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  1. Catwa vs. Lelutka?

    You do know that LOGO has bento heads now, right? As for Catwa versus Lelutka...Catwa has upper and lower layers on the head layers. The chin is squarer and cheeks are broader. The Lelutka just has the one layer in each slot. The cheeks are narrower and the chin is narrower and more pointed. Keep that in mind as well. Both are good heads as are the LOGO heads.
  2. Lucky Letters/Chairs??

    Sn@tch has lucky boards and also has a game, can't remember the exact name ATM, that the more people, the lower the price. There are 3 of them that have items that are usually 250L or so and go down to between 45 and 55L.
  3. Recently canceled my premium..

    Check your groups. That's more the amount if the group has the thing checked to share monthly cost among members. You probably didn't notice it before. Check you Linden transactions and it will tell you who it went to.
  4. What makes for a great Host(ess) ?

    Being friendly, even if they don't tip this time is important. I go and sometimes it's the end of the month and I'm broke. I remember the clubs that welcome and will be back again with money.
  5. Why go mesh?

    There is also the Tonic with the Fine, which most Maitreya clothes will fit and many designers are creating for. There is also a fuller figures Tonic, similar to the Slink hourglass. The Tonic includes Bento hands and Slink compatible feet with flat, mid and high heights. I've had no problem with any of the mesh heads working with it.
  6. Loot boxes now illegal in Belgium

    Just an FYI for those that haven't been around that long. Gambling in SL was removed for 2 reasons. One was US laws changed and LL was going to have to start issuing 1099 IRS forms for all gambling money cashed out of SL. LL didn't want to have to deal with that paperwork. The other is that there were too many "casino" owner weren't paying off the beets and there were too many complaints. Since that was player v player, it got to be too much so between that and the paperwork, it was easier to just close it down. There was also the inworld bank collapse at the same time. It was a bit of a mess at that time.

    Devin was apparently a private sim. LL doesn't close Sims for one missed tier payment but takes several missed months. The owner of Devin was either several months behind or decided to close the sim. LL probably won't see your posts or, if they do, no action will be taken. The owner would have placed all the animals and plants as well as buildings and if LL did turn the sim back on, it pro wouldn't have the things you like on it. Many things are ephemeral in SL. At one time there was a sim created as a 3D walk through of Van Gogh's Starry Night. There is a video on YouTube of the build and walk through. There was also a an area that had copies of many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings including Falling Waters that was sponsored but the FLW foundation. Enjoy your memories and look for the next installation. Bryn Oh, for instance, does changing instillations on her sim.
  8. Gachas are a specific form gameplay. They meet the no gambling rules SL has had in place for a number of years. You don't exactly get random stuff from them. The gacha is programmed with a specific series of prizes that the odds are set for those prizes. For instance, the odds equal 100%. The rare may be set up to get one of those at 5%. The uncommon set at 10%. The the commons then usually have the rest of the chances split between them. Depends on what the owner of the event wants to do. Your prize will only be for the gifts in the prize key. You will only win one of those gifts. Say a common would be plain shoes of skirt. Uncommon could be a set of colors. The rare could be specific colors, like a gold or silver, or have a mini set of the rare colors. You won't get any junk and the gachas let you trade for the ones you need or buy them from another player. As such, it doesn't fall under the random stuff that has nothing to do with the gacha you're playing nor does it have junk. Hope that helps. You have to play it to really understand it,
  9. Best clothing brands for Maitreya

    For a mostly complete list, go to the Mesh Bodies Addict web site. There is an almost complete list of designers there. Most mesh clothing is rigged for Maitreya, it's just a matter of finding what you like.
  10. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    At one time I had a large parcel that I periodically set up for yard sale/swap for friends as well as my store. I kept track of my prims and noticed, after a yard sale had ended there was still 600 or so prims that were not mine. I had the land set so members of my group could rez stuff, mainly so they could open boxes. I went looking and found some guy had set up a full skybox at about 3k meters up. I tried to talk to him, since he was in the box but was ignored. I proceeded to eject him from the group and then the land and banned him. He immd me all huffy and I told him he'd get his stuff back in a few. He acted like I didn't have the right since he could rez. I blocked him then got mean. I returned his box.... in small pieces with something that was no copy for as long as I could so he had all this consolidated boxes in his inventory he had to rez to get his stuff. I also got the stuff from opposite sides of the skybox just to make it interesting for him when he opened them since stuff rezzes the difference is space the same as it was when picked up. I then created a rezzing room. Yep, don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry.
  11. Mama Allpa HUD problem

    Best bet is to contact Mama Alpa for help.
  12. Advice on Mesh Heads

    There are also some new heads debuting at the skin fair
  13. Emergency outfit for mesh bodies

    That outfit is rigged mesh using the older standard sizes. You can get the free standard sizing kit on the MP that has the numbers you need. You will probably have to alpha parts of your body, but not a lot. I still use a lot of the standard sizing clothing I bought without a problem and I use multiple bodies (Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Tonic Fine).
  14. How to become a fashion/lingerie designer?

    If you are going to make appliers, rather than get all the individual body developer kits, get the Omega kit. Most bodies are Omega compatible and that will keep you from having to make a ton of individual appliers.
  15. Maitrya lara

    You can get the designer kit from the store where the body is. You might also want to get the Omega designer kit as well if you are going to sell your tats so they can be used on most of the other mesh bodies.