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  1. That's odd - I have Neve and have just had the latest update delivered. It has Omega pre-installed and as with all the LAQ heads you can use their skin and make up appliers for a wider variety of looks. Going by the group chat, quite a lot of people have posted various looks they've done with this head. Of course, Mallory makes a lot of heads, and people have their favourites. I have Leia, Neve, Maxine (pre-Bento) and Noelle and wear them all. What sort of support do you find is lacking? Have you contacted the store with an issue and not heard back? It's usually worth sending a notecard and IMs, just in case a message is missed.
  2. A lot of people do use applier clothing; to layer under closely fitting mesh, to make a quick to load outfit for shopping at fairs and events and for other reasons too. I get asked for more applier items all the time.
  3. The thing is, any landowner/renter can ban anyone, for any (or no) reason, at any time. They can even ban for reasons that are against the LL TOS if they want to, as long as they don't give those actually forbidden reasons (basically racism and a few other nasty things). In 12 years coming to the forums, objecting to a ban here has never once achieved the alleged aim of overturning the ban; please do correct me if I'm wrong. If you're banned you have one option that might work, and that is a heartfelt, nay grovelling apology and a sincere promise not to re-offend. Otherwise, you're shouting into the wind.
  4. I'm so glad I could help, you're very welcome xxxxx
  5. Just a thought, have you copied the lower texture into the socks line on the Maitreya texture loader notecard? I forgot to copy the upper part into the gloves line and had shorter sleeves than I should have had on a sweater for a while until I realised!!
  6. I just checked and hilariously an old dress of mine was unlisted. I tried relisting it. Banned word in description. Oookay, could word be cocktail? Nope, erm, neoprene? Nope. Could word actually be name of dress? Dress called Tiffany. Name taken out of description. Item still automatically unlisted. Banned word in name field. Name is problem word. Name was not problem word in June this year when dress last sold on marketplace (is VERY old dress). Dress deleted from marketplace, because name change not possible and very old dress after all. Curiosity winning, do quick search for word 'Tiffany' on marketplace. Find 4183 matching results, in many categories, some from store called Tiffany. Tiffany is girl's name, so not surprising, also no disrespect to store on marketplace called Tiffany - is nice name, hence why chose it for dress. Also many dresses and outfits etc. also called Tiffany from other stores. Am confuse. Will have coffee. Am glad is only old dress. LL, why though? Because Tiffany is famous shop? John Lewis also famous shop, so nothing called John or Lewis now?
  7. Probably, sadly, yes. Some items might be worth keeping if you love the style and you don't have to make too many concessions to your shape and HUD alpha usage, but by and large you might as well chuck it all out. If you still have texture clothes you love you can still use those with a BOM (bakes on mesh) compatible viewer.
  8. Are you sure the tattoo design is in the correct place on your texture? The Maitreya UV is the same as the default avi UV, so if your texture works on that then it should apply correctly. I don't make tattoos, but I have made pantyhose for Maitreya and it applies correctly so long as the texture is correct.
  9. Eek, but my store is not very attractive from the outside! It IS still there though, so that's something!
  10. Sadly no; there is one description box, and if there is already some varying text in that, which is likely, you cannot add a paragraph after the existing text except by doing it one listing at a time.
  11. There is also a hair shop called Doux, pretty popular so far as I can tell.
  12. OMG, the stupid reviews. sheesh people, just read next time. Also, the seller should explain that there will be a yellow box alert as it's a VENDOR. Who wants to bet the buyers thought they were being clever and getting super cheap capri pants?!
  13. Are you saying Prok's not man enough to wear a pink negligee? hmmmmmmm?
  14. You can submit an abuse report against these accounts if you have a valid cause, but name similarity is not one. It's possible that you could be banned by another resident if the similarly named accounts break the rules or grief someone while pretending to be you, but you will have to deal with that if it happens. You don't have any grounds for action currently, as having a similar name is not against the TOS. However, currently YOU are breaking the TOS by naming the person you suspect of being a 'potential threat'. You should remove their names from your post immediately.
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