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  1. Just a shot of me dancing with one of my amazing friends on here
  2. I have the Maitreya body and the places I have shoes from are: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/157593 Reign https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/44190 Essenz https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13639 KC Couture https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/159741 Glamistry https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/40957 N Core plus Maitreya has shoes too Happy shopping! Cheers Autumn
  3. I had that issue as well. I logged off for a bit and when I logged back on, the two groups I had tried to get rid of were gone. SL can be extra special on the weekends. Hope it fixes for you soon! Cheers Autumn
  4. Is there a bug going on? I am unable to leave a group that I just joined today. I tried with another one I've been in for a while. Same situation. I follow the leave group, I get the message that I've left that group, then it comes right back! Relogging doesn't fix. Please advise Autumn addendum since I can't add otherwise...the two groups I attempted to leave earlier today, have now disappeared from my group list. Guess it was SL being its extra special weekend self!.
  5. *ninja humps Steve and runs off giggling* I have nothing to contribute to the convo, but I couldn't resist molesting a friend Cheers Autumn
  6. Looks like its Exile "after the rain" I got it at one of the Hair Fairs...I suggest you go to the store in world and see if its available there Cheers Autumn
  7. Glitzz has a gatcha machine that has flower pasties...have a look? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maravedi/120/177/2602 Cheers Autumn
  8. if you peruse that first comic...it sorta explains why there was no more posting...then keep flipping thru her many pages. Janelle has been a busy bee on that site, and has a bit more freedom compared to keeping things PG on here. Enjoy! Cheers Autumn
  9. If you mean Janelle's awesomesauce strip.... http://onatb.thecomicstrip.org/comics/first Hope the link works! Happy Holidays! Autumn
  10. Was it possibly Manticore? Have a look Deja Vu (131,129,1001) Cheers Autumn ugh, SLURL failed...tries again. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deja%20Vu/128/128/1001
  11. I actually was in the presence of Hippie! So cool to run into fellow forum dwellers. Happy weekend everyone :matte-motes-grin:
  12. I've turned it into a little koi pond. I like the other ideas that have been posted too. Once you've decided on the decor, take some photos and show it off! Cheers Autumn
  13. I was with Chris when he purchased the shirt. It came as a folder, so it wasn't like he could unpack a fresh hud and start anew. I didn't see any redelivery terminals in the store either. Chris has learned how to navigate SL pretty quick! This one is tricky though. I helped guide him through contacting Kal. For some reason, Chris couldn't pull up Kal's profile, but I can with no issues. It says in Kal's profile to contact him in IM if online, notecard if offline. Chris did both just to ensure the message went through. I've told him to wait and see, but as he admitted, he's an impatient guy! Thanks to the suggestions you lovely forumites (thats a word, right?) have presented so far...hope some more ideas are put forward. Cheers Autumn
  14. http://fabfree.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/here-they-are-september-hunts/ cheers Autumn
  15. oh lordy, what fun I had on MP searching for a possible link for you! There are some SERIOUSLY hilarious bumpers out there! My suggestion: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/bumper-barking-dog/5345195 If that isn't what you're thinking of, perhaps you can search for "animal bumper" on MP and see if something else tickles your fancy? Cheers Autumn
  16. I have a linden house, and have decided to not have my ban lines up, but it is possible. You go into world > parcel details, and you can set up security that way. I have a small security orb that ejects people not on my list after 30 seconds. If I find that they keep coming back, then their name goes onto my banned list under the access tab (thats also the tab where you would check off if you don't want public access). If you uncheck that box, then you will have to put names of the people you WANT to have access Any further questions...feel free to contact me inworld Cheers Autumn
  17. I've been using Firestorm for years now, and rarely have issues with my music/sound. You say you've set your preferences so everything to do with music is on. Does that include the music filter? If that is enabled, you have to click allow when you go from parcel to parcel to allow the sound to play. Make sure that is box isn't checked off and try again. If that isn't the case, I don't have any other suggestions. Not to knock the LL's viewer, I just don't find it user friendly in my case. Good luck, and enjoy your SL Cheers Autumn
  18. Hey Spinell! Yes, that website sure isn't helpful. But when I searched for TheGalleryGiftShop resident that was listed on the site that you had to pay, there are links on its profile to other avis that maybe could help you. Good luck, the hunt looks cool. Cheers Autumn
  19. It make me happy! :catvery-happy: Thumbs up Autumn
  20. well, these are not free, but very reasonable. I got a few compliments while wearing them. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ShuShu-COMMIN-SOON-overknee-boots-boho-wearable-DEMO-MESH-rigged/5796246 Cheers Autumn
  21. so sorry to hear about your sim Maria. I love going there on my horse for some tranquil time. You are very kind to allow building on your land, and perhaps thats something that should be changed? Put a nominal fee for your group and only allow group rezzing rights perhaps. I cannot imagine all the work that you had to do to restore your beautiful place! I hope it never happens again. Hugs Autumn
  22. Just tweeted out: SLGridStatus ‏@SLGridStatus 6m Unscheduled maintenance in process, logins and other services (including http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ ) may be unavailable. Fingers crossed its fixed soon Cheers Autumn
  23. I was the same as you, so I wandered around different neighbourhoods of Linden homes, saw the style I liked and knew the name before I abandoned my ugly one. Try that, and if you really don't see a style you like, then do as others have suggested, abandon the home and buy a parcel on the mainland. Unfortunately, the low prim allowance will limit you. At least with the Linden homes, they don't count against the 117 prim cap. Good luck! Autumn
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