate (if youre unsure if its a good estate, check the names over rent boxes and ask people living there, they usually dont mind) Also, you can rent yourself a home, furnished or unfurnish
  11. Porky Gorky wrote: beethros Karas wrote: 3d world sales are dead This is nonsense. It is still perfectly possible to run a thriving business where the majority of sales are made inworld. Merchants who dismiss the potential of inworld sales are doing so to the detriment of their own profit margins. It is simply lack of adaptability and knowledge that has killed a lot of inworld stores. agreed, totally
  12. oh lord people... Ben makes ANIMATIONS..I know Im not alone in saying that I would never buy animations or items that have animations in them without trying them inworld first...(unless it was free and I could scrap it, if the animations were lousy) Market place might be fine for some things..animations and animated items it is not - unless you have an inworld presence so people can try them out. Also...if I had a commercial set up..Id bite his hands off to have him there...he makes fantastic stuff and will surely bring traffic in. Welcome back Ben..look forward to seeing your new gear (
  13. Couldbe Yue wrote: From my perspective, I don't even want weekly meetings. Whenever they are there'll be a proportion of people who can't make them. Which is why Pink tried to work around that by having so many and suggested using the forum since it allows for more people to comment. my wish list is for the sprint task list to be published on the forum (does LL still use scrum or was that another idea that fell by the wayside?) in the prioritised order and with delivery date. Even if the list is bigger than the capability it should mean that the top few items should get through. Consid
  14. Tracy Redangel wrote: I recommend trying Glam Affair skins. They have some newer, pretty skin tones (Casseopeia and Lilith skins) and the breast area is not heavily shadowed. Each skin also comes with a clean version with no eyeshadow or lipstick. Each skin also comes with a blonde, red, or brunette version. I second Glam Affair..I hadnt tried them until this round of collarbor88...they have one called "Ginny" on offer for just 188L...its simply gorgeous...quite plain so you can add makeup layers if you wish for a more made up look. btw. Breast size is made by your shape not the skin (u
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