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  1. There is also a hair shop called Doux, pretty popular so far as I can tell.
  2. OMG, the stupid reviews. sheesh people, just read next time. Also, the seller should explain that there will be a yellow box alert as it's a VENDOR. Who wants to bet the buyers thought they were being clever and getting super cheap capri pants?!
  3. Are you saying Prok's not man enough to wear a pink negligee? hmmmmmmm?
  4. You can submit an abuse report against these accounts if you have a valid cause, but name similarity is not one. It's possible that you could be banned by another resident if the similarly named accounts break the rules or grief someone while pretending to be you, but you will have to deal with that if it happens. You don't have any grounds for action currently, as having a similar name is not against the TOS. However, currently YOU are breaking the TOS by naming the person you suspect of being a 'potential threat'. You should remove their names from your post immediately.
  5. It's very odd, because I could find them in search, but not in the avatar picker in an AR nor to ban in land. However, I took Chic's advice and I hope that will be the end of it. Unpleasant, but these things happen. Thank you to all who offered help and advice; it was very kind indeed and most appreciated. You're lovely xxxx
  6. I recently had cause to file an AR, but when I opened the Resident picker the person concerned did not show up. There were similar names, but not the correct one. I was using the official LL name, NOT a display name. Can anyone advise how best to proceed? An AR cannot be filed without a name.
  7. I use attached boxes on my demos, and include the full HUD. That way customers can check the fit and all the colours/textures before they buy. To me this method is the most similar to real life shopping where you'd expect to be able to check the fit and see if the colours suit you. I don't use timeout scripts because I find them personally irritating. The only time I have a complaint about a demo is when I foolishly leave a box over a sleeve or pant leg, making it impossible to see the fit. Then at least I can fix my own mistake.
  8. I believe the avatar is intended to present as male. They are pretty insistent about this.
  9. Tenly, perhaps you could speak to the shoe maker and ask about similar styles? As Syo says, the angle of the shoe is unlikely to fit your Slink or Maitreya (or whichever) feet, and unless the shoes are mod there's no way to remove the feet anyway. You can also ask in the appropriate forum for similar styles from other stores. Good luck xxx
  10. It could have been, but I was thinking of slsecrets
  11. The place where secrets from sl are aired maybe?
  12. I watched this today, thinking of my grandfather who was shot through both thighs and taken prisoner. He would never ever speak of the war, except to say that he didn't hate the German soldiers because they were just doing the same as the British soldiers. He had his 21st birthday in the trenches. He came home, married my grandma and lived into the 1970's. I adored him, and miss him still.
  13. Maybe you could message the creator and politely ask if the item will be sold after the event? Particularly if you are short of walking around money during the event. It's possible they won't reply, in which case perhaps send a follow up note card as they might be very busy or away in rl. If there is still no response, and if you have seen this creator sell after events before, then possibly assume that they will do so again. You could also check in their update group to see if members there know what the store policy is.
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