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  1. New store launching

    Yup, this. There's just no point at all if you have a main store already. There really is no such thing as passing trade in SL except at events which is where most people find new brands. Malls attached to clubs are particularly awful and pointless because of the inevitable lag. If we want to shop we can either TP to a main store which will carry the full range, or at least all the latest stuff, or go to the marketplace.
  2. Why do people hate TMP?

    I think Klytyna meant that the default feet would be huge if the mesh body (and feet) were removed in a 'strip all' situation because yes, the TMP feet are teeny and do need the classic avatar feet sized up to make them look right.
  3. Have you learned any valuable lessons from Second Life?

    I've learned that some people can never recover from the dreadful shock and horror of being unable to distinguish a joke and sarcasm from genocide. It must be awful for them. Particularly when they are the butt of the joke, although that's something you would swear they'd be used to. Life is odd, and second life is odder and some of the people, well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have to share either a real or a virtual continent with THAT type
  4. Passing RL of an SL Friend

    Their next of kin would need to provide Linden lab with a copy of the death certificate and proof of any testamentary intent with reference to the account of the deceased. If there is no testamentary intent then the account will likely remain technically 'active' indefinitely. For details of how to proceed you could open a ticket with LL. If this is not an academic enquiry I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss.
  5. Resident Philosohpy a Virtual Life

    My philosophy in sl, if it can be called that, is simply this: Love upsets nastiness, anger isn't sincerity, overly flamboyant feelings help engender rage; mindfulness engenders deeper sincerity. I suppose initially it may seem odd, but I find it to be true.
  6. Life Forward Anchor 1

    And with that in mind, JoeDex can Foxtrot Oscar
  7. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    There is one person in this forum I will never again reply to or in any way address. It should work very well.
  8. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    I believe I will follow your lead henceforth. You are wise in the way of fora.
  9. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    Are you seriously suggesting I did that? That I, presumably metaphorically, sh*t in Prok's face? LMAO, you are not a happy bunny at all, are you, Luna? And I am quite POSITIVE about that. smh, but you know, laughing at you. A lot.
  10. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    1. Phil and I are not abusing Prok. 2. Many things are worthy. 3. I don't care what you hate.
  11. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    I must assume that you are unfamiliar with the work of the British humorist Miranda Hart? You should look her up, she's brilliantly funny. Prok is mistaken, I am not a 'concern troll'. I'm not any sort of troll. I have been in sl for 10 years, not quite as long as Prok, but a fair time. I have an established business and I can use the JIRA if I wish to. I came into this thread with genuine suggestions, like almost all the other contributors, and I reiterated that I was NOT in a previous thread, saying 'if you don't like it leave', which was how Prok misinterpreted what I did say, which you could go back and find, if you had a genuine interest or curiosity. I'll save you the effort, I asked why, since she didn't seem to like SL or LL, and since she is repeatedly attacked by griefers, what her reasons for staying might be. So, in summary, I can see a troll here. Pro-tip: it is not I.
  12. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    I don't, so there are not.
  13. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    It isn't, I wasn't, and if you'd read the whole thread you'd know better. Prok is irrelevant to me and 'my' sl. I offered sympathy and was called a troll. Prok volunteered the information that she and her alts are banned from the JIRA. I just asked why. I have no expectation that she will answer. I have no reason to want to 'discredit her' - I don't rent land, not do any of my sl friends, so we're certainly not in competition. And revenge? Bless. Prok has done me no harm beyond some childish name calling, which I brushed off, because yanno, sticks and stones and all that The intention (or goal, if you wish) of my posts is to comment, give my opinion, make a few jokes, you know, the whole purpose of the forum. In another place you were made unwelcome, and I post there too, occasionally. I did not agree with you there or then, and you're still wrong. Good day to you, sir, I say, good day!!
  14. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    Um, how kind, /s off. Done until you're back with a rinse & repeat, I expect. My sympathies are now entirely with the dwindling pool of your residents. Also, WHY are you and your alts banned from the Jira? Asking for a friend
  15. Giveaway, gift card, or %off

    Are there any shopping groups for the products you sell? If so, you could offer a small gift to members of those groups, by putting a vendor configured to that group only in your store. Then put a group joiner for your own group and another gift vendor for that close by. If your group has a join fee you can justify it by promising a regular gift, monthly or every other month, whatever suits your work flow. Some vendor systems also have a facility for you to offer discounts by group, with either a lower price option or automatic refunds. So you could offer limited time discounts on some items. Perhaps also consider offering a percentage of total spend as store credit. Also, to build group membership, consider offering a special gift to members when the group has grown to a certain size. I do or have done all of these, and they do work