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  1. Thanks for fixing my mistake there, Chase xxxxxx
  2. There's a large monthly event called The Arcade and several other smaller events. Many (most?) charity events/fairs also have a gacha section.
  3. Do you recall if it was sung by a man or a woman? It might be Hazard by Richard Marx
  4. I think the tone of your second notecard was rather rude. It is possible that the merchant didn't even see the first one, and who are you to tell someone what they have time for?; they might have been absent from sl for all sorts of reasons. You don't have any automatic right to updated products unless that is a specific store policy. Naturally if an update is due to a problem with the original that's another matter, but otherwise no. To then deliberately purchase demos simply to leave nasty reviews is utterly petty, and it was entirely right for LL to remove them. You were attempting to bully and blackmail the merchant, and that kind of behaviour is never going to succeed. I'm not at all surprised that you were muted after such mean spirited and entitled behaviour.
  5. Because all active listings are, well, listed, therefore visible. Also, many shoppers will go to a specific store and search just for demos, to save time wading through other stuff.
  6. Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa are mental disorders. They can have a variety of causes or triggers, and common ones are feelings of lack of control, body dysmorphia, and actual obesity. They are not lifestyles, although a common part of many mental disorders is truly believing that they ARE lifestyle choices. One of the saddest things about these particular diseases is that, lacking a pathological means of transmission, they can only be spread by persuading other people to see them as desirable and/or acceptable modes of living. If someone with active and communicable TB came here asking for buddies to help them enjoy their TB, tried to tell us that having TB is a lifestyle choice and no one else's business I think we'd clearly see how wrong and inappropriate that would be. (and yes, I chose TB because you can live with it for years, in a constantly diminished and miserable way. It will still kill you, of course.)
  7. I guess you won't see this. Assuming you're telling the truth, and not trolling or RPing this disorder, which would be sick in a wholly different way, then I'm truly sorry that you are mentally ill and might die because of it. Presumably you know this and yet decided to bring your illness to second life for some sort of validation. I hope you don't find it. I hope you are repeatedly told to get help. This illness will shorten your life and make what remains of it miserable, not just for you but for anyone who cares about you. Anyone who truly is a 'hater' will be ecstatic that you are destroying yourself and saving them the bother. Lose lose there. You are ill. There is help. Get some.
  8. wrongun'
  9. Pasties, of course, but only Rowe's: http://www.rowesbakers.co.uk/, Philp's: http://www.philpspasties.co.uk/, or Warren's: https://warrensbakery.co.uk/ Cream tea - the jam goes on first, THEN the cream. it's cream, not butter; don't be mad.
  10. Pendeen, Cornwall, UK. I'm a socialist, a remainer and a narky type xxxxxx (I'm not Cornish, tho)
  11. You certainly can clear applier clothes from the Slink bodies now. Open the HUD and click the 'layers' tab. You will see three boxes labelled toggle tattoo, toggle underwear and toggle clothing. Simply click on the parts you want cleared and the applier clothing will disappear. If you don't have this functionality in your Slink body HUD you need to get the free upgrade that came out a few months ago.
  12. Mesh clothes for mesh bodies wouldn't be able to use a standard alpha anyway, as those are for the classic body. Oftentimes there will be a standard alpha included to use on the classic body with the standard size or fitmesh clothing. Increasingly though,we will see mesh clothing that is only for mesh bodies.
  13. I'm sure you'll soon make friends as you travel around sl and chat to people. Join a few groups that interest you and you'll have a bunch of chums before you know it! Good luck, and I hope you enjoy sl xxxx
  14. Sometimes exotic dancers abandon their babies and run away to become nuns. It's sad.
  15. Without more information we can't say, however a couple of points. Did you buy in world or on marketplace? If marketplace you have a complete record of all purchases made on your account and evrything you bought will have gone to your received items folder in the first instance. So check there and see if you have perhaps not unpacked a box properly for example. If you purchased in world you have 32 days of transaction history on your SL dashboard. Check that your purchases went through, and search your inventory using the correct name of the items. If you have accidentally deleted anything, and so long as it was copiable, then it may be possible to get a redelivery. Many stores have redelivery terminals for just this eventuality. If the stores you used do not have this facility, then check the profile and see how the store owner prefers to be contacted. Ask them politely for a replacement. If any of your missing items are not copiable, then you are probably out of luck. Most store owners will not send additional copies of ntransfer only goods. You say that 'hadn't fully gone over into my inventory'; what do mean by 'fully'? Are you saying that a living room set, for example, has sent chairs and sofa but missed out the end tables? It is possible that you bought something other than what you thought, or that you didn't wait for a boxed item to load all contents before unpacking. A thorough check of your purchase history and inventory will most likely find your stuff. If you were 'scammed' it would probably have been an 'empty box' seller. In SL caveat emptor is ever the watch word, as LL never involve themselves in what they term resident to resident disputes. Before buying more stuff, check the stores are legit - read the owner's profile, see if they have a store in world, a blog or facebook page and read reviews for their products. Good luck.