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  1. Does LL want to fix SL

    I remember the first time the grid had 35K in at one time and the whole thing crashed for several hours. As for the dying off, LL made a huge mistake when it closed down the SL Mentors program and the original Orientation and starter islands and started dumping people in a spot with very minimal instruction on how to move or even open a box. Then they had TPs that supposedly sent them to an area they were Shopping, Roleplay, etc. It would randomly dump the new players in the middle of a sim with no help. People gave up with SL...I set up an avi and tried the Roleplay and was dumped in the middle of the Insilco sim rather than some of the other active RP sims like CoLA or NoR. The Shopping dumped my avi into an empty shopping center that half the stores were empty. (I was making NPC's for RP in the sim that I admin in) At least they are bringing back the gateways where there are people to help. As for the mesh bodies, my understanding is that SL can't change the base avi without breaking all the content for avis...including hair, skin, clothing, etc. That would have players up in arms. The default mesh, if you look at it in wireframe, has few polygons and are oddly placed so you get peaks on curve surfaces, such as calves, arms, shoulder, buttocks and breasts. The current mesh bodies have higher polygons and have fixed that problem. The default avi also has flippers for feet with lines on them. The mesh bods have real feet. With the new Bento skeleton, courtesy of Sansar btw, the rigging allows for hands that move normally and allow heads that are rigged to the new bones that allow the flexibility of the head sliders in the default head. It also allows for better animation of the face, including motion capture, rather than the older poses. SL has come a very long way from the beginning. is what I looked like when I first rezzed. what I look like now with the Tonic Fine body, Lelutka head
  2. What Clothing Is/Isn't Allowed on General Sims

    to be fair, it's not SL's fault with the alpha layers. It's an Open GL glitch. It's the same one that, if you are using a texture on your house that has an alpha window in it, you will seem to have a tree limb from outside inside your house. The same problem shows up in any video game that uses Open GL.
  3. Yes or No: Adult content on a General Sim

    That person is wrong. The ONLY way you MIGHT be able to get away with it is to set up ban lines so only certain people can get into the place, put the house in a skybox and set the land so only those on the parcel can see and speak to those on the parcel. Even then, the bed could be AR'd and returned. Better to go to a moderate or adult sim.
  4. Why do people hate TMP?

    LAQ uses motion capture for theirs and others are going the same way. They're already using it for body animations so adding the head/face is easy enough
  5. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Actually, there is a former police officer in New York that was originally convicted because of thoughts From what I've read, apparently even his lawyers weren't aware of Dolcett. There's a whole set of comics done by an anonymous artist as well as many short stories on the web. It's not mainstream and you do have to dig a bit for it in SL. I've looked into it on an alt and interestingly, there are more female avis interested in BDSM. Dolcett is an extreme form of BDSM. Unfortunately, most I've run into have no idea how to roleplay; just jump on poseballs. Just my 2L worth
  6. Why do people hate TMP?

    TMP has the problems listed above. My understanding is that the creators had a falling out and there won't be any updates. The appliers problem is because of the Style Hud. Creators have to upload their UUIDs into the database owned by TMP. This would allow the owners to use those in world since the applier scripts use the UUID. That violates the EULA of several of the creators of the templates and textures I use. Technically, since the TMP uses the SLUV the standard map for skins and clothes SL created, there is no reason why TMP couldn't be Omega compatible except that the creators chose not allow it. For mesh, Omega compatibility is a must for skin if nothing else. Bento rigging is for two things. It allows for your hands to move more realistically with the right AO. For the head, 2 things.. The Bento rigging has a mesh head rigged to the sliders that allow you to customize the face like the default head does, for the most part. If you do photography, it allows for facial expressions. Demo, demo, demo
  7. Are mesh feet worth it?

    Getting a mesh body is your best bet. Next would be just the feet. For the price of the feet you could get the Tonic body that includes the 3 popular heights of Slink compatible feet. System feet are really bad; they look like flippers with lines on them. Bodies can be resized though, some older mesh still uses standard sizing. Check for info on mesh bodies. They can get complicated. You'll be getting into appliers. There are tutorials on that site.
  8. What did your avatar look like when you first started SL? That's what I looked like when I first rezzed, as did everyone at that time. Changed eventually but don't have access to those pictures at the moment

    first, be sure you have the matching skin and head skin appliers. Since the Toddledoo is Omega compatible, that's easy enough. Next, be sure you are using something like CalWL or Nam's skin and prim for your windlight setting to be sure you don't have odd shadows. Next, and this is important, compare the colors on the SIDE of the neck, not under the chin. Under the chin you have shading for that chin underside as well as shading on the neck for the trachea. That shading can throw the appearance of the color off. THose things will usually let you match perfectly.
  10. Need help with clothes purchased

    you've not said what kind of glitches. If it;s the body showing through, you use the alpha tab in your hud and turn off the parts showing through.
  11. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    There are a lot here and I'm not going to read through them all. Here's the thing, I understand you indentifying with your avi. However, Progeny can't hurt you. To those players, you're a non player character in their own little world. You, the real you, isn't involved in their little world. There are rude "roleplayers" all over SL that only care about what they want. Block and move on. If you are identifying that closely with your avi, you need to step back. It's just pixels on the screen. You need to keep in mind that it's not you. If you can't make that separation, Second Life may not be for you.
  12. Sounds like the hud may be borked. Get a redelivery of your body or unpack a new one.
  13. Maitreya skin

    The main reason I suggested the Omega is the support group is there to help and Chellyne has made video tutorials. It may have changed but last I checked, the Maitreya group doesn't allow chat. You can contact the creator of Maitreya and she does get back to you if you need help.
  14. Altamura Free Mesh Avatar -- Omega compatible?

    It doesn't, at least not yet. List of supported meshes. Best you can do is contact the creator.
  15. Objects of the dead

    You become close to people when you roleplay with them. So far I've lost 3 close friends from where I play. One was the person that really taught me how to roleplay. She had a wicked sense of humor and was fearless in her RP. She was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have the strength to play the last couple of years. Another was a big bear of a man in SL and, from his SL/RL significant other, he was like that in real life, even to his looks. He had a massive heart attack and died. The third had hooked up in RL with his SL partner. He passed from a ruptured stomach ulcer. We had a memorial for them. I created a slide show frame with all the pictures I could round up, funny, touching, serious, pictures that remind us of them. We also have stores or streets named for them in our sim. I really miss them. Feel free to contact me in world or use my stories if you like.