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  1. I have started uploading to the MarketPlace with this Direct upload / merchant box thingy for a market place store. I would much prefer an inworld presence as I gear my items around animations, hence the land requirement.
  2. Hi, I've just come back to SL from taking a couple years off. I used to own a small outfit that sold a few things, and I'm looking to generate some spending money again. I sold my sims when I left, removed all my SLX items (as it was then) and vanished. I would like someone to host a store for me on their existing business site for FREE. In return, I will generate more customers for yourselves, as people will flock to buy my new items =) Until this time I will be posting all my OLD things in slow time on the marketplace under LostDog Deisgns to generate petite cash while I sort my self out. I will not be buying land of my own / sim. Ta.
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