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  1. Mesh clothes for mesh bodies wouldn't be able to use a standard alpha anyway, as those are for the classic body. Oftentimes there will be a standard alpha included to use on the classic body with the standard size or fitmesh clothing. Increasingly though,we will see mesh clothing that is only for mesh bodies.
  2. I'm sure you'll soon make friends as you travel around sl and chat to people. Join a few groups that interest you and you'll have a bunch of chums before you know it! Good luck, and I hope you enjoy sl xxxx
  3. Sometimes exotic dancers abandon their babies and run away to become nuns. It's sad.
  4. Without more information we can't say, however a couple of points. Did you buy in world or on marketplace? If marketplace you have a complete record of all purchases made on your account and evrything you bought will have gone to your received items folder in the first instance. So check there and see if you have perhaps not unpacked a box properly for example. If you purchased in world you have 32 days of transaction history on your SL dashboard. Check that your purchases went through, and search your inventory using the correct name of the items. If you have accidentally deleted anything, and so long as it was copiable, then it may be possible to get a redelivery. Many stores have redelivery terminals for just this eventuality. If the stores you used do not have this facility, then check the profile and see how the store owner prefers to be contacted. Ask them politely for a replacement. If any of your missing items are not copiable, then you are probably out of luck. Most store owners will not send additional copies of ntransfer only goods. You say that 'hadn't fully gone over into my inventory'; what do mean by 'fully'? Are you saying that a living room set, for example, has sent chairs and sofa but missed out the end tables? It is possible that you bought something other than what you thought, or that you didn't wait for a boxed item to load all contents before unpacking. A thorough check of your purchase history and inventory will most likely find your stuff. If you were 'scammed' it would probably have been an 'empty box' seller. In SL caveat emptor is ever the watch word, as LL never involve themselves in what they term resident to resident disputes. Before buying more stuff, check the stores are legit - read the owner's profile, see if they have a store in world, a blog or facebook page and read reviews for their products. Good luck.
  5. No, Maitreya don't make heads and the body does not come with one. You can either: 1. use your system head and buy appliers for the body to match your skin, 2. buy a mesh head from Lelutka (which uses the same Glam Affair skins as the Maitreya body HUD) or 3. buy a different mesh head and matching appliers for head and body.
  6. You are in violation of the TOS by naming the store. This is a resident to resident dispute and LL will not get involved. Caveat emptor. You should redact the store's name in your post.
  7. Most template makers have their own TOS which will include minimum prices, which textures can be included and what selling permissions may be used. It is essential to check that the TOS are acceptable to you before you buy. There is usually no limit on how many items you can create and sell, only the terms by which you sell them. Items made for the Maitreya Lara body sometimes have separate terms from those for other mesh bodies. This is a condition passed along from the maker of the Maitreya body to the template maker as a condition for receiving the body weights. Whether such a 'second hand' condition can be enforced or not I don'y know, but violating the TOS of template makers can get you a DMCA and a ban from buying their products, so it's not worth the risk.
  8. I'll be frank; that template is old and not very good. There are better versions available, for example here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TD-TEMPLATES-T-SHIRTS-STARTER-GUIDE-HANGER-DISPLAYS-FULL-PERMS-with-TGA-LAYERED-PSD/2508858 Disclaimer - I am NOT in any way affiliated with that store. I would also add, if you intend to make these to sell, that you include at the least an Omega applier version for mesh bodies.
  9. xoXoxToxicTearsxoXox wrote: I do have one question: A youtuber called the mighty ginko created an experemental rig that reportadly works extreemly well and ive seen alot (ALOT) of creators use it... is it legal? she copy botted the original body to make the kit, but built the rigging from scratch, so its really in the darkish grey area for me and im fearful to use it. (i do respect what she did though, the creator of the lara body isnt very nice about her meshes at all.) i want to develop for that body because i love it so much, but i question wether its a smart idea... or if i should just sink in the time and make myself a human body as furry creators do, honestly if given more time id like to make a brand new body with better rigging and nicer breasts. Bless your heart, of course you would!
  10. Questions of this nature are better addressed to the merchants. However I know the answer to this one. No, they won't fit.
  11. specialk was taken back in 2010; seems it really is a favourite cereal ;/ Oddly ketamine/ketamina is almost as popular!
  12. Klytyna wrote: Try decreasing the cheekbones by editing your shape, if the shape is no modify, get a pack of free 'standard sized shaped' from the MP (I think Absolut Creations might have one, since they invented standard sizing) and edit your self a new face. Uh, nope; standard sizing was a joint enterprise by a number of merchants. Absolut Creations wasn't one of them.
  13. When you say that prim doesn't 'fully' take the texture what do you mean? Does the texture appear on some faces and not others? Since the house is modifiable you can retexture all the prims unless there is a script in that prim which resets the texture to something else. It's quite likely that you are retexturing the prim but it could have a dark tint on it which obscures the texture, or be set to full bright which could wash out a pale texture so that it doesn't show up. If you edit your question with some pictures and the name of the house we can help more.
  14. I'm sure someone will be willing to teach you to use Blender/Maya and photoshop and how to rig. I'd say the rate would be in the region of US$200 per hour, and will take around 100 hours, so say around US$20,000. On top of that you'll need to buy/lease photoshop, and make sure your computer is up to spec for all of this. Probably about US$23,000/L$5,750,000 will cover it all, depending on what you already have. Good luck
  15. The likeliest problem is a script, texture or prim in the build for which you do not have transfer permissions.