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  1. Not from notices, but you can from in world vendors. Most groups don't send gifts via group notices for this very reason.
  2. I just won't buy fish in sl at all - never mind poorly rendered, you can't even get it properly filleted
  3. I have no idea which 'bumper' (what's a bumper exactly, anyway?!) gives warnings, but truly, do people care about being virtually bumped? I mean, come on, it takes forever to rezz in some places so yeah, you get bumped. It can't hurt or damage you, so who gives a fig?
  4. Mesh clothing has to be rigged to the bones of the avatar or mesh body. The weights for each body are different, although some are similar to others. You'll need to get the specific information from each body creator.
  5. He's SO stupid, SO wilfully ignorant - it's just astonishing to watch. And astonishing that this is so hilariously funny to anyone who has to share a continent with that doofus. Extraordinary that people - the not as stupid ones - must look at this and say to themselves, yeah, he's dreadful, he's a racist, an abuser, a moron and dumb as a box of rocks, but at least he doesn't want us to have clean air and health care and homes. Think how awful THAT would be. To be so hate filled that you're eager to suffer horribly just so long as the ones you hate suffer too. Very strange.
  6. Not my country, I'm in the UK. My only point was that it is sickening to see someone for whom the US IS their country, laugh at intelligent and well reasoned posts because their political fave has talked utter gibbering nonsense about it and they have to agree because, I dunno, hate? stupidity? they really like orange things? The fires being out of control and dangerous to humans is almost entirely die to human activity and over population and greed. Fire's natural enough, but the degree to which these have grown and the negative impact on us, not so much.
  7. Thank you, Luna; also, how, exactly, is this a post to 'haha' at? How, ffs? Your country is on fire; it isn't funny. (that last NOT aimed at Luna, obviously)
  8. The most recent Maitreya version has resizeable (sp?) feet. If the shape you have been using has feet set to zero - pretty standard in sl - the feet of the latest body will be too small for your maitreya shoes. You can fix this by setting your foot size to 25 (more or less). Future shoes for maitreya may well adjust to the foot size slider in shapes, but the vast majority currently do not. If your shape is no modify you really need to get a better shape. Fortunately the shapes that come with mesh heads are pretty well always modifiable, so you can adjust the body to suit your style. I al
  9. Pixie worries about many things, but strangely not this.....
  10. Although a snowberry would be different again, and maybe quite yummy xxx
  11. Hmmm, ok, well, gosh, thoughts. Firstly I'm not sure you're supposed to advertise here. Secondly, I did try the demo. I think you will have an issue with not using the SL UV mapping. By not doing this you make it impossible for any mainstream skin makers to support you, unless they are willing to make skins just for your UV map. It also means that customers who would like to use the skins they already have cannot. Further, no applier clothing will work, so again, you would need creators to make appliers exclusively for your UV, and customers will need to re buy their favourite applier li
  12. Yeah - back when sculpties were a thing we had small attachments like cuffs, lower legs for pants and so on, but it was really always a bodge of sorts. A jacket, for example, had to be 5 pieces, with a body, upper arms and lower arms, and each piece had a large surrounding invisiprim (pre alphas) and even then as soon as you moved beyond a very sedate walk or stand anim it could look awful.
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