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  1. Best clothing brands for Maitreya

    For a mostly complete list, go to the Mesh Bodies Addict web site. There is an almost complete list of designers there. Most mesh clothing is rigged for Maitreya, it's just a matter of finding what you like.
  2. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    At one time I had a large parcel that I periodically set up for yard sale/swap for friends as well as my store. I kept track of my prims and noticed, after a yard sale had ended there was still 600 or so prims that were not mine. I had the land set so members of my group could rez stuff, mainly so they could open boxes. I went looking and found some guy had set up a full skybox at about 3k meters up. I tried to talk to him, since he was in the box but was ignored. I proceeded to eject him from the group and then the land and banned him. He immd me all huffy and I told him he'd get his stuff back in a few. He acted like I didn't have the right since he could rez. I blocked him then got mean. I returned his box.... in small pieces with something that was no copy for as long as I could so he had all this consolidated boxes in his inventory he had to rez to get his stuff. I also got the stuff from opposite sides of the skybox just to make it interesting for him when he opened them since stuff rezzes the difference is space the same as it was when picked up. I then created a rezzing room. Yep, don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry.
  3. Mama Allpa HUD problem

    Best bet is to contact Mama Alpa for help.
  4. Advice on Mesh Heads

    There are also some new heads debuting at the skin fair
  5. Emergency outfit for mesh bodies

    That outfit is rigged mesh using the older standard sizes. You can get the free standard sizing kit on the MP that has the numbers you need. You will probably have to alpha parts of your body, but not a lot. I still use a lot of the standard sizing clothing I bought without a problem and I use multiple bodies (Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Tonic Fine).
  6. How to become a fashion/lingerie designer?

    If you are going to make appliers, rather than get all the individual body developer kits, get the Omega kit. Most bodies are Omega compatible and that will keep you from having to make a ton of individual appliers.
  7. Maitrya lara

    You can get the designer kit from the store where the body is. You might also want to get the Omega designer kit as well if you are going to sell your tats so they can be used on most of the other mesh bodies.
  8. I have a question to check my memory. During the 2nd,3rd or 4th year of the Peace on Earth hunt that goes on in December, they set the places up in groups with starting points then you went around to help with the lag with everyone starting at the same place they'd had the year before. Remember, this was before web pages with the landmarks and hints became common. As I recall, there was a section that was in a new shopping area. It was on it's own section mainly because it wasn't quite finished in time for the hunt. I also remember participating in a machinima that was made to advertise for it. It had major shops, at the time, that had satellite stores (Callie Cline, Bax Cohen, Moody, etc.) This logging anyone's memory for the name of it. I'm sure it's long closed but trying to remember the name is annoying. Thanks
  9. Advice on Mesh Heads

    Check out the Jenna by Daddy's Choice Design. It comes with Omega already installed. It's a bit basic but works well with 3rd party expression huds. It run 699L so is basic. Basically, demos are your best friend. Hit all the main places and get the demos and try and find what you like. Do be sure it's Omega compatible. So Catwa, Lelutka, LOGO, Mayreal, Jenna, Vista, LAQ, and Tonic is releasing one at the Skin Fair, though I don't know the price ATM. You might want to wait,if you can, until the fair as others may be releasing There are other heads but those are the most popular. Just remember Omega
  10. Linden Labs Is At Fault

    First, when you can't get in, rather than jumping here to complain, check the grid status at Any problems will be listed there. You can also subscribe to the feed and get notices. Then you'll know what's going on rather than complaining here. At least it usually only takes a couple of hours for problems to resolve. Used to take the whole grid done at 8am SLT and supposed to come back up 4 hours later. It was usually 6 hours. Sims would still go down randomly. They'd usually get it back to working smoothly the following Monday, just in time for the next update. I can remember one year Halloween fell on a Friday. The merchants and club owners screamed and they held off that week. The worst was one was when they took it down and something in the new code really made a mess. The grid was down for a week.
  11. FWIW, you might inform your client that the only authorized viewers are the standard SL viewer or the ones listed here Any others, he may find his access to SL blocked until he changes to one of those as SL will disable others since they tend to be hacks around SL security for copybotted.
  12. Disabled/Amputee avatar

    Helping Hands is the name of the group. They have a sim, I believe, and would be the ones to help you
  13. Hair Diffusing Problems.

    What you are seeing is an OpenGL glitch that appears in any application on the net that uses it. If the trick above doesn't work, you'll have to live with it. If you are using a mesh head, see if you can change the opacity on the hairbase or try a different hairbase. If you are using a Catwa head, you have 2 hairbase layers. Try putting it on the other one. Also grab the free ones that Catwa has available for her heads. She adds the rest of her hair colors so you can match almost any color. Good luck.
  14. Maitreya skin problem

    First, you have breakthrough of your default body through the mesh. You should have a full body alpha n the Maitreya folder that you need to wear. Next, you do have to apply a texture for the skin to yours body. The Maitreya hud has skins built in that are Glam Affair skins, so you can use those and then get a Glam Affair skin since you are using your default (standard) head rather than a mesh (FYI if you decide decide to get a mesh head, the Lelutka also comes with the Glam Affair skins). Now if your skins come from any other creator, you will need to get the applier that matches it. The skin you have for your default body won't work on the mesh bodies. Your body is an attachment, just like a skirt or pants so you have to have a separate applier. You can get one specifically for the Maitreya body but many designers are making Omega appliers. Omega is a system that allows the one applier to work on most of the mesh bodies in SL so makes things easier for the designers. You can get the relay for Omega for your body at That will allow you to use Omega appliers for skin, tattoos and clothing. Demo your skins. Demos are your best friend. Also be sure that you get a system skin so you can wear it with your system head. Some designers include the system body skin, some you have to buy separately. Demo, demo, demo. Now, if you do need to buy a skin, I'd suggest you head over to Lumae. Her group is about 10L but you can get one of the group gifts, which is complete, and get that and wait a few weeks while your demoing. The yearly skin fair, an expo where most of the skin creators put out new stuff, usually discounts some. If you need anymore help, has a lot of tutorial and info. There is also the Omega Support Group where you can get a lot of help as well. Good Luck and welcome to the world of mesh
  15. Walking Problem

    Bandwidth really doesn't need to be much above 800 or so. Think of it this way. SL sends out the stream at a set level. It's analogous to the water the water company sends out. If you have a connection that's the same size, you'll generally her the same speed. However, if you have it set higher (larger) you may get slower. Like having a 3/4 inch pipe and you attach a 1 inch pipe. Your water pressure will be lower. If you attach a 5/8 inch pipe, the pressure will be higher since the pipe is smaller.