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  1. If you already have Slink hands, when you update, they still have the static hand as well as the Bento rigged. There is also a vendor on the wall where the hands are where you can buy the static pose for the Bento hands of your choice.
  2. What I first looked like when I rezzed on my original avi.
  3. Are you wearing a mesh body? The one from Kittie's Lair has a built in skirt panel that you have to turn off...Just a thought.
  4. You don't need a "bento" shape. What makes a difference is if you get a bento head. They are rigged a bit differently and you'll have to tweak the shape so the head looks normal. with my default avi.... after I tweaked it for the Bento head...that was the new LOGO Quinn. Then you just save that shape. I saved as BobbieQuinn. I also have one that says BobbieCatwa and BobbieLelutka. Since each head is rigged differently, the underlying shape is different. So, As long as you don't wear a mesh head, you're good. If your shape is, mod, and it should be, if you do get a mesh head, just some tweaking will be required and you'll still be you.
  5. BTW....Hair Fair is coming in July...just thought I'd throw that out there...Do join the demo group. It's in my group inworld. It's free and the 48 hours or so before the fair opens, you'll get almost all of the demos that you can try on at home so you know exactly what you want.
  6. If the applier clothing isn't working, check your mask/blend mode on the layers and toggle them. Looks like you may have the OpenGL alpha glitch.
  7. The vampire thing was from The Fearless Vampire Killers starring Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. As for local food, I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. Local food was mixed..You had the Latin influence so you had hot, pressed Cuban sandwiches but you have to get them at the right place, not one of the wannabees in town. Tropicana restaurant in Ybor City, Alessi Bakery, La Terisita were the places to go. Another was yellow rice and chicken from Valencia Gardens. One pot dish that was soooo good. The other was fresh seafood of any kind. I could go down to the docks where the boars came in and get it right off the boat. Also had shrimpers on the corners on Saturday afternoon with fresh shrimp that was still kicking, so to speak.
  8. Rather than commission, which will cost you a small fortune, look around and find one you like. Not all skins have a well-defined 6 pack. Lots of demos to find what you want. has a list of skins to take a look at. You'll want an Omega-compatible body, which Slink is. Then look at Omega compatible skins. Omega is just a universal applier script that makes life easier for creators.
  9. I live inside the Perimeter in the Atlanta, GA area. I was born and raised in Tampa FL. In regards to Florida being upside's because the state was settled....oddly. Northern panhandle was settled by people coming down from Georgia and Alabama. The southern tip was settled by Latins coming up from the Caribbean St Augustine was settled by the Spanish and is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city in the continental US. The center part of the state was actually settled by people from New York. Tampa was the end of the line of the railroad built by Henry B. Plant. So a lot of settlers came in by way of the railroad from the north. Then the others met in the middle. Gotta love Florida history from classes taught in school.
  10. I have a Linden Home, Skylight, and I think I've done a pretty good job personalizing it.
  11. That part of the TOS keeps getting missed to be updated. The page you are referencing was last updated in 2012. I did submit to LL to update that page to reflect the current policy. As I said, 5 per household, as LL discovered, was unrealistic be cause of households/college dorms/etc sharing one router/modem. It was changed to 5 per email address a while back though I can't find the specific reference. Try making more than 5 alt accounts on an email address; you can't do it.
  12. Chances are that though the shoes are mod, they are prim and are shrunk as small as they can be. Prims can only be shrunk to 0.01m, including width. So...get new shoes. Newer shoes are much better quality.
  13. Chances are you weren't hacked but phished. I'll bet you clicked on one of the phishing links that get spammed then logged in so gave the phisher your user name and address. They then logged in and cleaned you out. As stated above, you need to do the support case. Also, in the future, don't click on those links that appear to point to marketplace stores. You NEVER have to log in to the MP just to browse. The most that will happen is if you aren't set to for adult and it points to an adult section, you'll get the regular splash page when you open the MP and told you aren't authorized to view adult items. If you ever do click on one of those links, if it want you to log in to the MP first, it's a phishing link.
  14. Another option is the Tonic; either fine or curvy. For 2100L you get the body, static and bento rigged hands and feet that can be adjusted to flat, med and high and are Slink compatible. There are plenty of clothes for the Tonic with more coming. It's Omega applier compatible out of the box so no extra installers to buy.
  15. Replacer in what context? It may be that the body is being updated and you're getting an update that will replace your current body.