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  1. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Actually, prokster, I'm a Samaritan, and whilst our mission statement is still that fewer people die by suicide, if someone calls us, and has decided on that course, and doesn't change their mind, then it is our duty and responsibility to stay on the phone with them while they die. I'm fortunate; I haven't had to do that yet, but some of my colleagues have. You should just straight up admit that you hate socialism because you hate, fear and envy fairness, equality and all that is kind and decent in other humans. Your bitterness is evident in every post you make. I don't require anyone else's estimation of my moral worth. You, on the other hand, desperately strive to be regarded more highly that you ever are, and long for validation and support. You could give that some thought.
  2. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Well at least it's their choice. You're still more likely to be shot in the US than to top yourself in Finland. As to the rest of your dribble, well, it's dribble, it's what you do best. You're good at hate and not much else. You poor old thing.
  3. Vote for Net Neutrality

    pfft, it works in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland. All of which are better countries by far than the US for, oh shucks, just about everything. Happiness, life expectancy, child care, education, healthcare, maternity care, people not getting shot by the police, people not getting shot by their neighbours, people just generally not getting shot really, better social care, better mental health support. Those countries are cleaner, you know, just face it. Socialism works. The US, on the other hand, is being run into the ground by a nazi sh1t gibbon and his pals. Sucks to be you.
  4. My feet

    Jenny, this is your third thread with the exact same question, photo and answer. You've clearly seen the replies already, so just either buy some feet or stop wearing shoes like that. kthnx
  5. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    We're hiding...
  6. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Hectic, eh? Is this one of those 'telling calm people to calm down so that they get flustered (or hectic, if you prefer) thereby justifying the calm down injunction in the first place' things? oh honey
  7. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Brutal? oh honey. But anyway, you have a great day too xxxx
  8. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    uh huh, how did you find this place and group? What were you looking for?
  9. Quick Question

    Put the whole lot into a box; list the items and their permissions in the description on the marketplace listing.
  10. Please help me find these?

    It's Morita by Doux
  11. Item Sent Different From Item Purchased

    The store could have moved - have you tried a search in world for the seller?
  12. Item Sent Different From Item Purchased

    Probably not, if the seller is no longer active in sl. Did you purchase in world or on marketplace? If on marketplace, check to see if there is an in world store, or a sales/service rep. If in world perhaps there is a group for the store where you can ask.
  13. Issues with shoe bases

    They look like very old sculpt shoes and will have a built in invisiprim. I expect that your new computer runs ALM which is why the invisiprims no longer work. Even if you disable the advanced lighting in preferences these shoes will appear to most residents as they do in the picture you supplied. Very few shoes are being made for the classic avatar feet now, as nothing can be done about the cankles, and alphas don't always give a good enough effect. Also there just isn't a big enough market for them. I'd bite the bullet and get mesh feet or a mesh body with feet. Your footwear choices will be so much better.
  14. do crazy high $L/$usd work?

    He'll be waiting forever. One million linden dollars is over US$3,500. So, your friend is going to be disappointed.