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  1. Maitreya exclusive

    It could be this: https://undergroundsl.com/2017/09/23/mesh-body-survey-results-2017/ Although it looks like the Slink Hourglass is actually second, by a short head
  2. 200,000L really????

    Most mesh builds don't look hugely different from prim builds except if you examine them closely and see the (possible) increased level of detail. After all, a plain prim block and a plain mesh block are identical to the naked eye . There's no advantage at all to using mesh when an 'old school' prim will do an identical job, and a flat floor is a flat floor! Mesh naturally looks so much better when architectural details are added: cornicing, skirtings, mouldings, organic shapes and so on. It was more the textures and associated effects (normal maps, specular maps and so on) that make it look dated. If these have been similarly updated then possibly updating the listing with newer pictures would give a more accurate representation of how the build looks now? As you say, it is very rare to find full sim builds at all, so you'd do yourself a great disservice by not showing how it looks in mesh with updated texturing. Honestly I think adding a new listing showing the build in mesh (where applicable|) and with new textures would be worthwhile. And your previous customers would probably be delighted to receive an updated version too.
  3. 200,000L really????

    Ah, you have updated the listing now I think that having 'xstreet' in the description would have suggested that the product has been available since way back when that was the name for what we now call SL Marketplace. That would make it very much a pre mesh item and possibly slightly heavier in land impact than other, newer designs, and less likely to make full use of normal and specular mapping, windlight effects and so forth. But Joe seems to like it, so perhaps he will soon be the owner of a new Mediterranean sim?
  4. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Well you can be raped in SL - if you WANT to be raped. Otherwise you can't. There are special places to go for that sort of malarkey. Of course, as you say, it's not actually rape, just as it was not actually a dragon, or fire, just particles and pixels. We're all just particles and pixels down here......
  5. Looking for a young girl that loves lonely needy guys

    why? I mean, c'mon, you'll never really know; you'll never meet up in rl; basically you're saying you're afraid of accidentally masturbating to emotes from a bloke who might well think that you're actually a woman in rl. Are you? Is this all an elaborate ploy because you don't want to come out as a lesbian? It's cool; we're all perfectly happy with peeps being gay, bi, pan, pretty much everything. And if it IS because you're afraid of 'catching teh gay' if you have a swift one off the wrist to a chap's lady avatar, well, get over yourself. That can't actually happen.
  6. Ah well

    Lemme see. I do know of one possible source. Someone asked a question (it had to do with how a child avatar is defined). There were some assumptions made by the questioner, not without reason, but inaccurately as it turned out. The OP was given several polite explanations, some possibly with a touch of asperity maybe, but without any malice. As I say, the original assumptions were not without basis. At some point, someone else offered the opinion that these answers were intended to be unkind and hurtful to the OP. Later still, someone else with godmod powers pulled some of the comments. The thread also contained some decidedly amusing examples of the apparent ages of various avatars, using a jolly little program freely available on these interwebs.
  7. New Second Life Fad I Guess

    You're quite right, and in future I shall do that xxxxx
  8. New Second Life Fad I Guess

    Height has nothing to do with an avatar's intended age, even though there are places that use height as a metric to determine intended age. If an avatar has an adult profile, ie: one that does not describe them as children or preteens then we assume that they are presenting as adults and may go wherever they please. Some mesh heads may have a very youthful appearance, but this in and of itself is no indicator that the resident is playing as a child. Child avatars can be in some mature/non PG sims so long as they are not in immediate proximity to overtly sexual equipment or activities, and are not themselves engaged in such activities.
  9. New store launching

    Yup, this. There's just no point at all if you have a main store already. There really is no such thing as passing trade in SL except at events which is where most people find new brands. Malls attached to clubs are particularly awful and pointless because of the inevitable lag. If we want to shop we can either TP to a main store which will carry the full range, or at least all the latest stuff, or go to the marketplace.
  10. Why do people hate TMP?

    I think Klytyna meant that the default feet would be huge if the mesh body (and feet) were removed in a 'strip all' situation because yes, the TMP feet are teeny and do need the classic avatar feet sized up to make them look right.
  11. Have you learned any valuable lessons from Second Life?

    I've learned that some people can never recover from the dreadful shock and horror of being unable to distinguish a joke and sarcasm from genocide. It must be awful for them. Particularly when they are the butt of the joke, although that's something you would swear they'd be used to. Life is odd, and second life is odder and some of the people, well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have to share either a real or a virtual continent with THAT type
  12. Passing RL of an SL Friend

    Their next of kin would need to provide Linden lab with a copy of the death certificate and proof of any testamentary intent with reference to the account of the deceased. If there is no testamentary intent then the account will likely remain technically 'active' indefinitely. For details of how to proceed you could open a ticket with LL. If this is not an academic enquiry I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss.
  13. Resident Philosohpy a Virtual Life

    My philosophy in sl, if it can be called that, is simply this: Love upsets nastiness, anger isn't sincerity, overly flamboyant feelings help engender rage; mindfulness engenders deeper sincerity. I suppose initially it may seem odd, but I find it to be true.
  14. Life Forward Anchor 1

    And with that in mind, JoeDex can Foxtrot Oscar
  15. Why Do The Lindens Tolerate This Kind of Griefing?

    There is one person in this forum I will never again reply to or in any way address. It should work very well.