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  1. Which vendor system should I chose

    Said it before and I'll say it again, Casper is a jolly good egg.
  2. 1L$ "FREE" listings (?)

    My marketplace demos are L$1 but are free in world, and so stated on all demo listings. They are like that to allow gifting (to alts mainly I expect). No one has ever complained since they can come and get the demo free if they want to. I have quite a few freebies on marketplace and in world and would never describe a dollarbie as a freebie.
  3. Can't Remove a Watermark

    It should disappear if you apply a different skin. If it remains then it will be a tattoo or make up layer and will need to be cleared by applying a different one or turning off the layer.
  4. Will The mesh project bodies and heads

    Oh absolutely. The TMP body was one of the earliest ones so they were still very new and to many residents a bit of an unknown quantity. They also offered a very basic free version, which understandably was picked up by a huge number of people so that they could try the newest shiny on the grid. I'd imagine that did create a degree of brand loyalty for some, and so now here we are. It's a shame, but the majority of other mesh bodies, whilst almost all no mod, do have a more similar way of working, and many are compatible to an extent with the Omega script system. All we need to do now is try on all the demos, see which shape type we like best, check out compatible bits and bobs and accessibility to decent skins, make sure there are sufficient clothes and accessories and actually it is still a bit of a minefield! Thank heaven for http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ that does a compare and contrast for so many of them
  5. Will The mesh project bodies and heads

    The Mesh Project uses a server based applier system, rather than an in world one. Once the servers go down it will not be possible to change any textures applied to the bodies, so all skins, tattoos and applier clothing will be stuck as it is when the servers stop working. I imagine that the alpha cuts will still work, and any mesh clothes that have in world appliers to change the textures will still work, but the mesh clothes made by the Mesh Project themselves may not.
  6. 3/14 (US) 14/3 (Everywhere Else)

    but lots of planets have a north...
  7. Long Lost Places You Once Loved.

    Oh heavens, there was a tremendous kerfuffle about those sims over on SLU.
  8. Long Lost Places You Once Loved.

    Oh, the Boathouse. It was run by a guy called (I think) Sunshine Nadir and it was wonderful. We used to go dancing there all the time. Also, remember when bling was cute?!
  9. Linden Labs Is At Fault

    ISWYDT.....and I liked it
  10. Linden Labs Is At Fault

    The KGB is now FSB. ssdd
  11. Refund for false advertisement?

    I would add, if you had read the previous review you'd have known it wasn't mesh. The review system is there for a reason, even if it does get abused at times.
  12. Skin appliers??

    Hi Tobie, welcome back It IS still possible to buy regular skins for your classic/default/original avatar, and many skin shops still sell them. You can identify them usually by the description on the vendors. The appliers you are seeing are for mesh replacement bodies, which are worn over the original body, which is hidden by a full body alpha (except for the head, in most cases, see further down). Most of these bodies include hands and feet, but some do not. The bodies pretty much never include a head though, and these can be bought separately, or the original head can be used. If you are using a mesh head then you will also need to hide the original head, and some mesh bodies do include a total alpha which hides all the body, feet, hands and head, as well as partial ones. There are a lot of resources for people who are new to mesh replacement bodies and other parts, particularly this site: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/
  13. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    dun say wut, Gadget, say parrdun
  14. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I think their choice of name was a contributing factor
  15. Looking for shops with extremely high platforms

    If you fancied a spot of DIY with the textures you could try this place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DZ-Full-Perm-252-demo/12444055 Usual disclaimer, not my store, no association.