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  1. This really sucks; would there be any point opening a ticket referencing this forum thread and requesting that the items be restored? Good luck anyway.
  2. Perhaps there will be more stores in world, and maybe that will be nice. A majority of my sales are via the marketplace, and I'll be adjusting pricing there to accommodate the increased fees, since people can easily come and shop in world instead if they'd like to save a few lindens That's the case for pretty well all of us who maintain our full product range on the marketplace (the sales proportion, not necessarily the price adjustments). Really I'm happy to still be making a good living at this malarkey after 12 years in business (whew!).
  3. Granted; but now all your loved ones are getting itchy wool socks, and for Christmas lunch you're having Brussels sprouts surprise. I wish the rain (in Cornwall) would stop.
  4. Bit rude, bit supercilious, bit of an undeserved superiority complex showing <sighs> still, the main thing is the Lindens will totally read all this, will totally change how they do stuff (doing stuff is, I imagine, pretty much their entire job description) and then everything will be peachy keen. Or not. Probably not. How long ago was this outage anyway?
  5. Your best bet is always contacting the gacha vendor and asking them.
  6. snippety snip That would be moi, actually, and I didn't notice. Perhaps it was night time here and I was asleep, or maybe I was out buying the prosecco, vim and marmite that fuels my meat body (lolz). Still, all better now, right? ps. kidding about the marmite, obviously. Oh, vim is a scouring powder, very good on burnt on stuff and lavatories (I'm told).
  7. Microtransactions absolutely everywhere! Yes, yes there are. And you know why? Because I need prosecco, vim and pasta. chuh.
  8. It sounds a bit like Club Baby Seals, which truly was a place back in 2008 ish I think. It had a membership and entrance fee and aimed at being an elite place. I never saw the point as back then I used to go dancing at The Boathouse, which was lively, small, fun and friendly.
  9. It means whacky, attractively crazy, very lively in colouration (for objects); the behaviour of manic pixie dream girl characters in films is often described as zany, the sort of person who dances on tables and does funny voices, unconventional, a bit eccentric.
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