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  1. 3 hunts to check out. Punk Rock Girl, Kawaii and LiveLoveKpop. They run in July. has the list and info. Even if you don't like the gifts, those hunts should take you to some stores with more teen stuff in them. I'll be doing them myself to outfit a teen alt I'm setting up that I don't want to spend a lot of money on.
  2. The Plastik, KC Couture, Emotions.
  3. I need to set mine back up but it usually says, If you are getting this message, this means I've blocked you and have no interest in anything you have to say. Enjoy your Second Life as I enjoy mine without you.
  4. I don't know how they did it but I've seen a screenshot of a person that was a jelly doll but the displayed render cost was 5 billion. I think whirly is the one that posted it.
  5. A land owner can set terraforming for anyone but on mainland is kind of useless since you can only terraform it +/-4 meters. I had almost 1/2 a sim at one time, purchased a parcel at a time. They were all group owned and rez by group only but I missed one parcel setting autoreturn. I noticed a dot up above me when I was in my workshop and checked the prims used and who rezzed them and saw 500 or so under a name I didn't recognize. I flew up to about 3000m and there was a guy that had set up a fully furnished skybox. I kicked him from the group and banned him. Then I got mean. I returned his skybox in pieces from opposite sides of the box and managed to include a no copy item in most so he had to rez them out to retrieve his stuff. As you know, coalesced objects rez in the relationship they were in when returned so 20 meters or more apart. I would have loved to be there when he started opening stuff up. I then set up a small area for opening boxes with a 5 minute return.
  6. When you are looking for color match, a few things you have to do since different windlight settings can cause problems. Use either the CalWL or Nam's skin and prom. Turn off advanced lighting. Now, look at the back of the neck, not under the chin. Under the chin, you're going to have shadows. If they match at the back, that's the best you can do. Look at yourself from a normal distance as well since others aren't going to be zooming in close to check on a slight difference in tone. You can only look good/perfect for yourself. You have no way of controlling how others see you.
  7. A properly made applier shirt will have the shirt set up with the upper and lower shirt. I use templates that have both. For mesh clothing, demo them. I find Lapointe and BastChild works well. They have everything from a Tux to shorts. Most support Aesthetic, Slink, Signature Gianni and they are updating to include the Belleza. Many of the bodies don't have a good fit because the creator hasn't released a developer kit with the rigging and weights that the designers need. So you can blame them rather the designers.
  8. For lingerie check Blueberry and Etchaflesh. As for applier lingerie, try it. It doesn't look on the mesh bodies like it does on the default. The default body has lower texture resolution than the mesh bodies do. Mesh bodies have 4 times the resolution the default has. Think of the difference in a picture taken on a 4 megapixel camera versus a 16 megapixel camera. So applier clothing made with newer textures will have a better look on a mesh body than the default, depending on the creator. For applier lingerie, check out Blacklace and F*n Hot. There are lists of designers on the Mesh Body Addicts and the Omega web sites
  9. That's 8 AM-6PM Eastern time and 1PM-11PM British time. They are trying to pick times that is convenient for the majority of SL residents. The 5AM-3PM is SLT aka Pacific time or the actual time it is in San Francisco. Seems a good compromise to me and makes the chat available to the most people. You can always fill out a support case ticket.
  10. On a different avi, I was an official SL mentor and it was fun. The portals were set up by different groups. There were some set up for other languages. There was a German one. I loved the Japanese one. It was set up like you were walking through a subway station. One of the fantasy sims had one too. One reason they closed the gateways was they switched the naming protocol to Resident last name. Prior to that, the different gateways had name sets. I can remember for RP purposes hunting the gateways for a specific last name as I was creating my daughter. There were also problems with some of the mentors thinking they had some kind of special powers. I think one vocal somewhat cantankerous person here on the forums must have run into some of these and posted that the mentors were corrupt. Rather than try to weed out the bad apples as well as the focus changing, LL just discontinued the program and went to one where you entered and got some very basic stuff then you chose what you were interested in and want through that TP and got dumped in random areas that sometime had to do with what you wanted but no further guidance. I'm glad to see the portals back as there was a much higher retention rate when there was someone there to greet and help new residents.
  11. If you already have Slink hands, when you update, they still have the static hand as well as the Bento rigged. There is also a vendor on the wall where the hands are where you can buy the static pose for the Bento hands of your choice.
  12. What I first looked like when I rezzed on my original avi.
  13. Are you wearing a mesh body? The one from Kittie's Lair has a built in skirt panel that you have to turn off...Just a thought.
  14. You don't need a "bento" shape. What makes a difference is if you get a bento head. They are rigged a bit differently and you'll have to tweak the shape so the head looks normal. with my default avi.... after I tweaked it for the Bento head...that was the new LOGO Quinn. Then you just save that shape. I saved as BobbieQuinn. I also have one that says BobbieCatwa and BobbieLelutka. Since each head is rigged differently, the underlying shape is different. So, As long as you don't wear a mesh head, you're good. If your shape is, mod, and it should be, if you do get a mesh head, just some tweaking will be required and you'll still be you.
  15. BTW....Hair Fair is coming in July...just thought I'd throw that out there...Do join the demo group. It's in my group inworld. It's free and the 48 hours or so before the fair opens, you'll get almost all of the demos that you can try on at home so you know exactly what you want.