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  1. Refund for false advertisement?

    I would add, if you had read the previous review you'd have known it wasn't mesh. The review system is there for a reason, even if it does get abused at times.
  2. Skin appliers??

    Hi Tobie, welcome back It IS still possible to buy regular skins for your classic/default/original avatar, and many skin shops still sell them. You can identify them usually by the description on the vendors. The appliers you are seeing are for mesh replacement bodies, which are worn over the original body, which is hidden by a full body alpha (except for the head, in most cases, see further down). Most of these bodies include hands and feet, but some do not. The bodies pretty much never include a head though, and these can be bought separately, or the original head can be used. If you are using a mesh head then you will also need to hide the original head, and some mesh bodies do include a total alpha which hides all the body, feet, hands and head, as well as partial ones. There are a lot of resources for people who are new to mesh replacement bodies and other parts, particularly this site: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/
  3. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    dun say wut, Gadget, say parrdun
  4. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I think their choice of name was a contributing factor
  5. Looking for shops with extremely high platforms

    If you fancied a spot of DIY with the textures you could try this place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DZ-Full-Perm-252-demo/12444055 Usual disclaimer, not my store, no association.
  6. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I think that was I. It wasn't a 'judgement' that English might not be their first language; it was a question, politely put because they were asking for suggestions about starting a new business, and correct spelling and grammar, as others have pointed out in this thread, do make a difference to how professional a business is perceived to be. In the general run of the forums, when people are talking about various SL matters I would never correct anyone's spelling or grammar, and in the specific thread under discussion I didn't correct the spellings or grammar, I just asked a question. The member's name also might suggest that they may not be a native speaker of English, however that seems not to be the case. Picking on anyone for their language skills is rude; and if someone asks for help with it then any help should be offered without judgement. I would not want to be considered rude or unhelpful here. ( A little snarky at times, perhaps; my excuse is a very objectionable Tory government getting right on my *****. )
  7. Refunds on a purchase?

    I would only take issue with no. 5. I box my products so that customers have a simple back up in case of accidental deletion. Yes, I have a re delivery system which includes marketplace sales, but quite often people don't realise this. Boxed products are NOT always old/made by 'clueless' merchants.
  8. First week

    Hi Leo; from the name of your business it sounds like a traditional marriage agency, which certainly makes a change from the usual escort agencies. If you are seeking to match people for longer term, possibly romantic/family purposes I think that's a lovely idea. Now, I'm guessing that English may not be your first language, but it will be for a significant portion of your potential clients, and many of the rest will be using a translation program, so my first suggestion would be thoroughly to check all spelling and punctuation in your written materials, group notices, advertisements etc. Secondly, could you possibly work out a reciprocal arrangement with some of the many romantic dancing/music/photography places in SL? Possibly you could sponsor some speed dating or singles nights in exchange for advertising space at their venues? Good luck with your new venture
  9. Where do you live?

    Well, I'd say the 'my lover' sounds like Cornwall
  10. Where do you live?

    Carew castle, Pembrokeshire
  11. Where do you live?

    I pass by here most days
  12. Second Life is filled with petty and rude people.

    Luna, you have been unfailingly kind and generous throughout this thread; I don't know if it will help, since the OP seems rather entrenched in their view, but I wanted to acknowledge your kindness, particularly. You have tried to understand and empathise, and it was really sweet of you.
  13. Second Life is filled with petty and rude people.

    I agree, and childbirth is a very specific thing. A wise man once said that if the father had the first child and mother the second, there would not ever be a third! It's certainly my experience that the pain is remembered, but cannot be revived, so some of us go through it again. I hope the OP's painful experiences in sl are eventually not to be revived, and that the happier ones take over.
  14. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    There can be no doubt that this is horrible and wrong and it should not happen. I know you will call me a 'concern troll' again, which is fine, sticks and stones etc. But why, if you know, and you surely do know, the responses you will get here, why do you regularly bring this problem here? It's not as if there's ever going to be any different advice, and I don't think it's advice you want. So do you want sympathy for those times when you suffer more from griefers? People have expressed sympathy; I did myself, until I asked why you remained in sl and you called me a troll and attacked me! Yet I do still sympathise, because it IS awful, (and must be nearly as bad for your tenants) and it doesn't seem that you get any fun from sl, hence my question. (Which, incidentally you've never answered, and I am genuinely curious, but of course, you don't have to answer). Perhaps you are addressing your posts here to the Lindens in charge of dealing with griefers? In which case I think there are other better channels, but it's your choice, and they do pop in from time to time. This part of your post ' including with a state behind it.' - what's that about?
  15. Intellectual Property VS Public Domain

    Submit a ticket with links to the relevant sources http://lewiscarrollsociety.org.uk/pages/eventspeopleplaces/LewisCarrollAndUKCopyright.pdf might be useful. Whilst obviously the Disney version of Alice is NOT public domain, the much more charming original ones are, and the name Alice in Wonderland can certainly be used. Good luck xxxxx