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  1. Wh3n you joined you would have put your date of birth so they know you are over 18. In preferences, on Firestorm and there should be an equivalent on the official viewer, on the first page, you specify what regions you want to enter. Be sure to change to general, moderate and adult. You need to do the same thing on the marketplace. Preferences tab is under Avatar, the first listing on the top left hand corner. That should sole your problem
  2. the problem is an old one. The camera is set way too high so all the objects are foreshortened and appear shorter than they are. The doors are so tall and the rooms so large is so the camera doesn't go through walls. i use a custom setting for mine so i don't have to worry about that.
  3. For female, Gothikatz is still around. I also have my shop that’s on the MP. I included classic style along with the Omega applies. Best to check the marketplace and see what you can find.
  4. I didn’t read through all the replies here so if this has already been broached, my apologies. If you see anyone wearing or displaying a swastika, report it. That is one thing that is not allowed in SL. Same thing applies to WWII German uniforms. For “speech”, mute is a lovely thing.
  5. Couple of things about lights. First, your viewer will only render 6 light sources. If there are more than that around, you get the 6 closest to you. Many have the rendering attached light sources off; I know I do. For the most part, the light will only affect what you see. It’s better for you to find a windlight setting you look good in and go with that. With all the available windlight settings, the chance of you having the same setting as someone else, unless you use something like CalWL or one of the others that give you a good light without shadows, is not very likely.
  6. I think there is a mix up in terms here. You have what is called the legacy body that refers to the system body. The other is a mesh body that I thought was called TMP. I hadn’t heard it called the Legacy body before. So, you are talking about two different things.
  7. http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/instructions-genus/ the instructions are there.
  8. 25K is nothing. Builders and bloggers regularly have over 100k or more. I know I have in that neighborhood since I just closed my main store. Textures can add up fast. As for eliminating sizes I don’t use, I have the Maitreya, all 3 Belleza, both Tonic, Toodledoo teen, Altamera, both Slink and probably a few more I don’t remember so I need them all, depending on the look I want.
  9. FWIW the last week, the sims will be almost empty and you’ll have no problems shopping. If you join the group for the skin fair, you should have most of the demos there that you can try on at home so you know exactly what you want when you get there.
  10. When I had my store, I had 4 model bots that were registered as such. They sti showed as dots.
  11. There aren’t any free ones but there are demos that work with clothes and skins; same for heads. There are usable demos as well. Get the demos and find the one you like. The Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and Tonic are among the best. Avoid theTMP body as there is almost no support for it since the creator refused to allow the Omega system, which is also important Those are the best supported in world. The Maitreya size fits the Tonic fine.
  12. You do know that LOGO has bento heads now, right? As for Catwa versus Lelutka...Catwa has upper and lower layers on the head layers. The chin is squarer and cheeks are broader. The Lelutka just has the one layer in each slot. The cheeks are narrower and the chin is narrower and more pointed. Keep that in mind as well. Both are good heads as are the LOGO heads.
  13. Sn@tch has lucky boards and also has a game, can't remember the exact name ATM, that the more people, the lower the price. There are 3 of them that have items that are usually 250L or so and go down to between 45 and 55L.
  14. Check your groups. That's more the amount if the group has the thing checked to share monthly cost among members. You probably didn't notice it before. Check you Linden transactions and it will tell you who it went to.
  15. Being friendly, even if they don't tip this time is important. I go and sometimes it's the end of the month and I'm broke. I remember the clubs that welcome and will be back again with money.
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