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  1. Linden Realms is probably your best bet. You run around, collect crystals that you can turn in for cash.
  2. Unfortunately, if there was a jump in prims or a griefer, the land settings don't return last rezzed first returned but will return randomly. I've been on several RP sims that, because of needing rezzing open for bullets, griefers have taken advantage of that and large portions of the sim builds have disappeared. BTW, look in your lost and found and see if you have objects that look like a lot of little boxes together. If so, that's where your stuff it. It was returned in a coalesced object. You'll need to be sure you are in a place with enough prims and space then rez those out as they will rez out in the relationships they were when they were returned. Good luck.
  3. Radegast is Windows and Linux only and has an extremely limited graphics interface and doesn't render mesh at all. Lumiya is a limited visual Android app that you pay for once but it is still somewhat graphics intensive. Radegast is based on the LL viewer, which is open source. Android is also open for app makers. Apple, however, is not an open system like the others which is part of the reason why you rarely get viruses on their devices. There was, at one point, an Apple based app called Pocket Metaverse but I don't think it's still available.
  4. Not just no but hell no. If you want to use emojis, then hit forums and Skype. SL is more than an animated chat platform. In RL you would got up and say LOL, I'll BRB, smiley face. I personally believe SL should be treated the same way you treat RL in conversations. Emojis work on Twitter and phone messages because of lack of character space. That's not a problem in SL. I teach RP classes and already have a problem getting players to drop the text/l33t speak when doing roleplay. I don't have a problem in IMs or group chats with the abbreviations but you don't RP LOL,,you say /me laughs loudly. Sorry, but people are already replacing proper spelling with advertising spelling, lite rather than light for instance. Let's not drop our language skills even further, please.
  5. sailing

    The thing you need to remember is that when you look at the map and see the blue areas, those aren't really "sea" but fake hold spots for areas that are places that sims can be placed. For LL to do what you are talking about would require those areas to become actual sims that require server space. I don't see LL doing that.
  6. Sounds like a combination of 2 things. One is if it's mesh, you don't have your LOD high enough or you need to update your viewer, as suggested above. The other is there may be some alphas textures in the hair and you're having the OpenGL glitch that happens with alpha conflicts. It's a problem with the program, not you, and isn't specific to Second Life. It happens in any online game that uses OpenGL for part of their graphics rendering. There's nothing you can do about that particular problem.
  7. 10,000L won't even begin to cover the cost of a custom avatar to be made. It will cost you more in the several hundreds USD...Since you want anthro, you might check out the Kimono avatar. It comes in parts and is modifiable and customizable. Good Luck.
  8. I'll still post...I'm an admin in an RP sim in SL. We've had players that have passed and we try to remember them. We name shops on the sim after them or we name streets, etc. Most recently we had 2 players pass that had been with the sim almost from the very beginning. We had a wake for them where I gave a short speech remembering what they'd done for the sim, some of the more memorable RP's they'd participated in, etc. i also had, prior to the meeting, gotten pictures from everyone of the players and set them in in a rotating slide show. We all remembered their kindnesses and their foibles. We celebrated their lives and shared what they'd meant to us.
  9. And with the new forum, there's no way to report to the mod.
  10. Actually, Black Dragon is not the viewer to use as a regular viewer. It has a ton of settings done specifically for taking pictures and making machinima, what it was designed for, and is very resource heavy. Better to use the SL standard viewer, Alchemy, UKanDo, Kokua or Catznip. They are all based on the SL Standard viewer. I prefer how things are set up on the Firestorm viewer as well as some of the toys on it that aren't available on the standard viewer. But to the original question, mesh is here to stay, even if you don't use it. You can always lower your rendered complexity and see most people as jelly dolls if you prefer on the up to date viewers. As for complexity, the highest I've seen has been 1.5 MILLION. She had on old flexi hair, bling jewelry, and and old flexi ball gown. Since she was in Catwa and picking up the gifts, I suspect she was one that had been away for a while and was updating her avi. https://gyazo.com/037e31091789b1109aa0db6a1e765c64
  11. They are basic, but, now that the prim count has gone up, you can do a pretty decent job of decorating. It would, however, be nice if they utilized the house rezzer system like they have in the Horizon sims, and let you choose the house. The only problem with that is that the plots the houses are on are actually just big enough for the house footprint so that could be a problem.
  12. Check Immortals. They have petites, some that are probably 1:2, regular size, some that are half again as large and Giants (11.5 meters tall). They may have what you want.
  13. With Casper, the 2 outages in the last few weeks weren't his fault and were beyond his control. The first one was a DDOS. The second was a problem with his server company. They had a bank of servers go down and had to migrate them to another set and that took some time.
  14. Builder's Brewery has classes periodically. Check there.
  15. What viewer are you using? If you are using Firestorm, install the SL default viewer and see if you still have the same problem. If you don't have a problem with the SL viewer, then you've probably got a corrupted file somewhere. Contact Firestorm support inworld.