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  1. Bodies in style

    Just an FYI, Tonic Fine and Curvy are growing in popularity. The fine is my body of choice.
  2. Mesh Head Question

    The older mesh heads use a different method for animation. It's actually "slides". If you could see the head totally rezzed out, you'd see the main head as well as heads with the expression on them that slide into view when you choose that animations. They are nested like an onion once you wear them. So, the older mesh uses switching to different heads. Think of the slide/pictures in the old nickelodeons or the way hand-drawn animation is done, one slide/cel at a time. At the time they were made you had 2 bones for the head. With the new Bento, you have now have 30 "bones" that the head parts can be rigged to that are attached to the various sliders on the head. Those points can be animated the same way your body is, allowing for a lot more versatility. In order for the old heads to function with the Bento animations, they would have to be completely rerigged to the new Bento skeleton, which would involve a great deal of work for the creator. Some, like AK, have chosen to rerig their heads. Most of the others have decided they'd rather make new heads rather than go back and redo what they've done in the past.
  3. Hover, Hover and Shoebase

    One other thing to consider with hover. Be sure you are setting it on Linden ground, not standing on a prim/mesh/sculpt. Because of the collision boxes, if you stand on anything other than the Linden ground, ie the land with nothing else on it, your hover could be way off. I've had some shoes that when I set up perfectly on Linden land, I'll be a good meter off the floor in some builds. If I adjust it for that build, I'll be up to my calves on regular ground.
  4. FPS is dependent on your graphics card and connection. Though it sounds counterintuitive, check your speed. I keep mine at 800. Higher isn't necessarily faster. Think of a hose. You connect it to a spigot. Bigger will usually give a slower flow. If you use a smaller hose, you get a more forceful spray. Same thing applies to the data speed.
  5. Bento.... but... forgetting a impotant part...

    You don't have to get a full hud to add animations. If you look on the post stands for trying the animations, there is the option to buy individual poses. Just add a few to your current AO. Also, watch for events like eBento and Mesh Body Addicts. Especially the eBento will have discounted AOs. Tuty, Voir, and Oracul all have AO for far less than 1K. You don't need Bento animations for everything, just for stands and a dance or 2. Abrinamations has inexpensive dances and AO animations available. Vista has lovely animations but people forget about some of the less expensive alternatives.
  6. Log In Issues?

    Unscheduled MaintenanceSubscribe Investigating - We are performing an unscheduled maintenance to our login systems. Residents may experience log in issues in world as well as Please keep an eye on this blog for status updates. Sep 6, 17:33 PDT
  7. Complete Inventory Loss on Aditi

    Aditi doesn't always sync up. Do a support ticket. It's usually something SL has to fix from their end.
  8. Sim Traffic

    Get involved in the Seeking Roleplay group. You can advertise there and get new players to come.
  9. Is it possible to fix neck seam?

    A few things. First, be sure you are looking using either CalWL or Nam's ultimate Skin and Prim windlights. Next, turn off advanced lighting. Next, when looking for a match, look at the side or back of the neck, NOT under the chin. Under the chin, you're going to get a shadow from the chin. Chances are you'll now see a match. That being said, I don't really know of too many people that will zoom in on your neck that closely. Also, you can only get your skin/avi to look great to you. You have no way of controlling what windlight others around you use. So, don't sweat not having an absolutely perfect match as it's highly unlikely anyone is going to be looking at the color that closely for it to be a problem. To prove it, after you get that perfect match, try the default sky or one of the other windlight settings and you'll see you don't have that perfect match anymore. There is no way to get a perfect match in all the different windlights people use.
  10. WOW! Dress complexity

    The dress could be as simple as linking the wrong parts together. For instance, if you link a torus to a mesh object, the LI will skyrocket. As for the flexi, that's here to stay. I can't imagine a gown that doesn't flow. That short dress looks like it has a lot of layers that had transparency and flexi. One way that's helping is mesh parts with flexi added for movement. Bling will add huge amts of complexity. Older shoes, particularly the ones from a designer that is no longer in SL was horrible on scripting. Some older stuff has resizers that have a child script in every prim. I once had an outfit that had a lot of fancy prim work in the tassels and studs. Between the outfit and the boots it had over 800 scripts in it. Fortunately it was mod and Firestorm has the remove scripts function.
  11. Fire Pit or Water Feature

    I prefer water. I've even set up a waterfall going into the pool on my Linden Home. Fenced off the patio, water coming fro the wall into the pool and place water plants in the pool and lounge chairs on it.
  12. SL songs

    This is the one you were talking about.
  13. Do you prefer box? Or no box?

    Doesn't really matter to me. Since I use a vendor in my store, everything is boxed. I do applier clothing so inside the main box is the applier and then a box labeled System Clothes. Also has a picture of the outfit and my landmark. If it has multiple items for the outfit I'll have a notecard with the suggested layer for the clothing item. The box this is packed into is a plain box with my logo. That's it.

    SL has bugs but NOTHING like when I first started 10 years ago. Then, when you TPd, anything above your neck or ankles down ended up in the middle. This includes hair, jewelry, and shoes. You'd regularly fold over in half like you'd been cut in half. Every Wednesday, the grid went down at 8 AM SLT for maintenance, supposedly for 4 hours...which often became 8 or more. Let's not forget the great blackout that went for 4 days. Then you had the days you couldn't TP. Where you rezzed in is where you were stuck. I spent 2 days at the Gov. Linden mansion. If you were dancing with a dance ball, if you forgot to disconnect, you'd still be dancing when you TPd and got to your destination. Then textures didn't always load on avis and they'd be wearing a default white texture with Missing Texture in black letters on it. I can remember some enterprising people that made actual clothes with that texture on it to freak others out. Like today's mesh bodies, you had one item per layer though there was no tat layer then. So, when mesh bods came out, it was easy to revert to what I did when we first started. I can remember the grid crashing for a few hours the first time 35K people were logged in. I can remember when you tried to rez out a box and you ended up wearing it as a hat. SL has come a very long way in 10 years. A lot of bugs have been fixed. Some that crop up now are because of hidden bombs in the code. The original coders are long gone and there was no documentation left for what they did. When the current coders change something, sometimes it reacts with something they didn't know was buried in the code. It wasn't that long ago when you suddenly couldn't upload anything. The coders found that the code set up to assign UUID's was maxed out on the number it could assign. The original coders had put, what they thought was, an astronomical number that they never thought would be was. That had to be fixed, which they did quickly. I personally think that the coders for SL are doing a phenomenal job updating since they are having to work with a base code that is so old that they can't get rid of without breaking a LOT of SL content.
  15. Clothes for teen avatar?

    3 hunts to check out. Punk Rock Girl, Kawaii and LiveLoveKpop. They run in July. has the list and info. Even if you don't like the gifts, those hunts should take you to some stores with more teen stuff in them. I'll be doing them myself to outfit a teen alt I'm setting up that I don't want to spend a lot of money on.